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{Daniel 2:39} And after 870 thee shall arise 6966 z8748 another 317 kingdom 4437 inferior 772 to x4481 thee, y4481 and another 317 third 8523 kingdom 4437 of x1768 brass, 5174 which x1768 shall bear rule 7981 z8748 over all 3606 the earth. 772
another kingdom:
The empire of the Medes and Persians, whose union was denoted by the breast and two arms of silver; and which was established on the ruins of that of the Chaldeans on the capture of Babylon by Cyrus, bc 538. "This¹ image'sª headª [was] of¹ fineª gold,ª his breastª and his armsª of¹ silver,ª his bellyª and his thighsª of¹ brass,ª" {Dan 2:32} + "PERES;ª° Thy kingdomª is divided,ª° and givenª° to the Medesª and Persians.ª ... And Dariusª the Medianª tookª° the kingdom,ª [being] about threescoreª and twoª yearsª old.ª" {Dan 5:28-31} + "And beholdª anotherª beast,ª a second,ª likeª° to a bear,ª and it raised upª° itself on oneª side,ª and [it had] threeª ribsª in the mouthª of it betweenª the teethª of it: and they saidª° thusª unto it, Arise,ª° devourª° muchª flesh.ª" {Dan 7:5} + "Then I lifted upª° mine eyes,ª and saw,ª° and, behold,¹ there stoodª° beforeª the riverª aª ramª which had [two] horns:ª and the [two] hornsª [were] high;ª but oneª [was] higherª than¹ the other,ª and the higherª came upª° last.ª ... I sawª°¹ the ramª pushingª° westward,ª and northward,ª and southward;ª so that no¹¹ beastsª might standª° beforeª him, neither¹ [was there any] that could deliverª° out of his hand;ª¹ but he didª° according to his will,ª and became great.ª°" {Dan 8:3-4} + "The ramª which¹ thou sawestª° havingª [two] hornsª [are] the kingsª of Mediaª and Persia.ª" {Dan 8:20} + "And now¹ will I shewª° thee the truth.ª Behold,¹ there shall stand upª° yet¹ threeª kingsª in Persia;ª and the fourthª shall be far² richerª°¹¹ than [they] all:²¹¹ and by his strengthª through his richesª he shall stir upª° all¹ against¹ the realmª of Grecia.ª" {Dan 11:2} + "That saithª° of Cyrus,ª [He is] my shepherd,ª° and shall performª° all¹ my pleasure:ª even sayingª° to Jerusalem,ª Thou shalt be built;ª° and to the temple,ª Thy foundation shall be laid.ª°" {Isa 44:28} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª to his anointed,ª to Cyrus,ª whose¹ right handª I have holden,ª° to subdueª° nationsª beforeª him; and I will looseª° the loinsª of kings,ª to openª° beforeª him the two leaved gates;ª and the gatesª shall not¹ be shut;ª° ... I¹ [am] the LORD,ª and [there is] none¹ else,¹ [there is] no¹ Godª besideª me: I girdedª° thee, though thou hast not¹ knownª° me:" {Isa 45:1-5}
another third:
The empire of the Macedonians, or "brazen-coated Greeks," aptly denoted by the belly and thighs of brass, founded by Alexander the Great, who terminated the Persian monarchy by the overthrow of Darius Codomanus at Arbela, bc 331; "This¹ image'sª headª [was] of¹ fineª gold,ª his breastª and his armsª of¹ silver,ª his bellyª and his thighsª of¹ brass,ª" {Dan 2:32} + "Afterª thisª I beheld,ªª°° and loª another,ª like a leopard,ª which had uponª the backª of it fourª wingsª of¹ a fowl;ª the beastª had also fourª heads;ª and dominionª was givenª° to it. ... Afterª thisª I sawªª°° in the nightª visions,ª and beholdª a fourthª beast,ª dreadfulª° and terrible,ª and strongª exceedingly;ª and it had greatª ironª¹ teeth:ª it devouredª° and brake in pieces,ª° and stampedª° the residueª with the feetª of it: and itª [was] diverseª° fromª allª the beastsª that¹ [were] beforeª it; and it had tenª horns.ª" {Dan 7:6-7} + "Thusª he said,ª° The fourthª beastª shall beª° the fourthª kingdomª upon earth,ª which¹ shall be diverseª° fromª allª kingdoms,ª and shall devourª° the wholeª earth,ª and shall tread it down,ª° and break it in pieces.ª°" {Dan 7:23} + "And as I¹ was¹ considering,ª° behold,¹ an he² goatª¹ cameª° from¹ the westª on¹ the faceª of the whole¹ earth,ª and touchedª° not¹ the ground:ª and the goatª [had] a notableª hornª between¹ his eyes.ª ... And he saidª° unto¹ me, Unto¹ two thousandª and threeª hundredª days;ªª then shall the sanctuaryª be cleansed.ª°" {Dan 8:5-14} + "Then saidª° he, Knowestª° thou wherefore¹ I comeª° unto¹ thee? and now¹ will I returnª° to fightª° with¹ the princeª of Persia:ª and when I¹ am gone forth,ª° lo,¹ the princeª of Greciaª shall come.ª°" {Dan 10:20} + "And a mightyª kingª shall stand up,ª° that shall ruleª° with greatª dominion,ª and doª° according to his will.ª ... Then shall stand upª° in¹ his estateª a raiserª° of taxesª° [in] the gloryª of the kingdom:ª but within fewª daysª he shall be destroyed,ª° neither¹ in anger,ª nor¹ in battle.ª" {Dan 11:3-20} + "And in the thirdª chariotª whiteª horses;ª and in the fourthª chariotª grisledª and bayª horses.ª" {Zch 6:3} + "The blackª horsesª which¹ [are] therein go forthª° into¹ the northª country;ª and the whiteª go forthª° afterª¹ them; and the grisledª go forthª° toward¹ the southª country.ª" {Zch 6:6}

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