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{Amos 1:13} Thus x3541 saith 559 z8804 the LORD; 3068 For x5921 three 7969 transgressions 6588 of the children 1121 of Ammon, 5983 and for x5921 four, 702 I will not x3808 turn away 7725 z8686 [the punishment] thereof; because x5921 they have ripped up 1234 z8800 the women with child 2030 of Gilead, 1568 that x4616 they might enlarge 7337 z8687 x853 their border: 1366
the children:
"And [when] thou comest nighª° over againstª the childrenª of Ammon,ª distressª° them not,¹ nor¹ meddleª° with them: for¹ I will not¹ giveª° thee of the landª¹ of the childrenª of Ammonª [any] possession;ª because¹ I have givenª° it unto the childrenª of Lotª [for] a possession.ª" {Deu 2:19} + "Concerning the Ammonites,ª²¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Hath Israelª no¹ sons?ª hath he no¹ heir?ª° why¹ [then] doth their kingª inheritª°¹ Gad,ª and his peopleª dwellª° in his cities?ª ... And afterwardª¹ I will bring againª°¹ the captivityª of the childrenª of Ammon,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 49:1-6} + "Sonª of man,ª setª° thy faceª against¹ the Ammonites,ªª and prophesyª° against¹ them; ... Behold,¹ therefore¹ I will stretch outª°¹ mine handª upon¹ thee, and will deliverª° thee for a spoilª°² to the heathen;ª and I will cut thee offª° from¹ the people,ª and I will cause thee to perishª° out of¹ the countries:ª I will destroyª° thee; and thou shalt knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORD.ª" {Ezk 25:2-7} + "I have heardª° the reproachª of Moab,ª and the revilingsª of the childrenª of Ammon,ª whereby¹ they have reproachedª°¹ my people,ª and magnifiedª° [themselves] against¹ their border.ª" {Zph 2:8}
and for:
"An Ammoniteª or Moabiteª shall not¹ enterª° into the congregationª of the LORD;ª even¹ to their tenthª generationª shall they not¹ enterª° into the congregationª of the LORDª for² ever:ª¹ ... Becauseª¹ they¹ metª° you not¹ with breadª and with waterª in the way,ª when ye came forthª° out of Egypt;ª¹ and because¹ they hiredª° against¹ thee¹ Balaamª the sonª of Beorª of Pethorª¹ of Mesopotamia,ª to curseª° thee." {Deu 23:3-4} + "And the angerª of the LORDª was hotª° against Israel,ª and he soldª° them into the handsª of the Philistines,ª and into the handsª of the childrenª of Ammon.ª ... Moreover the childrenª of Ammonª passed overª°¹ Jordanª to fightª° also¹ against Judah,ª and against Benjamin,ª and against the houseª of Ephraim;ª so that Israelª was soreª distressed.ª°" {Jdg 10:7-9} + "And saidª° unto him, Thus¹ saithª° Jephthah,ª Israelª took not awayª°¹¹ the landª of Moab,ª nor the landª of the childrenª of Ammon:ª ... Howbeit the kingª of the childrenª of Ammonª hearkenedª° not¹ unto¹ the wordsª of Jephthahª which¹ he sentª°¹ him." {Jdg 11:15-28} + "Then Nahashª the Ammoniteª came up,ª° and encampedª° against¹ Jabeshgilead:ªª and all¹ the men²¹ of Jabeshª saidª° unto¹ Nahash,ª Makeª° a covenantª with us, and we will serveª° thee. ... And Nahashª the Ammoniteª answeredª°¹ them, On thisª [condition] will I makeª° [a covenant] with you, that I may thrust outª° all¹ your rightª eyes,ª and layª° it [for] a reproachª upon¹ all¹ Israel.ª" {1Sm 11:1-2} + "And it came to pass¹ after¹ this,²¹ that the kingª of the childrenª of Ammonª died,ª° and Hanunª his sonª reignedª° in his stead.