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{Joel 3:9} Proclaim 7121 z8798 ye this x2063 among the Gentiles; 1471 Prepare 6942 z8761 war, 4421 wake up 5782 z8685 the mighty men, 1368 let all x3605 the men y582 x376 of war 4421 draw near; 5066 z8799 let them come up: 5927 z8799
"Sayª° among the heathenª [that] the LORDª reigneth:ª° the worldª also¹ shall be establishedª° that it shall not¹ be moved:ª° he shall judgeª° the peopleª righteously.ª" {Psa 96:10} + "Come near,ª° ye nations,ª to hear;ª° and hearken,ª° ye people:ª let the earthª hear,ª° and all that is therein;ª the world,ª and all things¹ that come forthª of it." {Isa 34:1} + "Hearª° the wordª of the LORD,ª O ye nations,ª and declareª° [it] in the islesª afar off,ª¹ and say,ª° He that scatteredª° Israelª will gatherª° him, and keepª° him, as a shepherdª° [doth] his flock.ª" {Jer 31:10} + "Declareª° ye among the nations,ª and publish,ª° and set upª° a standard;ª publish,ª° [and] concealª° not:¹ say,ª° Babylonª is taken,ª° Belª is confounded,ª° Merodachª is broken in pieces;²°¹ her idolsª are confounded,ª° her imagesª are broken in pieces.ª°" {Jer 50:2}
Heb. sanctify, "For¹ the kingª of Babylonª stoodª° at¹ the partingª of the way,ª at the headª of the twoª ways,ª to useª° divination:ª he made [his] arrows² bright,ª°¹ he consultedª° with images,ª he lookedª° in the liver.ª ... At his right handª was¹ the divinationª for Jerusalem,ª to appointª° captains,ª to openª° the mouthª in the slaughter,ª to lift upª° the voiceª with shouting,ª to appointª° [battering] ramsª against¹ the gates,ª to castª° a mount,ª [and] to buildª° a fort.ª" {Ezk 21:21-22}
"Associateª° yourselves, O ye people,ª and ye shall be broken¹ in pieces;²° and give ear,ª° allª ye of farª countries:ª gird²° yourselves,¹ and ye shall be broken¹ in pieces;²° gird²° yourselves,¹ and ye shall be broken¹ in pieces.²° ... Take²° counsel² together,ª°¹ and it shall come to nought;ª° speakª° the word,ª and it shall not¹ stand:ª° for¹ Godª [is] with us.¹" {Isa 8:9-10} + "Orderª° ye the bucklerª and shield,ª and draw nearª° to battle.ª ... Harnessª° the horses;ª and get up,ª° ye horsemen,ª and stand forthª° with [your] helmets;ª furbishª° the spears,ª [and] put onª° the brigandines.ª" {Jer 46:3-4} + "Be thou prepared,ª° and prepareª° for thyself, thou,¹ and all¹ thy companyª that are assembledª° unto¹ thee, and be¹ thou a guardª unto them." {Ezk 38:7}

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