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{Daniel 11:22} And with the arms 2220 of a flood 7858 shall they be overflown 7857 z8735 from before 6440 x4480 him, and shall be broken; 7665 z8735 yea, also x1571 the prince 5057 of the covenant. 1285
"But his sonsª shall be stirred up,ª° and shall assembleª° a multitudeª of greatª forces:ª and [one] shall certainly²° come,ª° and overflow,ª° and pass through:ª° then shall he return,ª° and be stirred up,ª° [even] to¹ his fortress.ª" {Dan 11:10} + "And afterª threescoreª and twoª weeksª shall Messiahª be cut off,ª° but not¹ for himself: and the peopleª of the princeª that shall comeª° shall destroyª° the cityª and the sanctuary;ª and the endª thereof [shall be] with a flood,ª and unto¹ the endª of the warª desolationsª° are determined.ª°" {Dan 9:26} + "Now therefore,¹ behold,¹ the Lordª bringeth upª° upon¹ them¹ the watersª of the river,ª strongª and many,ª [even]¹ the kingª of Assyria,ª and all¹ his glory:ª and he shall come upª° over¹ all¹ his channels,ª and go¹ over²°¹ all¹ his banks:ª ... And he shall passª° through Judah;ª he shall overflowª° and go over,ª° he shall reachª° [even] to¹ the neck;ª and the stretching outª of his wingsª shall fillª the breadthª of thy land,ª O Immanuel.ª²" {Isa 8:7-8} + "Shall not¹ the landª trembleª° for¹ this,¹ and every one¹ mournª° that dwellethª° therein? and it shall rise upª° wholly¹ as a flood;ª and it shall be cast outª° and drowned,ª°°² as [by] the flood²¹ of Egypt.ª" {Ams 8:8} + "And the Lordª GODª of hostsª [is] he that touchethª° the land,ª and it shall melt,ª° and all¹ that dwellª° therein shall mourn:ª° and it shall rise upª° wholly¹ like a flood;ª and shall be drowned,ª° as [by] the floodª of Egypt.ª" {Ams 9:5} + "But with an overrunningª° floodª he will makeª° an utter endª of the placeª thereof, and darknessª shall pursueª° his enemies.ª°" {Nah 1:8} + "Andª the¹ serpentª castª° out ofª his²¹ mouthª waterª asª a floodª afterª the¹ woman,ª thatª he might causeª° herª to be carried away of the flood.ª ... Andª the¹ earthª helpedª° the¹ woman,ª andª the¹ earthª openedª° her²¹ mouth,ª andª swallowed upª° the¹ floodª whichª the¹ dragonª castª° out ofª his²¹ mouth.ª" {Rev 12:15-16}
"And it waxed great,ª° [even] to¹ the hostª of heaven;ª and it cast downª° [some] of¹ the hostª and of¹ the starsª to the ground,ª and stamped²° upon¹ them. ... Yea, he magnifiedª° [himself] even to¹ the princeª of the host,ª and by¹ him the dailyª [sacrifice] was taken away,ª°°° and the placeª of his sanctuaryª was cast down.ª°" {Dan 8:10-11} + "And through¹ his policyª also he shall cause craftª to prosperª° in his hand;ª and he shall magnifyª° [himself] in his heart,ª and by peaceª shall destroyª° many:ª he shall also stand upª° against¹ the Princeª of princes;ª but he shall be brokenª° withoutª hand.ª" {Dan 8:25}

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