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{Daniel 8:27} And I x589 Daniel 1840 fainted, 1961 z8738 and was sick 2470 z8738 [certain] days; 3117 afterward I rose up, 6965 z8799 and did 6213 z8799 x853 the king's 4428 business; 4399 and I was astonished 8074 z8709 at x5921 the vision, 4758 but none x369 understood 995 z8688 [it].
"And I sawª° him come²° close¹ untoª the ram,ª and he was moved with cholerª° against¹ him, and smoteª°¹ the ram,ª and brakeª°¹ his twoª horns:ª and there was¹ no¹ powerª in the ramª to standª° beforeª him, but he cast him downª° to the ground,ª and stamped²° upon¹ him: and there was¹ none¹ that could deliverª° the ramª out of his hand.ª¹" {Dan 8:7} + "Hithertoªª [is] the endª of¹ the matter.ª As for meª Daniel,ª my cogitationsª muchª troubledª° me, and my countenanceª changedª° in¹ me:² but I keptª° the matterª in my heart.ª" {Dan 7:28} + "Therefore I¹ was left¹ alone,²°¹ and sawª°¹ this¹ greatª vision,ª and there remainedª° no¹ strengthª in me: for my comelinessª was turnedª° in¹ me into corruption,ª and I retainedª° no¹ strength.ª" {Dan 10:8} + "And, behold,¹ [one] like the similitudeª of the sonsª of menª touchedª°¹ my lips:ª then I openedª° my mouth,ª and spake,ª° and saidª° unto¹ him that stoodª° before¹ me, O my lord,ª by the vision²¹ my sorrowsª are turnedª° upon¹ me, and I have retainedª° no¹ strength.ª" {Dan 10:16} + "When I heard,ª° my bellyª trembled;ª° my lipsª quiveredª° at the voice:ª rottennessª enteredª° into my bones,ª and I trembledª° in¹ myself, that¹ I might restª° in the dayª of trouble:ª when he cometh upª° unto the people,ª he will invade¹ them with his troops.²°" {Hab 3:16}
and did:
"And I sawª° in a vision;ª and it came to pass,¹ when I saw,ª° that I¹ [was] at Shushanª [in] the palace,ª which¹ [is] in the provinceª of Elam;ª and I sawª° in a vision,ª and I¹ was¹ by¹ the riverª of Ulai.ª" {Dan 8:2} + "Thenª the kingª made²° Daniel² a great man,ª°¹ and gaveª° him manyª greatª gifts,ª and made him rulerª° overª the wholeª provinceª of Babylon,ª and chiefª of the governorsª overª allª the wiseª [men] of Babylon.ª ... Then Danielª requestedª° ofª the king,ª and he setª° Shadrach,ª Meshach,ª and Abednego,ª overª the affairsª of¹ the provinceª of Babylon:ª but Danielª [sat] in the gateª of the king.ª" {Dan 2:48-49} + "I have even heardª° of¹ thee, that¹ the spiritª of the godsª [is] in thee,² and [that] lightª and understandingª and excellentª wisdomª is foundª° in thee." {Dan 5:14} + "And overª¹ these² threeª presidents;ª of whomª¹ Danielª [was] first:ª that²¹ the¹ princesª mightª° giveª° accountsª unto them, and the kingª should haveª° noª damage.ª° ... Thenª thisª Danielª wasª° preferredª° aboveª the presidentsª and princes,ª becauseªª¹ an excellentª spiritª [was] in him; and the kingª thoughtª° to setª° him overª the wholeª realm.ª" {Dan 6:2-3} + "And Samuelª layª° until¹ the morning,ª and openedª°¹ the doorsª of the houseª of the LORD.ª And Samuelª fearedª° to shewª°¹¹ Eliª¹ the vision.ª" {1Sm 3:15}
"And it came to pass,¹ when I, [even] I¹ Daniel,ª had seenª°¹ the vision,ª and soughtª° for the meaning,ª then, behold,¹ there stoodª° before¹ me as the appearanceª of a man.ª ... So he cameª° nearª where I stood:ª and when he came,ª° I was afraid,ª° and fellª° upon¹ my face:ª but he saidª° unto¹ me, Understand,ª° O sonª of man:ª for¹ at the timeª of the endª [shall be] the vision.²¹" {Dan 8:15-17}

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