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{Joel 2:24} And the floors 1637 shall be full 4390 z8804 of wheat, 1250 and the fats 3342 shall overflow 7783 z8689 with wine 8492 and oil. 3323
"Putª° ye in the sickle,ª for¹ the harvestª is ripe:ª° come,ª° get you down;ª° for¹ the pressª is full,ª° the fatsª overflow;ª° for¹ their wickednessª [is] great.ª" {Jol 3:13} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] the mountainsª shall drop downª° new wine,ª and the hillsª shall flow²°¹ with milk,ª and all¹ the riversª of Judahª shall flow²°¹ with waters,ª and a fountainª shall come forthª° of the houseª¹ of the LORD,ª and shall waterª°¹ the valleyª of Shittim.ª" {Jol 3:18} + "And ye shall eatª° old store,ª°¹ and bring forthª° the oldª becauseª¹ of the new.ª" {Lev 26:10} + "Honourª°¹ the LORDª with thy substance,ª¹ and with the firstfruitsª¹ of all¹ thine increase:ª ... So shall thy barnsª be filledª° with plenty,ª and thy pressesª shall burst outª° with new wine.ª" {Prv 3:9-10} + "Behold,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª that the plowmanª° shall overtakeª° the reaper,ª° and the treaderª° of grapesª him that sowethª° seed;ª and the mountainsª shall dropª° sweet wine,ª and all¹ the hillsª shall melt.ª°" {Ams 9:13} + "Bringª° ye¹ all¹ the tithesª into¹ the storehouse,ª¹ that there may be¹ meatª in mine house,ª and proveª° me now¹ herewith,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª if¹ I will not¹ openª° you¹ the windowsª of heaven,ª and pour you outª° a blessing,ª that¹ [there shall] not¹ [be room] enoughª [to receive it]." {Mal 3:10}

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