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{Hosea 13:1} When Ephraim 669 spake 1696 z8763 trembling, 7578 he x1931 exalted 5375 z8804 himself in Israel; 3478 but when he offended 816 z8799 in Baal, 1168 he died. 4191 z8799
"And Samuelª said,ª° When¹ thou¹ [wast] littleª in thine own sight,ª [wast] thou¹ not¹ [made] the headª of the tribesª of Israel,ª and the LORDª anointedª° thee kingª over¹ Israel?ª" {1Sm 15:17} + "Beforeª destructionª the heartª of manª is haughty,ª° and beforeª honourª [is] humility.ª" {Prv 18:12} + "For all¹ those¹ [things] hath mine handª made,ª° and all¹ those¹ [things] have been,¹ saithª° the LORD:ª but to¹ this¹ [man] will I look,ª° [even] to¹ [him that is] poorª and of a contriteª spirit,ª and tremblethª at¹ my word.ª" {Isa 66:2} + "Forª whosoeverª exaltethª° himselfª shall be abased;ª° andª he that humblethª° himselfª shall be exalted.ª°" {Lke 14:11}
"On the west sideª [shall be] the standardª of the campª of Ephraimª according to their armies:ª and the captainª of the sonsª of Ephraimª [shall be] Elishamaª the sonª of Ammihud.ª ... And his host,ª and those that were numberedª° of them, [were] thirtyª and twoª thousandª and two hundred.ª" {Num 2:18-21} + "And the standardª of the campª of the childrenª of Ephraimª set forwardª° according to their armies:ª and over¹ his hostª [was] Elishamaª the sonª of Ammihud.ª" {Num 10:22} + "Of the tribeª of Ephraim,ª Osheaª the sonª of Nun.ª" {Num 13:8} + "These¹ [are] the namesª of the men²¹ which¹ Mosesª sentª° to spy outª°¹ the land.ª And Mosesª calledª° Osheaª the sonª of Nunª Jehoshua.ª" {Num 13:16} + "Let the LORD,ª the Godª of the spiritsª of all¹ flesh,ª setª° a manª over¹ the congregation,ª ... And he laidª°¹ his handsª upon¹ him, and gave him a charge,ª° as¹ the LORDª commandedª° by the handª of Moses.ª" {Num 27:16-23} + "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Joshua,ª This¹ dayª will I beginª° to magnifyª° thee in the sightª of all¹ Israel,ª that¹ they may knowª° that,¹ as¹ I was¹ with¹ Moses,ª [so] I will be¹ with¹ thee." {Jsh 3:7} + "Then Jeroboamª builtª°¹ Shechemª in mountª Ephraim,ª and dweltª° therein; and went outª° from thence,¹¹ and builtª°¹ Penuel.ª" {1Kg 12:25}
"[As] they calledª° them, so¹ they wentª° from¹¹ them:² they sacrificedª° unto Baalim,ª and burned incenseª° to graven images.ª" {Hsa 11:2} + "And in the thirtyª² and eighthª yearª of Asaª kingª of Judahª began Ahabª the sonª of Omriª to reignª° over¹ Israel:ª and Ahabª the sonª of Omriª reignedª° over¹ Israelª in Samariaª twentyª and twoª years.ª ... And Ahabª madeª°¹ a grove;ª and Ahabª didª° moreª° to provoke¹¹ the LORDª Godª of Israelª to anger²° than all¹¹ the kingsª of Israelª that¹ were¹ beforeª him." {1Kg 16:29-33} + "And he answered,ª° I have not¹ troubledª°¹ Israel;ª but¹¹ thou,¹ and thy father'sª house,ª in that ye have forsakenª°¹ the commandmentsª of the LORD,ª and thou hast followedª²°¹ Baalim.ª ... Now¹ therefore send,ª° [and] gatherª° to¹ me¹ all¹ Israelª unto¹ mountª Carmel,ª and the prophetsª of Baalª fourª hundredª and fifty,ª and the prophetsª of the grovesª fourª hundred,ª which eatª° at Jezebel'sª table.ª" {1Kg 18:18-19} + "And they leftª°¹ all¹ the commandmentsª of the LORDª their God,ª and madeª° them molten images,ª [even] twoª calves,ª and madeª° a grove,ª and worshippedª° all¹ the hostª of heaven,ª and servedª°¹ Baal.ª ... Therefore the LORDª was very² angryª°¹ with Israel,ª and removedª° them out of¹¹ his sight:ª there was none¹ leftª° but¹ the tribeª of Judahª only.¹" {2Kg 17:16-18}
"But of the treeª¹ of the knowledgeª of goodª and evil,ª thou shalt not¹ eatª° of¹ it: for¹ in the dayª that thou eatestª° thereof¹ thou shalt surely²° die.ª°" {Gen 2:17} + "Wherefore,ªª asª byª oneª manª sinª enteredª° intoª the¹ world,ª andª deathª byª sin;ª andª soª deathª passedª° uponª allª men,ª forª thatª allª have sinned:ª°" {Rom 5:12} + "Forª the¹ loveª of Christª constrainethª° us;ª because we thusª judge,ª° thatª ifª oneª diedª° forª all,ª thenª were²° all² dead:ª°¹" {2Co 5:14}

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