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{Daniel 11:21} And in x5921 his estate 3653 shall stand up 5975 z8804 a vile person, 959 z8737 to x5921 whom they shall not x3808 give 5414 z8804 the honour 1935 of the kingdom: 4438 but he shall come y935 z8804 in x935 peaceably, 7962 and obtain 2388 z8689 the kingdom 4438 by flatteries. 2519
or, place, "But out of a branchª¹ of her rootsª shall [one] stand upª° in his estate,ª which shall comeª° with¹ an army,ª and shall enterª° into the fortressª of the kingª of the north,ª and shall dealª° against them, and shall prevail:ª°" {Dan 11:7} + "Then shall stand upª° in¹ his estateª a raiserª° of taxesª° [in] the gloryª of the kingdom:ª but within fewª daysª he shall be destroyed,ª° neither¹ in anger,ª nor¹ in battle.ª" {Dan 11:20}
shall stand:
"I consideredªª°° the horns,ª and, behold,ª there came upª° amongª them anotherª littleª horn,ª beforeªª whom there were threeª ofª the firstª hornsª plucked up by the roots:ª° and, behold,ª in thisª hornª [were] eyesª like the eyesª of man,ª and a mouthª speakingª° great things.ª" {Dan 7:8} + "And out of¹ oneª of¹ them came forthª° a¹ littleª¹ horn,ª which waxed exceeding² great,ª°¹ toward¹ the south,ª and toward¹ the east,ª and toward¹ the pleasantª [land]." {Dan 8:9} + "And in the latter timeª of their kingdom,ª when the transgressorsª° are come to the full,ª° a kingª of fierceª countenance,ª and understandingª° dark sentences,ª shall stand up.ª°" {Dan 8:23} + "And through¹ his policyª also he shall cause craftª to prosperª° in his hand;ª and he shall magnifyª° [himself] in his heart,ª and by peaceª shall destroyª° many:ª he shall also stand upª° against¹ the Princeª of princes;ª but he shall be brokenª° withoutª hand.ª" {Dan 8:25}
a vile person:
Antiochus Epiphanes, called also Epimanes or madman, for his despicable conduct. "For I have toldª° him that¹ I¹ will judgeª°¹ his houseª for² everª¹ for the iniquityª which¹ he knoweth;ª° because¹ his sonsª made themselves vile,ª° and he restrainedª° them not.¹" {1Sm 3:13} + "The wickedª walkª° on every side,ª when the vilestª menª² are exalted.ª°" {Psa 12:8} + "In whose eyesª a vile personª° is contemned;ª° but he honourethª° them that fear²¹ the LORD.ª [He that] swearethª° to [his own] hurt,ª° and changethª° not.¹" {Psa 15:4} + "The vile personª shall be no¹ more¹ calledª° liberal,ª nor¹ the churlª saidª° [to be] bountiful.ª" {Isa 32:5} + "And the LORDª hath given a commandmentª° concerning¹ thee, [that] no¹ more¹ of thy nameª¹ be sown:ª° out of the houseª¹ of thy godsª will I cut offª° the graven imageª and the molten image:ª I will makeª° thy grave;ª for¹ thou art vile.ª°" {Nah 1:14}
by flatteries:
"And such as do wickedly²° against¹ the covenantª shall he corruptª° by flatteries:ª but the peopleª that do knowª° their Godª shall be strong,ª° and doª° [exploits]." {Dan 11:32} + "Now when they shall fall,ª° they shall be holpenª° with a littleª help:ª but manyª shall cleaveª° to¹ them with flatteries.ª" {Dan 11:34} + "And Abimelechª the sonª of Jerubbaalª went²°¹ to Shechemª unto¹ his mother'sª brethren,ª and communedª° with¹ them, and with¹ all¹ the familyª of the houseª of his mother'sª father,ª saying,ª° ... But if¹ not,¹ let fireª come outª° from Abimelech,ª¹ and devourª°¹ the menª of Shechem,ª and the houseª of Millo;ª°² and let fireª come outª° from the menª¹ of Shechem,ª and from the houseª¹ of Millo,ª°² and devourª°¹ Abimelech.ª" {Jdg 9:1-20} + "And Absalomª rose up early,ª° and stoodª° besideª¹ the wayª of the gate:ª and it was¹ [so], that when any¹ manª that¹ had¹ a controversyª cameª° to¹ the kingª for judgment,ª then Absalomª calledª° unto¹ him, and said,ª° Of¹¹ whatª cityª [art] thou?¹ And he said,ª° Thy servantª [is] of oneª¹ of the tribesª of Israel.ª ... And on this¹ mannerª didª° Absalomª to all¹ Israelª that¹ cameª° to¹ the kingª for judgment:ª so Absalomª stoleª°¹ the heartsª of the men²¹ of Israel.ª" {2Sm 15:2-6} + "[The words] of his mouthª were smootherª° than butter,ª but warª [was] in his heart:ª his wordsª were softerª° than oil,ª¹ yet [were] they¹ drawn swords.ª" {Psa 55:21}

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