¹ ... And the childrenª of Ammonª came out,ª° and put the battleª in arrayª° at the entering¹ in² of the gate:ª and the Syriansª of Zoba,ª and of Rehob,ª and Ishtob,ª and Maacah,ª [were] by themselvesª in the field.ª" {2Sm 10:1-8} + "And the LORDª sentª° against him¹ bandsª of the Chaldees,ª and bandsª of the Syrians,ª and bandsª of the Moabites,ª and bandsª of the childrenª of Ammon,ª and sentª° them against Judahª to destroyª° it, according to the wordª of the LORD,ª which¹ he spakeª° byª his servantsª the prophets.ª" {2Kg 24:2} + "It came to pass¹ after¹ this²¹ also, [that] the childrenª of Moab,ª and the childrenª of Ammon,ª and with¹ them [other] beside¹ the Ammonites,ª cameª° against¹ Jehoshaphatª to battle.ª" {2Ch 20:1} + "And now,¹ behold,¹ the childrenª of Ammonª and Moabª and mountª Seir,ª whom¹ thou wouldest not¹ letª° Israelª invade,ª° when they came¹ out²° of the landª¹ of Egypt,ª but¹ they turnedª° from¹¹ them, and destroyedª° them not;¹" {2Ch 20:10} + "But when Sanballatª the Horonite,ª and Tobiahª the servant,ª the Ammonite,ª and Geshemª the Arabian,ª heardª° [it], they laughed us to scorn,ª° and despisedª°¹ us, and said,ª° What¹ [is] this¹ thingª that¹ ye¹ do?ª° will ye¹ rebelª° against¹ the king?ª" {Neh 2:19} + "But it came to pass,¹ [that] when¹ Sanballat,ª and Tobiah,ª and the Arabians,ª and the Ammonites,ª and the Ashdodites,ª heardª° that¹ the wallsª of Jerusalemª were made up,ªª° [and] that¹ the breachesª° beganª° to be stopped,ª° then they were veryª wroth,ª° ... So neither¹ I,¹ nor my brethren,ª nor my servants,ª nor the men²¹ of the guardª which¹ followedª me, none¹ of usª put offª° our clothes,ª [saving that] every oneª put them off²¹ for washing.ª" {Neh 4:7-23} + "Gebal,ª and Ammon,ª and Amalek;ª the Philistinesª with¹ the inhabitantsª° of Tyre;ª" {Psa 83:7}
"Samariaª shall become desolate;ª° for¹ she hath rebelledª° against her God:ª they shall fallª° by the sword:ª their infantsª shall be dashed in pieces,ª° and their women with childª shall be ripped up.ª°" {Hsa 13:16}
ripped up the women with child:
or, divided the mountains, enlarge. "Woeª unto them that joinª° houseª to house,ª [that] layª° fieldª to field,ª till¹ [there be] noª place,ª that they may be placedª° alone¹ in the midstª of the earth!ª" {Isa 5:8} + "Concerning the Ammonites,ª²¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Hath Israelª no¹ sons?ª hath he no¹ heir?ª° why¹ [then] doth their kingª inheritª°¹ Gad,ª and his peopleª dwellª° in his cities?ª" {Jer 49:1} + "Because¹ thou hast said,ª°¹ These twoª nationsª and these twoª countriesª shall be¹ mine, and we will possessª° it; whereas the LORDª was¹ there:¹" {Ezk 35:10} + "Yea¹ also, because¹ he transgressethª° by wine,ª [he is] a proudª man,ª neither¹ keepeth at home,ª° who¹ enlargethª° his desireª as hell,ª and [is] as death,ª and cannot¹ be satisfied,ª° but gatherethª° unto¹ him all¹ nations,ª and heapethª° unto¹ him all¹ people:ª ... Shall not¹ all¹ these¹ take upª° a parableª against¹ him, and a tauntingª proverbª against him, and say,ª° Woeª to him that increasethª° [that which is] not¹ his! how long?¹¹ and to him that ladethª°¹ himself with thick clay!ª" {Hab 2:5-6}

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