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{Amos 1:2} And he said, 559 z8799 The LORD 3068 will roar 7580 z8799 from Zion, 6726 x4480 and utter 5414 z8799 his voice 6963 from Jerusalem; 3389 x4480 and the habitations 4999 of the shepherds 7462 z8802 shall mourn, 56 z8804 and the top 7218 of Carmel 3760 shall wither. 3001 z8804
"Surely¹ the Lordª GODª will doª° nothing,ª¹ but¹¹ he revealethª° his secretª unto¹ his servantsª the prophets.ª ... The lionª hath roared,ª° who¹ will notª fear?ª° the Lordª GODª hath spoken,ª° who¹ can but¹ prophesy?ª°" {Ams 3:7-8} + "The fearª of a kingª [is] as the roaringª of a lion:ª [whoso] provoketh him to angerª° sinnethª° [against] his own soul.ª" {Prv 20:2} + "The LORDª shall go forthª° as a mighty man,ª he shall stir upª° jealousyª like a manª of war:ª he shall cry,ª° yea,¹ roar;ª° he shall prevailª° against¹ his enemies.ª°" {Isa 42:13} + "Therefore prophesyª° thou¹ against¹ them¹ all¹ these¹ words,ª and sayª° unto¹ them, The LORDª shall roarª° from on high,ª¹ and utterª° his voiceª from his holyª habitation;ª¹ he shall mightily²° roarª° upon¹ his habitation;ª he shall giveª° a shout,ª as they that treadª° [the grapes], against¹ all¹ the inhabitantsª° of the earth.ª" {Jer 25:30} + "I will meetª° them as a bearª [that is] bereavedª [of her whelps], and will rendª° the caulª of their heart,ª and there¹ will I devourª° them like a lion:ª the wildª beastª shall tearª° them." {Hsa 13:8} + "And the LORDª shall utterª° his voiceª beforeª his army:ª for¹ his campª [is] veryª great:ª for¹ [he is] strongª that executethª° his word:ª for¹ the dayª of the LORDª [is] greatª and veryª terrible;ª° and who¹ can abideª° it?" {Jol 2:11} + "The LORDª also shall roarª° out of Zion,ª¹ and utterª° his voiceª from Jerusalem;ª¹ and the heavensª and the earthª shall shake:ª° but the LORDª [will be] the hopeª of his people,ª and the strengthª of the childrenª of Israel.ª" {Jol 3:16}
the habitations:
"And also¹ I¹ have withholdenª°¹ the rainª from¹ you, when [there were] yet¹ threeª monthsª to the harvest:ª and I caused it to rainª° upon¹ oneª city,ª and caused it not to rainª°¹ upon¹ anotherª city:ª oneª pieceª was rained²° upon,¹ and the pieceª whereupon¹¹ it rainedª° not¹ withered.ª° ... So twoª [or] threeª citiesª wanderedª° unto¹ oneª city,ª to drinkª° water;ª but they were not¹ satisfied:ª° yet have ye not¹ returnedª° unto¹ me, saithª° the LORD.ª" {Ams 4:7-8} + "The earthª mournethª° [and] languisheth:ª° Lebanonª is ashamedª° [and] hewn down:ª° Sharonª is¹ like a wilderness;ª and Bashanª and Carmelª shake offª° [their fruits]." {Isa 33:9} + "How long¹¹ shall the landª mourn,ª° and the herbsª of every¹ fieldª wither,ª° for the wickednessª¹ of them that dwellª° therein? the beastsª are consumed,ª° and the birds;ª because¹ they said,ª° He shall not¹ seeª°¹ our last end.ª" {Jer 12:4} + "Judahª mourneth,ª° and the gatesª thereof languish;ª° they are blackª° unto the ground;ª and the cryª of Jerusalemª is gone up.ª°" {Jer 14:2} + "The meat offeringª and the drink offeringª is cut offª° from the houseª¹ of the LORD;ª the priests,ª the LORD'Sª ministers,ª° mourn.ª° ... Girdª° yourselves, and lament,ª° ye priests:ª howl,ª° ye ministersª° of the altar:ª come,ª° lie all nightª° in sackcloth,ª ye ministersª° of my God:ª for¹ the meat offeringª and the drink offeringª is withholdenª° from the houseª¹ of your God.ª" {Jol 1:9-13} + "Is not¹ the meatª cut offª° before¹ our eyes,ª [yea], joyª and gladnessª from the houseª¹ of our God?ª ... How¹ do the beastsª groan!ª° the herdsª of cattleª are perplexed,ª° because¹ they have no¹ pasture;ª yea,¹ the flocksª of sheepª are made desolate.ª°" {Jol 1:16-18}
"And [there was] a manª in Maon,ª whose possessionsª [were] in Carmel;ª and the manª [was] veryª great,ª and he had threeª thousandª sheep,ª and a thousandª goats:ª and he was¹ shearingª°¹ his sheepª in Carmel.ª" {1Sm 25:2} + "It shall blossom²° abundantly,ª° and rejoiceª° even¹ with joyª and singing:²°¹ the gloryª of Lebanonª shall be givenª° unto it, the excellencyª of Carmelª and Sharon,ª they¹ shall seeª° the gloryª of the LORD,ª [and] the excellencyª of our God.ª" {Isa 35:2} + "And I will bringª°¹ Israelª again²° to¹ his habitation,ª and he shall feedª° on Carmelª and Bashan,ª and his soulª shall be satisfiedª° upon mountª Ephraimª and Gilead.ª" {Jer 50:19} + "He rebukethª° the sea,ª and maketh it dry,²°¹ and drieth up²°¹ all¹ the rivers:ª Bashanª languisheth,ª° and Carmel,ª and the flowerª of Lebanonª languisheth.ª°" {Nah 1:4}

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