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{Daniel 3:25} He answered 6032 z8750 and said, 560 z8750 Lo, 1888 I 576 see 2370 z8751 four 703 men 1400 loose, 8271 z8750 walking 1981 z8683 in the midst 1459 of the fire, 5135 and they have 383 no 3809 hurt; 2257 and the form 7299 of x1768 the fourth 7244 is like 1821 z8751 the Son 1247 of God. 426
"When¹ thou passest throughª° the waters,ª I¹ [will be] with¹ thee; and through the rivers,ª they shall not¹ overflowª° thee: when¹ thou walkest²°¹ throughª the fire,ª thou shalt not¹ be burned;ª° neither¹ shall the flameª kindleª° upon thee." {Isa 43:2}
they have no hurt:
Chal, there is no hurt in them, "Surely¹ he¹ shall deliverª° thee from the snareª¹ of the fowler,ª [and] from the noisome² pestilence.ª¹¹ ... Because¹ thou¹ hast madeª° the LORD,ª [which is] my refuge,ª [even] the most High,ª thy habitation;ª" {Psa 91:3-9} + "They shall take upª° serpents;ª and ifª they drinkª° anyª° deadly² thing,²¹ it shall notª hurtª° them;ª they shall layª° handsª onª the sick,ª andª they shall²° recover.ª¹" {Mrk 16:18} + "Andª² he¹¹ shook offª° the¹ beastª intoª the¹ fire,ª and feltª° noª harm.ª" {Act 28:5} + "Andª whoª [is] he that will harmª° you,ª ifª ye beª° followersª of that which is good?ª" {1Pe 3:13}
the Son of God:
Or, as bar elahin may be rendered, "a son of the gods," i.e., a divine person or angel. "But ifª not,ª be¹ it²° knownª° unto thee, O king,ª that¹ we willª notª serveª° thy gods,ª norª worshipª° the goldenª imageª which¹ thou hast set up.ª°" {Dan 3:18} + "[Then] Nebuchadnezzarª spake,ª° and said,ª° Blessedª° [be] the Godª of¹ Shadrach,ª Meshach,ª and Abednego,ª who¹ hath sentª° his angel,ª and deliveredª° his servantsª that¹ trustedª° in¹ him,² and have changedª° the king'sª word,ª and yieldedª° their bodies,ª that¹ they might notª serveª° norª worshipª° anyª god,ª exceptª their own God.ª" {Dan 3:28} + "Now there was¹ a dayª when the sonsª of Godª cameª° to present²° themselves¹ before¹ the LORD,ª and Satanª cameª° also¹ amongª them." {Job 1:6} + "When the morningª starsª sangª° together,ª and all¹ the sonsª of Godª shouted²° for joy?¹" {Job 38:7} + "The angelª of the LORDª encampethª° round aboutª them that fearª him, and deliverethª° them." {Psa 34:7} + "Who¹ hath ascended upª° into heaven,ª or descended?ª° who¹ hath gatheredª° the windª in his fists?ª who¹ hath boundª° the watersª in a garment?ª who¹ hath establishedª° all¹ the endsª of the earth?ª what¹ [is] his name,ª and what¹ [is] his son'sª name,ª if¹ thou canst tell?ª°" {Prv 30:4} + "Andª the¹ angelª answeredª° and saidª° unto her,ª The Holyª Ghostª shall comeª° uponª thee,ª andª the powerª of the Highestª shall overshadowª° thee:ª thereforeª alsoª that holy thingª which shall be bornª° ofª theeª shall be calledª° the Sonª of God.ª" {Lke 1:35} + "The¹ Jewsª answeredª° him,ª Weª haveª° a law,ª andª byª ourª lawª he oughtª° to die,ª° becauseª he madeª° himselfª the Sonª of God.ª ... Whenª Pilateª thereforeª heardª° thatª saying,ª he was²° the more² afraid;ª°¹" {Jhn 19:7-8} + "And declaredª° [to be] the Sonª of Godª withª power,ª accordingª to the spiritª of holiness,ª byª the resurrectionª from the dead:ª" {Rom 1:4}

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