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{Hosea 8:7} For x3588 they have sown 2232 z8799 the wind, 7307 and they shall reap 7114 z8799 the whirlwind: 5492 it hath no x369 stalk: 7054 the bud 6780 shall yield 6213 z8799 no x1097 meal: 7058 if y194 so be x194 it yield, 6213 z8799 the strangers 2114 z8801 shall swallow it up. 1104 z8799
"Sowª° to yourselves in righteousness,ª reapª° inª mercy;ª break upª° your fallow ground:ª for [it is] timeª to seekª°¹ the LORD,ª till¹ he comeª° and rainª° righteousnessª upon you." {Hsa 10:12} + "Even as¹ I have seen,ª° they that plowª° iniquity,ª and sowª° wickedness,ª reapª° the same." {Job 4:8} + "He that sowethª° iniquityª shall reapª° vanity:ª and the rodª of his angerª shall fail.ª°" {Prv 22:8} + "And thisª also¹ [is] a soreª° evil,ª [that] in all¹ pointsª as he came,ª°¹ so¹ shall he go:²°¹ and what¹ profitª hath he that hath labouredª°¹ for the wind?ª" {Ecc 5:16} + "Be²° notª deceived;ª° Godª is²° notª mocked:ª° forª whatsoeverªª a manª soweth,ª° thatª shall he²° alsoª reap.ª°" {Gal 6:7}
it hath:
"In the dayª shalt thou make thy plantª to grow,ª° and in the morningª shalt thou make thy seedª to flourish:ª° [but] the harvestª [shall be] a heapª in the dayª of griefª° and of desperateª° sorrow.ª" {Isa 17:11} + "They have sownª° wheat,ª but shall reapª° thorns:ª they have put themselves to pain,ª° [but] shall not¹ profit:ª° and they shall be ashamedª° of your revenuesª¹ because of the fierceª¹ angerª of the LORD.ª" {Jer 12:13}
or, standing corn
the strangers:
"Strangersª° have devouredª° his strength,ª and he¹ knowethª° [it] not:¹ yea,¹ gray hairsª are here and thereª° upon him, yet he¹ knowethª° not.¹" {Hsa 7:9} + "The fruitª of thy land,ª and all¹ thy labours,ª shall a nationª which¹ thou knowestª° not¹ eat up;ª° and thou shalt be¹ only¹ oppressedª° and crushedª° alway:ª¹" {Deu 28:33} + "And [so] it was,¹ when¹ Israelª had sown,ª° that the Midianitesª came up,ª° and the Amalekites,²¹ and the childrenª of the east,ª even they came upª° against¹ them; ... And Israelª was greatlyª impoverishedª° becauseª¹ of the Midianites;ª and the childrenª of Israelª criedª° unto¹ the LORD.ª" {Jdg 6:3-6} + "And the angerª of the LORDª was kindledª° against Israel,ª and he deliveredª° them into the handª of Hazaelª kingª of Syria,ª and into the handª of Benhadadª the sonª of Hazael,ª all¹ [their] days.ª ... Neither¹¹ did he leaveª° of the peopleª to Jehoahazª but¹¹ fiftyª horsemen,ª and tenª chariots,ª and tenª thousandª footmen;ª for¹ the kingª of Syriaª had destroyedª° them, and had madeª° them like the dustª by threshing.ª°" {2Kg 13:3-7} + "[And] Pulª the kingª of Assyriaª cameª° against¹ the land:ª and Menahemª gaveª° Pulª a thousandª talentsª of silver,ª that his handª might be¹ with¹ him to confirmª° the kingdomª in his hand.ª" {2Kg 15:19} + "In the daysª of Pekahª kingª of Israelª cameª° Tiglathpileserª kingª of Assyria,ª and tookª°¹ Ijon,ª and Abelbethmaachah,ª and Janoah,ª and Kedesh,ª and Hazor,ª and Gilead,ª and Galilee,ª all¹ the landª of Naphtali,ª and carried them captiveª° to Assyria.ª" {2Kg 15:29}

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