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{Jonah 4:2} And he prayed 6419 z8691 unto x413 the LORD, 3068 and said, 559 z8799 I pray y577 thee, x577 O LORD, 3068 [was] not x3808 this x2088 my saying, 1697 when I was x1961 yet x5704 in x5921 my country? 127 Therefore x5921 x3651 I fled 1272 z8800 before 6923 z8765 unto Tarshish: 8659 for x3588 I knew 3045 z8804 that x3588 thou x859 [art] a gracious 2587 God, 410 and merciful, 7349 slow 750 to anger, 639 and of great 7227 kindness, 2617 and repentest 5162 z8737 thee of x5921 the evil. 7451
he prayed:
"But he himself¹ wentª° a day'sª journeyª into the wilderness,ª and cameª° and sat downª° under¹ aª juniper tree:ª and he requestedª°¹ for himselfª that he might die;ª° and said,ª° It is enough;ª now,¹ O LORD,ª take awayª° my life;ª for¹ I¹ [am] not¹ betterª than my fathers.ª¹" {1Kg 19:4} + "O LORD,ª thou hast deceivedª° me, and I was deceived:ª° thou art strongerª° than I, and hast prevailed:ª° I am¹ in derisionª daily,ª¹ every one¹ mockethª° me." {Jer 20:7}
I fled:
"But Jonahª rose upª° to fleeª° unto Tarshishª from the presenceª¹ of the LORD,ª and went downª° to Joppa;ª and he foundª° a shipª goingª° to Tarshish:ª so he paidª° the fareª thereof, and went downª° into it, to goª° with¹ them unto Tarshishª from the presenceª¹ of the LORD.ª" {Jna 1:3} + "Butª he,¹ willingª° to justifyª° himself,ª saidª° untoª Jesus,ª Andª whoª isª° myª neighbour?ª" {Lke 10:29}
thou art:
"And the LORDª passed byª° before¹¹ him,² and proclaimed,ª° The LORD,ª The LORDª God,ª mercifulª and gracious,ª longsuffering,ªª and abundantª in goodnessª and truth,ª ... Keepingª° mercyª for thousands,ª forgivingª° iniquityª and transgressionª and sin,ª and that will by no means²° clearª°¹ [the guilty]; visitingª° the iniquityª of the fathersª upon¹ the children,ª and upon¹ the children'sª children,¹ unto¹ the thirdª and to¹ the fourthª [generation]." {Exd 34:6-7} + "The LORDª [is] longsuffering,ªª and of greatª mercy,ª forgivingª° iniquityª and transgression,ª and by no means²° clearingª°¹ [the guilty], visitingª° the iniquityª of the fathersª upon¹ the childrenª unto¹ the thirdª and fourthª [generation]. ... Pardon,ª° I beseech thee,¹ the iniquityª of this¹ peopleª according unto the greatnessª of thy mercy,ª and as¹ thou hast forgivenª° this¹ people,ª from Egyptª¹ even until¹ now.ª" {Num 14:18-19} + "But he,¹ [being] full of compassion,ª forgaveª° [their] iniquity,ª and destroyedª° [them] not:¹ yea, many¹ a time²° turned²° he his anger² away,ª°¹ and did not¹ stir upª° all¹ his wrath.ª" {Psa 78:38} + "For¹ thou,¹ Lord,ª [art] good,ª and ready to forgive;ª and plenteousª in mercyª unto all¹ them that call²° upon¹ thee." {Psa 86:5} + "But thou,¹ O Lord,ª [art] a Godª full of compassion,ª and gracious,ª longsuffering,ªª and plenteousª in mercyª and truth.ª" {Psa 86:15} + "The LORDª [is] gracious,ª and full of compassion;ª slowª to anger,ª and of greatª mercy.ª" {Psa 145:8} + "How¹ shall I give thee up,ª° Ephraim?ª [how] shall I deliverª° thee, Israel?ª how¹ shall I makeª° thee as Admah?ª [how] shall I setª° thee as Zeboim?ª mine heartª is turnedª° within¹ me, my repentingsª are kindledª° together.ª ... I will not¹ executeª° the fiercenessª of mine anger,ª I will not¹ returnª° to destroyª° Ephraim:ª for¹ I¹ [am] God,ª and not¹ man;ª the Holy Oneª in the midstª of thee: and I will not¹ enterª° into the city.ª" {Hsa 11:8-9} + "And rendª° your heart,ª and not¹ your garments,ª and turnª° unto¹ the LORDª your God:ª for¹ he¹ [is] graciousª and merciful,ª slowª to anger,ª and of greatª kindness,ª and repentethª° him of¹ the evil.ª ... Who¹ knowethª° [if] he will returnª° and repent,ª° and leaveª° a blessingª behindª him; [even] a meat offeringª and a drink offeringª unto the LORDª your God?ª" {Jol 2:13-14} + "Who¹ [is] a Godª like unto thee,¹ that pardonethª° iniquity,ª and passeth byª°¹ the transgressionª of the remnantª of his heritage?ª he retainethª° not¹ his angerª for ever,ª because¹ he¹ delightethª° [in] mercy.ª" {Mic 7:18}
and of:
"And Godª sawª°¹ their works,ª that¹ they turnedª° from their evilª way;ª¹ and Godª repentedª° of¹ the evil,ª that¹ he had saidª° that he would doª° unto them; and he didª° [it] not.¹" {Jna 3:10} + "And the LORDª repentedª° of¹ the evilª which¹ he thoughtª° to doª° unto his people.ª" {Exd 32:14} + "Return,ª° O LORD,ª how long?¹¹ and let it repentª° thee concerning¹ thy servants.ª" {Psa 90:13} + "If that¹ nation,ª against¹ whom¹ I have pronounced,ª° turnª° from their evil,ª¹ I will repentª° of¹ the evilª that¹ I thoughtª° to doª° unto them." {Jer 18:8} + "The LORDª repentedª° for¹ this:¹ It shall not¹ be,¹ saithª° the LORD.ª" {Ams 7:3} + "The LORDª repentedª° for¹ this:¹ This¹ also¹ shall not¹ be,¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ams 7:6}

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