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{Amos 8:2} And he said, 559 z8799 Amos, 5986 what x4100 seest 7200 z8802 thou? x859 And I said, 559 z8799 A basket 3619 of summer fruit. 7019 Then said 559 z8799 the LORD 3068 unto x413 me, The end 7093 is come 935 z8804 upon x413 my people 5971 of Israel; 3478 I will not x3808 again 3254 z8686 pass y5674 z8800 by x5674 them any more. x5750
"And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ me, Amos,ª what¹ seestª° thou?¹ And I said,ª° A plumbline.ª Then saidª° the Lord,ª Behold,¹ I will setª° a plumblineª in the midstª of my peopleª Israel:ª I will not¹ againª° pass¹ by²° them any more:¹" {Ams 7:8} + "Moreover the wordª of the LORDª came¹ unto¹ me, saying,ª° Jeremiah,ª what¹ seestª° thou?¹ And I said,ª° I¹ seeª° a rodª of an almond tree.ª ... Then the LORDª saidª° unto¹ me, Out of the northª¹ an evilª shall break forthª° upon¹ all¹ the inhabitantsª° of the land.ª" {Jer 1:11-14} + "He saidª° furthermore unto¹ me, Sonª of man,ª seestª° thou¹ what¹ they¹ do?ª° [even] the greatª abominationsª that¹ the houseª of Israelª committethª° here,¹ that I should go far offª° from¹¹ my sanctuary?ª but turn²° thee yet again,¹¹ [and] thou shalt seeª° greaterª abominations.ª" {Ezk 8:6} + "Then saidª° he unto¹ me, Sonª of man,ª hast thou seenª° what¹ the ancientsª of the houseª of Israelª doª° in the dark,ª every manª in the chambersª of his imagery?ª for¹ they say,ª° The LORDª seethª° us not;¹ the LORDª hath forsakenª°¹ the earth.ª" {Ezk 8:12} + "Then he saidª° unto¹ me, Hast thou seenª° [this], O sonª of man?ª Is it a light thingª° to the houseª of Judahª that they commitª°¹¹ the abominationsª which¹ they commitª° here?¹ for¹ they have filledª°¹ the landª with violence,ª and have returnedª° to provoke me to anger:ª° and, lo,¹ they putª°¹ the branchª to¹ their nose.ª" {Ezk 8:17} + "Then lifted I upª°¹ mine eyes,ª and saw,ª° and behold¹ fourª horns.ª ... Then saidª° I, What¹ comeª° these¹ to do?ª° And he spake,ª° saying,ª° These¹ [are] the hornsª which¹ have scatteredª°¹ Judah,ª so that² no¹ manª did lift upª° his head:ª but these¹ are comeª° to frayª° them, to cast outª°¹ the hornsª of the Gentiles,ª which lifted upª° [their] hornª over¹ the landª of Judahª to scatterª° it." {Zch 1:18-21} + "And he saidª° unto¹ me, What¹ seestª° thou?¹ And I answered,ª° I¹ seeª° a flyingª° roll;ª the lengthª thereof [is] twentyª cubits,ª and the breadthª thereof tenª cubits.ª" {Zch 5:2} + "Then the angelª that talkedª° with me went forth,ª° and saidª° unto¹ me, Lift upª° now¹ thine eyes,ª and seeª° what¹ [is] this¹ that goeth forth.ª° ... And I said,ª° What¹ [is] it?¹ And he said,ª° This¹ [is] an ephahª that goeth forth.ª° He saidª° moreover, This¹ [is] their resemblanceª through all¹ the earth.ª" {Zch 5:5-6}
A basket:
"And it shall be,¹ when¹ thou [art] come inª° unto¹ the landª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª givethª° thee [for] an inheritance,ª and possessestª° it, and dwellestª° therein; ... And the priestª shall takeª° the basketª out of thine hand,ª¹ and set it down²°¹ beforeª the altarª of the LORDª thy God.ª" {Deu 26:1-4} + "And when Davidª was a littleª pastª° the topª¹ [of the hill], behold,¹ Zibaª the servantª of Mephiboshethª metª° him, with a coupleª of assesª saddled,ª° and upon¹ them two hundredª [loaves] of bread,ª and an hundredª bunches of raisins,ª and an hundredª of summer fruits,ª and a bottleª of wine.ª ... And the kingª saidª° unto¹ Ziba,ª What¹ meanest thou by these?