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{Hosea 4:10} For they shall eat, 398 z8804 and not x3808 have enough: 7646 z8799 they shall commit whoredom, 2181 z8689 and shall not x3808 increase: 6555 z8799 because x3588 they have left off 5800 z8804 to take heed 8104 z8800 x853 to the LORD. 3068
they shall eat:
"[And] when I have brokenª° the staffª of your bread,ª tenª womenª shall bakeª° your breadª in oneª oven,ª and they shall deliver²° [you] your bread² againª°¹ by weight:ª and ye shall eat,ª° and not¹ be satisfied.ª°" {Lev 26:26} + "The righteousª eatethª° to the satisfyingª of his soul:ª but the bellyª of the wickedª shall want.ª°" {Prv 13:25} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD,ª Behold,¹ my servantsª shall eat,ª° but ye¹ shall be hungry:ª° behold,¹ my servantsª shall drink,ª° but ye¹ shall be thirsty:ª° behold,¹ my servantsª shall rejoice,ª° but ye¹ shall be ashamed:ª° ... That he who¹ blesseth²° himself¹ in the earthª shall bless²° himself¹ in the Godª of truth;ª and he that swearethª° in the earthª shall swearª° by the Godª of truth;ª because¹ the formerª troublesª are forgotten,ª° and because¹ they are hidª° from mine eyes.ª¹" {Isa 65:13-16} + "Thou¹ shalt eat,ª° but not¹ be satisfied;ª° and thy casting downª [shall be] in the midstª of thee; and thou shalt take hold,ª° but shalt not¹ deliver;ª° and [that] which¹ thou deliverestª° will I give upª° to the sword.ª" {Mic 6:14} + "Ye have sownª° much,ª° and bring²° in¹ little;ª ye eat,ª° but ye have not enough;²¹¹ ye drink,ª° but ye are not filled with drink;ª°¹ ye clotheª° you, but there is none warm;²¹¹ and he that earneth wagesª° earneth wagesª° [to put it] into¹ a bagª with holes.ª°" {Hgg 1:6} + "And now,¹ O ye priests,ª this¹ commandmentª [is] for¹ you. ... Behold,¹ I will corruptª°¹ your seed,ª and spreadª° dungª upon¹ your faces,ª [even] the dungª of your solemn feasts;ª and [one] shall take you awayª°¹ with¹ it." {Mal 2:1-3}
they shall commit:
"I will not¹ punishª°¹ your daughtersª when¹ they commit whoredom,ª° nor your spousesª when¹ they commit adultery:ª° for¹ themselves¹ are separatedª° with¹ whores,ª° and they sacrificeª° with¹ harlots:ª therefore the peopleª [that] doth not¹ understandª° shall fall.ª°" {Hsa 4:14} + "[As for] Ephraim,ª their gloryª shall fly awayª° like a bird,ª from the birth,ª°¹ and from the womb,ª¹ and from the conception.ª¹ ... My Godª will cast them away,ª° because¹ they did not¹ hearkenª° unto him: and they shall be¹ wanderersª° among the nations.ª" {Hsa 9:11-17}
"Now afterª the deathª of Jehoiadaª cameª° the princesª of Judah,ª and made obeisanceª° to the king.ª Then¹ the kingª hearkenedª° unto¹ them." {2Ch 24:17} + "The wordsª of his mouthª [are] iniquityª and deceit:ª he hath left offª° to be wise,ª° [and] to do good.ª°" {Psa 36:3} + "As for such as turn asideª° unto their crooked ways,ª the LORDª shall lead them forth²°¹ with¹ the workersª° of iniquity:ª [but] peaceª [shall be] upon¹ Israel.ª" {Psa 125:5} + "And ye¹ were nowª turned,ª° and had doneª°¹ rightª in my sight,ª in proclaimingª° libertyª every manª to his neighbour;ª and ye had madeª° a covenantª beforeª me in the houseª which¹ is calledª° by¹ my name:ª" {Jer 34:15} + "But when the righteousª turneth awayª° from his righteousness,ª¹ and committethª° iniquity,ª [and] doethª° according to all¹ the abominationsª that¹ the wickedª [man] doeth,ª° shall he live?²°¹ All¹ his righteousnessª that¹ he hath doneª° shall not¹ be mentioned:ª° in his trespass²°¹ that¹ he hath trespassed,²¹ and in his sinª that¹ he hath sinned,ª° in them shall he die.ª°" {Ezk 18:24} + "And them that are turned backª° fromª¹ the LORD;ª and [those] that¹ have not¹ soughtª°¹ the LORD,ª nor¹ enquiredª° for him." {Zph 1:6} + "Forª ifª after they have escapedª° the¹ pollutionsª of the¹ worldª throughª the knowledgeª of the¹ Lordª andª Saviourª Jesusª Christ,ª they are²°¹ againª entangledª° therein,ª and²¹ overcome,ª²°° the¹ latter endª is¹ worseª with themª than the¹ beginning.ª ... Butª it is happenedª° unto themª according¹ to² the¹ trueª proverb,ª The dogª [is] turned²° to² his own² vomit² again;ª°¹¹¹ andª the sowª that was washedª° toª her wallowingª in the mire.ª" {2Pe 2:20-22}

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