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{Jonah 4:8} And it came to pass, x1961 when the sun 8121 did arise, 2224 z8800 that God 430 prepared 4487 z8762 a vehement 2759 east 6921 wind; 7307 and the sun 8121 beat 5221 z8686 upon x5921 the head 7218 of Jonah, 3124 that he fainted, 5968 z8691 and wished 7592 z8799 in x854 himself 5315 to die, 4191 z8800 and said, 559 z8799 [It is] better 2896 for me to die 4194 than to live. 2416 x4480
that God:
"And the LORDª Godª preparedª° a gourd,ª and made [it] to come upª° over¹¹ Jonah,ª that it might be¹ a shadowª over¹ his head,ª to deliverª° him from his grief.ª¹ So Jonahª was¹ exceeding²² glad²°¹¹ of¹ the gourd.ª ... But Godª preparedª° a wormª when the morningª roseª° the next day,ª and it smoteª°¹ the gourdª that it withered.ª°" {Jna 4:6-7} + "But the LORDª sent outª° a greatª windª into¹ the sea,ª and there was¹ a mightyª tempestª in the sea,ª so that the shipª was likeª° to be broken.ª°" {Jna 1:4} + "Now the LORDª had preparedª° a greatª fishª to swallow upª°¹ Jonah.ª And Jonahª was¹ in the bellyª of the fishª threeª daysª and threeª nights.ª" {Jna 1:17} + "But she was plucked upª° in fury,ª she was cast downª° to the ground,ª and the eastª windª dried upª° her fruit:ª her strongª rodsª were brokenª° and withered;ª° the fireª consumedª° them." {Ezk 19:12} + "As many asªª I¹ love,ª° I² rebukeª° andª chasten:ª° be zealousª° therefore,ª andª repent.ª°" {Rev 3:19}
or, silent
and the sun:
"The sunª shall not¹ smiteª° thee by day,ª nor the moonª by night.ª" {Psa 121:6} + "Lookª° not¹ upon me, because I¹¹ [am] black,ª because the sunª hath lookedª°¹ upon me: my mother'sª childrenª were angry²°¹ with me; they madeª° me the keeperª° of¹ the vineyards;ª [but] mine own¹ vineyardª have I not¹ kept.ª°" {Sgs 1:6} + "They shall not¹ hungerª° nor¹ thirst;ª° neither¹ shall the heatª nor sunª smiteª° them: for¹ he that hath mercyª° on them shall leadª° them, even by¹ the springsª of waterª shall he guideª° them." {Isa 49:10} + "They shall hungerª° noª more,ª neitherª thirstª° any more;ª neitherªª shall²° the¹ sunª lightª° onª them,ª norª anyª heat.ª" {Rev 7:16}
and wished:
"Therefore now,¹ O LORD,ª take,ª° I beseech thee,¹¹ my lifeª from¹ me; for¹ [it is] betterª for me to dieª than to live.ª¹" {Jna 4:3} + "Then Mosesª saidª° unto¹ Aaron,ª This¹ [is it] that¹ the LORDª spake,ª° saying,ª° I will be sanctifiedª° in them that come nighª me, and beforeª¹ all¹ the peopleª I will be glorified.ª° And Aaronª held his peace.ª°" {Lev 10:3} + "And Samuelª toldª° him¹ every¹ whit,ª and hidª° nothing¹ from¹ him. And he said,ª° It¹ [is] the LORD:ª let him doª° what seemethª him good.ª" {1Sm 3:18} + "And the kingª saidª° unto Zadok,ª Carry backª°¹ the arkª of Godª into the city:ª if¹ I shall findª° favourª in the eyesª of the LORD,ª he will bring me again,ª° and shewª° me [both] it, and his habitation:ª ... But if¹ he thus¹ say,ª° I have no¹ delightª° in thee; behold,¹ [here am] I, let him doª° to me as¹ seemethª goodª unto him." {2Sm 15:25-26} + "But he saidª° unto¹ her, Thou speakestª° as oneª of the foolish womenª speaketh.ª° What?ª shall we receiveª°¹ goodª at the hand¹¹ of God,ª and shall we not¹ receiveª° evil?ª In all¹ this¹ did not¹ Jobª sinª° with his lips.ª" {Job 2:10} + "I was dumb,ª° I openedª° not¹ my mouth;ª because¹ thou¹ didstª° [it]." {Psa 39:9}

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