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{Joel 3:14} Multitudes, 1995 multitudes 1995 in the valley 6010 of decision: 2742 for x3588 the day 3117 of the LORD 3068 [is] near 7138 in the valley 6010 of decision. 2742
"I will also gatherª°¹ all¹ nations,ª and will bring them downª° into¹ the valleyª of Jehoshaphat,ª and will pleadª° with¹ them there¹ for¹ my peopleª and [for] my heritageª Israel,ª whom¹ they have scatteredª° among the nations,ª and partedª° my land.ª" {Jol 3:2} + "For¹ the indignationª of the LORDª [is] upon¹ all¹ nations,ª and [his] furyª upon¹ all¹ their armies:ª he hath utterly destroyedª° them, he hath deliveredª° them to the slaughter.ª ... For¹ [it is] the dayª of the LORD'Sª vengeance,ª [and] the yearª of recompencesª for the controversyª of Zion.ª" {Isa 34:2-8} + "Who¹ [is] this¹ that comethª° from Edom,ª¹ with dyedª° garmentsª from Bozrah?ª¹ this¹ [that is] gloriousª° in his apparel,ª travellingª° in the greatnessª of his strength?ª I¹ that speakª° in righteousness,ª mightyª to save.ª° ... I will mentionª° the lovingkindnessesª of the LORD,ª [and] the praisesª of the LORD,ª according¹ to all¹ that¹ the LORDª hath bestowedª° on us, and the greatª goodnessª toward the houseª of Israel,ª which¹ he hath bestowedª° on them according to his mercies,ª and according to the multitudeª of his lovingkindnesses.ª" {Isa 63:1-7} + "After manyª daysª¹ thou shalt be visited:ª° in the latterª yearsª thou shalt comeª° into¹ the landª [that is] brought backª° from the sword,ª¹ [and is] gatheredª° out of manyª people,ª¹ against¹ the mountainsª of Israel,ª which¹ have been¹ alwaysª waste:ª but it¹ is brought forthª° out of the nations,ª¹ and they shall dwellª° safelyª all¹ of them. ... Thus will I magnify²° myself,¹ and sanctify²° myself;¹ and I will be knownª° in the eyesª of manyª nations,ª and they shall knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORD.ª" {Ezk 38:8-23} + "Behold,¹ it is come,ª° and it is done,ª° saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª this¹ [is] the dayª whereof¹ I have spoken.ª° ... Thus ye shall be filledª° at¹ my tableª with horsesª and chariots,ª with mighty men,ª and with all¹ menª of war,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 39:8-20} + "Forª they areª° the spiritsª of devils,ª workingª° miracles,ª [which]¹ go forthª°°²° untoª the¹ kingsª of the¹ earthª andª of the¹ wholeª world,ª to gatherª° themª toª the¹ battleª of thatª greatª dayª of Godª Almighty.ª ... Andª he gathered²° them² togetherª°¹ intoª a placeª calledª° in the Hebrew tongueª Armageddon.ª" {Rev 16:14-16} + "Andª I sawª° the¹ beast,ª andª the¹ kingsª of the¹ earth,ª andª their²¹ armies,ª gathered togetherª° to makeª° warª againstª him that satª° onª the¹ horse,ª andª againstª his²¹ army.ª ... Andª the¹ remnantª were slainª° withª the¹ swordª of him that satª° uponª the¹ horse,ª which² [sword] proceededª° out ofª his²¹ mouth:ª andª allª the¹ fowlsª were filledª° withª their²¹ flesh.ª" {Rev 19:19-21}
or, concision, "Bewareª° of dogs,ª bewareª° of evilª workers,ª bewareª° of the¹ concision.ª" {Php 3:2}, or, threshing
"Blowª° ye the trumpetª in Zion,ª and sound an alarmª° in my holyª mountain:ª let all¹ the inhabitantsª° of the landª tremble:ª° for¹ the dayª of the LORDª cometh,ª° for¹ [it is] nigh at hand;ª" {Jol 2:1} + "The Lordª shall laughª° at him: for¹ he seethª° that¹ his dayª is coming.ª°" {Psa 37:13} + "Butª the¹ heavensª andª the¹ earth,ª which are now,ª by the¹ sameª wordª areª° kept in store,ª° reservedª° unto fireª againstª the dayª of judgmentª andª perditionª of ungodlyª men.ª" {2Pe 3:7}

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