¹ And Zibaª said,ª° The assesª [be] for the king'sª householdª to ride on;ª° and the breadª and summer fruitª for the young menª to eat;ª° and the wine,ª that such as be faintª in the wildernessª may drink.ª°" {2Sm 16:1-2} + "And the gloriousª beauty,ª which¹ [is] on¹ the headª of the fatª valley,ª shall be¹ a fadingª° flower,ª [and] as the hasty fruitª before¹ the summer;ª which¹ [when] he that lookethª° upon it seeth,ª° while it is yet¹ in his handª he eateth it up.ª°" {Isa 28:4} + "The LORDª shewedª° me, and, behold,¹ twoª basketsª of figsª [were] setª° beforeª the templeª of the LORD,ª after² that¹ Nebuchadrezzarª kingª of Babylonª had carried away captiveª°¹ Jeconiahª the sonª of Jehoiakimª kingª of Judah,ª and the princesª of Judah,ª with¹ the carpentersª and smiths,ª from Jerusalem,ª¹ and had broughtª° them to Babylon.ª ... Then saidª° the LORDª unto¹ me, What¹ seestª° thou,¹ Jeremiah?ª And I said,ª° Figs;ª the goodª figs,ª veryª good;ª and the evil,ª veryª evil,ª that¹ cannot¹ be eaten,ª° they are so evil.ª¹" {Jer 24:1-3} + "As for me,¹ behold,¹ I will dwellª° at Mizpahª to serveªª° the Chaldeans,ª which¹ will comeª° unto¹ us: but ye,¹ gatherª° ye wine,ª and summer fruits,ª and oil,ª and putª° [them] in your vessels,ª and dwellª° in your citiesª that¹ ye have taken.ª°" {Jer 40:10} + "Woeª is me! for¹ I am¹ as when they have gatheredª the summer fruits,ª as the grapegleaningsª of the vintage:ª [there is] no¹ clusterª to eat:ª° my soulª desiredª° the firstripe fruit.ª" {Mic 7:1}
the end:
There is here not only an allusion to the nature of the summer fruit, which must be eaten as soon as gathered, but also a paronomasia upon the words kayitz "summer fruit," and ketz "an end." "Then saidª° the LORDª unto¹ me, Thou hast wellª° seen:ª° for¹ I¹ will hastenª°¹ my wordª to performª° it." {Jer 1:12} + "The prophetsª prophesyª° falsely,ª and the priestsª bear ruleª° by¹ their means;ª and my peopleª loveª° [to have it] so:¹ and what¹ will ye doª° in the endª thereof?" {Jer 5:31} + "They huntª° our steps,ª that we cannot go²°¹¹ in our streets:ª our endª is near,ª° our daysª are fulfilled;ª° for¹ our endª is come.ª°" {Lam 4:18} + "Also, thou¹ sonª of man,ª thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GODª unto the landª of Israel;ª An end,ª the endª is comeª° upon¹ the fourª cornersª of the land.ª" {Ezk 7:2} + "But the houseª of Israelª willª° not¹ hearkenª° unto¹ thee; for¹ they willª° not¹ hearkenª° unto¹ me: for¹ all¹ the houseª of Israelª [are] impudentªª and hardhearted.ªª" {Ezk 3:7} + "Moreover he saidª° unto¹ me, Sonª of man,ª¹ all¹ my wordsª that¹ I shall speakª° unto¹ thee receiveª° in thine heart,ª and hearª° with thine ears.ª" {Ezk 3:10} + "Tellª°¹ them therefore,¹ Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª I will make this¹ proverbª¹ to cease,ª° and they shall no¹ more¹ use it as a proverbª°¹ in Israel;ª but¹¹ sayª° unto¹ them, The daysª are at hand,ª° and the effectª of every¹ vision.ª" {Ezk 12:23} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Behold,¹ I will bringª° a swordª upon¹ thee, and cut offª° manª and beastª out of¹ thee." {Ezk 29:8}
I will not:
"And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ me, Amos,ª what¹ seestª° thou?¹ And I said,ª° A plumbline.ª Then saidª° the Lord,ª Behold,¹ I will setª° a plumblineª in the midstª of my peopleª Israel:ª I will not¹ againª° pass¹ by²° them any more:¹" {Ams 7:8}

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