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{Daniel 5:10} [Now] the queen, 4433 by reason y6903 of x6903 the words 4406 of the king 4430 and his lords, 7261 came 5954 z8754 into the banquet 4961 house: 1005 [and] the queen 4433 spake 6032 z8754 and said, 560 z8754 O king, 4430 live 2418 z8747 for ever: 5957 let not 409 thy thoughts 7476 trouble 927 z8792 thee, nor x409 let thy countenance 2122 be changed: 8133 z8721
the queen:
This was probably Nitocris, the queen-mother, widow of Evil-merodach, son of Nebuchadnezzar, and father of Belshazzar.
O king:
"Then spakeª° the Chaldeansª to the kingª in Syriack,ª O king,ª liveª° for ever:ª tellª° thy servantsª the dream,ª and we will shewª° the interpretation.ª" {Dan 2:4} + "They spakeª° and saidª° to the kingª Nebuchadnezzar,ª O king,ª liveª° for ever.ª" {Dan 3:9} + "Thenª theseª presidentsª and princesª assembled togetherª° to¹ the king,ª and saidª° thusª unto him,² Kingª Darius,ª liveª° for ever.ª" {Dan 6:6} + "Thenª saidª° Danielª untoª the king,ª O king,ª liveª° for ever.ª" {Dan 6:21} + "Then Bathshebaª bowedª° with [her] faceª to the earth,ª and did reverenceª° to the king,ª and said,ª° Let my lordª kingª Davidª liveª° for ever.ª" {1Kg 1:31}
let not:
"And it came to pass,¹ when she was in hardª° labour,ª° that the midwifeª° saidª° unto her, Fearª° not;¹ thou shalt have this¹ sonª also.¹ ... And it came to pass,¹ as her soulª was in departing,ª° (for¹ she died)ª° that she calledª° his nameª Benoni:ª but his fatherª calledª° him Benjamin.ª" {Gen 35:17-18} + "And about the timeª of her deathª° the women that stoodª° by her saidª° unto¹ her, Fearª° not;¹ for¹ thou hast bornª° a son.ª But she answeredª° not,¹ neither¹ did she regardªª° [it]. ... And she said,ª° The gloryª is departedª° from Israel:ª¹ for¹ the arkª of Godª is taken.ª°" {1Sm 4:20-22} + "Butª ye¹ [are] forgersª° of lies,ª ye [are] all¹ physiciansª° of no value.ª" {Job 13:4} + "How¹ then comfortª° ye me in vain,ª seeing in your answersª there remainethª° falsehood?ª" {Job 21:34}

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