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{Hosea 9:11} [As for] Ephraim, 669 their glory 3519 shall fly away 5774 z8709 like a bird, 5775 from the birth, 3205 z8800 x4480 and from the womb, 990 x4480 and from the conception. 2032 x4480
"And the nameª of the secondª calledª° he Ephraim:ª For¹ Godª hath caused me to be fruitfulª° in the landª of my affliction.ª" {Gen 41:52} + "The Angelª which redeemedª° me from all¹¹ evil,ª blessª°¹ the lads;ª and let my nameª be namedª° on them, and the nameª of my fathersª Abrahamª and Isaac;ª and let them growª° into a multitudeª in the midstª of the earth.ª ... And he blessedª° them that¹ day,ª saying,ª° In thee shall Israelª bless,ª° saying,ª° Godª makeª° thee as Ephraimª and as Manasseh:ª and he setª°¹ Ephraimª beforeª Manasseh.ª" {Gen 48:16-20} + "Josephª [is] a fruitfulª° bough,ª [even] a fruitfulª° boughª by¹ a well;ª [whose] branchesª runª° over¹ the wall:ª" {Gen 49:22} + "His gloryª [is like] the firstlingª of his bullock,ª and his hornsª [are like] the hornsª of unicorns:ª with them he shall pushª° the peopleª togetherª to the endsª of the earth:ª and they¹ [are] the ten thousandsª of Ephraim,ª and they¹ [are] the thousandsª of Manasseh.ª" {Deu 33:17} + "Yea,¹ the lightª of the wickedª shall be put out,ª° and the sparkª of his fireª shall not¹ shine.ª°" {Job 18:5} + "He shall be drivenª° from lightª¹ into¹ darkness,ª and chasedª° out of the world.ª¹ ... He shall neither¹ have sonª nor¹ nephewª among his people,ª nor¹ any remainingª in his dwellings.ª" {Job 18:18-19}
from the birth:
"As¹ a snailª [which] melteth,ª let [every one of them] pass away:ª° [like] the untimely birthª of a woman,ª [that] they may not¹ seeª° the sun.ª" {Psa 58:8} + "If¹ a manª begetª° an hundredª [children], and liveª° manyª years,ª so that the daysª of his yearsª be¹¹ many,ª and his soulª be not¹ filledª° with¹ good,ª and also¹ [that] he have¹ no¹ burial;ª I say,ª° [that] an untimely birthª [is] betterª than¹ he." {Ecc 6:3} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª For¹ threeª transgressionsª of the childrenª of Ammon,ª and for¹ four,ª I will not¹ turn awayª° [the punishment] thereof; because¹ they have ripped upª° the women with childª of Gilead,ª that¹ they might enlargeª°¹ their border:ª" {Ams 1:13}
from the womb:
"Giveª° them, O LORD:ª what¹ wilt thou give?ª° giveª° them a miscarryingª° wombª and dryª° breasts.ª" {Hsa 9:14} + "Cursedª° [shall be] the fruitª of thy body,ª and the fruitª of thy land,ª the increaseª of thy kine,ª and the flocksª of thy sheep.ª" {Deu 28:18} + "And toward her young oneª that cometh outª° from between¹¹ her feet,ª and toward her childrenª which¹ she shall bear:ª° for¹ she shall eatª° them for wantª of all¹ [things] secretlyª in the siegeª and straitness,ª wherewith¹ thine enemyª° shall distressª° thee in thy gates.ª" {Deu 28:57} + "For,ª behold,ª° the daysª are coming,ª° inª the whichª they shall say,ª° Blessedª [are] the¹ barren,ª andª the wombsª thatª neverª bare,ª° andª the papsª whichª neverª gave suck.ª°" {Lke 23:29}

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