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{Jonah 4:6} And the LORD 3068 God 430 prepared 4487 z8762 a gourd, 7021 and made [it] to come up 5927 z8799 over x4480 x5921 Jonah, 3124 that it might be x1961 a shadow 6738 over x5921 his head, 7218 to deliver 5337 z8687 him from his grief. 7451 x4480 So Jonah 3124 was x8055 exceeding y1419 y8057 glad y8055 z8799 x1419 x8057 of x5921 the gourd. 7021
"Now the LORDª had preparedª° a greatª fishª to swallow upª°¹ Jonah.ª And Jonahª was¹ in the bellyª of the fishª threeª daysª and threeª nights.ª" {Jna 1:17} + "He hath not¹ dealtª° with us after our sins;ª nor¹ rewardedª°¹ us according to our iniquities.ª ... For¹ he¹ knowethª° our frame;ª he rememberethª° that¹ we¹ [are] dust.ª" {Psa 103:10-14}
or, palmcrist, Heb. Kikajon, קיקיון [Strong's H7021], probably the palma Christi, called kiki or kouki by the Egyptians, and Elkherod by the Arabs, from which caster oil is extracted. It is as large as the olive tree, has leaves like those of a vine, sometimes as broad as the brim of a hat, and is of very quick growth.
"Then went²° Haman² forthª°¹ that¹ dayª joyfulª and with a gladª heart:ª but when Hamanª sawª°¹ Mordecaiª in the king'sª gate,ª that he stood not up,ª°¹ nor¹ movedª° for¹ him,¹ heª was fullª° of indignationª against¹ Mordecai.ª" {Est 5:9} + "Wilt thou setª°°° thine eyesª upon that which is not?¹ for¹ [riches] certainly²° makeª° themselves wings;ª they fly awayª°°° as an eagleª toward heaven.ª" {Prv 23:5} + "And Hezekiahª was gladª° of¹ them, and shewedª° them¹ the houseª of his precious things,ª¹ the silver,ª and the gold,ª and the spices,ª and the preciousª ointment,ª and all¹ the houseª of his armour,ª and all¹ that¹ was foundª° in his treasures:ª there was¹ nothingª¹ in his house,ª nor in all¹ his dominion,ª that¹ Hezekiahª shewedª° them not.¹" {Isa 39:2} + "Ye which rejoice²¹ in a thing² of nought,ª¹ which say,ª° Have we not¹ takenª° to us hornsª by our own strength?ª" {Ams 6:13} + "Notwithstandingª inª thisª rejoiceª° not,ª thatª the¹ spiritsª are subjectª° unto you;ª butª ratherª rejoice,ª° becauseª yourª namesª are writtenª° inª heaven.ª" {Lke 10:20} + "Andª they that weep,ª° as² though¹ they weptª° not;ª andª they that rejoice,ª° as² though¹ they rejoicedª° not;ª andª they that buy,ª° as² though¹ they possessedª° not;ª" {1Co 7:30}
was exceeding glad:
Heb. rejoiced with great joy

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