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{Micah 3:7} Then shall the seers 2374 be ashamed, 954 z8804 and the diviners 7080 z8802 confounded: 2659 z8804 yea, they shall all x3605 cover 5844 z8804 x5921 their lips; 8222 for x3588 [there is] no x369 answer 4617 of God. 430
the seers:
"And the magiciansª didª° so¹ with their enchantmentsª to bring forthª°¹ lice,ª but they couldª° not:¹ so there were¹ liceª upon man,ª and upon beast.ª ... Then the magiciansª saidª° unto¹ Pharaoh,ª This¹ [is] the fingerª of God:ª and Pharaoh'sª heartª was hardened,ª° and he hearkenedª° not¹ unto¹ them; as¹ the LORDª had said.ª°" {Exd 8:18-19} + "And the magiciansª couldª° not¹ standª° beforeª Mosesª because² of¹¹ the boils;ª for¹ the boilª was¹ upon the magicians,ª and upon all¹ the Egyptians.ª" {Exd 9:11} + "(Beforetimeª in Israel,ª when a manª went²°¹ to enquireª° of God,ª thus¹ he spake,ª° Come,²°¹ and let us go²°¹ to¹ the seer:ª° for¹ [he that is] nowª [called] a Prophetª was beforetimeª calledª° a Seer.)ª°" {1Sm 9:9} + "That frustratethª° the tokensª of the liars,ª and maketh diviners²° mad;ª°¹ that turnethª° wiseª [men] backward,ª and maketh their knowledge² foolish;ª°¹" {Isa 44:25} + "Standª° now¹ with thine enchantments,ª and with the multitudeª of thy sorceries,ª whereinª thou hast labouredª° from thy youth;ª¹ if so be¹ thou shalt be ableª° to profit,ª° if so be¹ thou mayest prevail.ª° ... Behold,¹ they shall be¹ as stubble;ª the fireª shall burnª° them; they shall not¹ deliverª°¹ themselvesª from the powerª¹ of the flame:ª [there shall] not¹ [be] a coalª to warmª° at, [nor] fireª to sitª° before¹ it." {Isa 47:12-14} + "But¹ ifª ye will notª make knownª° unto me the dream,ª [there is but] oneª² decreeª for you: for ye have preparedª° lyingª and corruptª° wordsª to speakª° beforeª me, tillª¹ the timeª be changed:ª° thereforeª tellª° me the dream,ª and I shall knowª° thatª ye can shewª° me the interpretationª thereof. ... And [it is] a rareª thingª that¹ the kingª requireth,ª° and there isª noneª otherª that¹ can shewª° it beforeª the king,ª exceptª the gods,ª whose¹ dwellingª isª notª withª flesh.ª" {Dan 2:9-11} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] the prophetsª shall be ashamedª° every oneª of his vision,ª¹ when he hath prophesied;ª° neither¹ shall they wearª° a roughª garmentª to¹ deceive:ª°" {Zch 13:4} + "² Nowª asª¹ Jannesª andª Jambresª withstoodª° Moses,ª soª do²° theseª alsoª resistª° the¹ truth:ª menª of corruptª° minds,ª reprobateª concerningª the¹ faith.ª ... Butª they shall proceedª° noª further:ªª forª theirª follyª shall beª° manifestª unto allª [men], asª theirsª alsoª was.ª°" {2Tm 3:8-9}
"And the leperª° in whom¹ the plagueª [is], his clothesª shall be¹ rent,ª° and his headª bare,ª° and he shall put a coveringª° upon¹ his upper lip,ª and shall cry,ª° Unclean,ª unclean.ª" {Lev 13:45} + "Forbearª° to cry,ª° makeª° no¹ mourningª for the dead,ª° bindª° the tire of thine headª upon¹ thee, and put onª° thy shoesª upon thy feet,ª and coverª° not¹ [thy] lips,ª and eatª° not¹ the breadª of men.²¹" {Ezk 24:17} + "And ye shall doª° as¹ I have done:ª° ye shall not¹ coverª°¹ [your] lips,ª nor¹ eatª° the breadª of men.²¹" {Ezk 24:22}
Heb. upper lip
"And Saulª asked²° counsel¹ of God,ª Shall I go downª° afterª the Philistines?ª wilt thou deliverª° them into the handª of Israel?ª But he answeredª° him not¹ that¹ day.ª" {1Sm 14:37} + "And when Saulª enquiredª° of the LORD,ª the LORDª answeredª° him not,¹ neither¹ by dreams,ª nor¹ by Urim,ª nor¹ by prophets.ª" {1Sm 28:6} + "And Samuelª saidª° to¹ Saul,ª Why¹ hast thou disquietedª° me, to bring me up?ª°¹ And Saulª answered,ª° I am soreª distressed;ª° for the Philistinesª make warª° against me, and Godª is departedª° from¹¹ me, and answerethª° me no¹ more,¹ neither¹ byª prophets,ª nor¹ by dreams:ª therefore I have calledª° thee, that thou mayest make knownª° unto me what¹ I shall do.ª°" {1Sm 28:15} + "We seeª° not¹ our signs:ª [there is] no¹ more¹ any prophet:ª neither¹ [is there] among¹ us any that knowethª° how long.ª¹" {Psa 74:9} + "Behold,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the Lordª GOD,ª that I will sendª° a famineª in the land,ª not¹ a famineª of bread,ª nor¹ a thirstª for water,ª but¹¹ of hearingª°¹ the wordsª of the LORD:ª" {Ams 8:11}

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