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{Daniel 3:14} Nebuchadnezzar 5020 spake 6032 z8750 and said 560 z8750 unto them, [Is it] true, 6656 O Shadrach, 7715 Meshach, 4336 and Abednego, 5665 do x383 not 3809 ye y383 serve 6399 z8750 my gods, 426 nor 3809 worship 5457 z8750 the golden 1722 image 6755 which x1768 I have set y6966 z8684 up? x6966
or, of purpose, "And if¹ a man lie not in wait,ª°¹ but Godª deliverª° [him] into his hand;ª then I will appointª° thee a placeª whither¹¹ he shall flee.ª° ... But if¹ a manª come presumptuouslyª° upon¹ his neighbour,ª to slayª° him with guile;ª thou shalt takeª° him from¹¹ mine altar,ª that he may die.ª°" {Exd 21:13-14}
my gods:
"Nebuchadnezzarª the kingª madeª° an imageª of¹ gold,ª whose heightª [was] threescoreª cubits,ª [and] the breadthª thereof sixª cubits:ª he set it upª° in the plainª of Dura,ª in the provinceª of Babylon.ª" {Dan 3:1} + "But atª the lastª Danielª came in²¹ before¹ me,² whose¹ nameª [was] Belteshazzar,ª according to the nameª of my god,ª and in whom¹ [is] the spiritª of the holyª gods:ª and beforeª him I toldª° the dream,ª [saying]," {Dan 4:8} + "Belª boweth down,ª° Neboª stoopeth,ª° their idolsª were¹ upon the beasts,ª and upon the cattle:ª your carriagesª [were] heavy loaden;ª° [they are] a burdenª to the wearyª [beast]." {Isa 46:1} + "Declareª° ye among the nations,ª and publish,ª° and set upª° a standard;ª publish,ª° [and] concealª° not:¹ say,ª° Babylonª is taken,ª° Belª is confounded,ª° Merodachª is broken in pieces;²°¹ her idolsª are confounded,ª° her imagesª are broken in pieces.ª°" {Jer 50:2}

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