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{Daniel 2:26} The king 4430 answered 6032 z8750 and said 560 z8750 to Daniel, 1841 whose x1768 name 8036 [was] Belteshazzar, 1096 Art 383 thou able 3546 z8751 to make known 3046 z8682 unto me the dream 2493 which x1768 I have seen, 2370 z8754 and the interpretation 6591 thereof?
"Unto whom the princeª of the eunuchsª gaveª° names:ª for he gaveª° unto Danielª [the name] of Belteshazzar;ª and to Hananiah,ª of Shadrach;ª and to Mishael,ª of Meshach;ª and to Azariah,ª of Abednego.ª" {Dan 1:7} + "But atª the lastª Danielª came in²¹ before¹ me,² whose¹ nameª [was] Belteshazzar,ª according to the nameª of my god,ª and in whom¹ [is] the spiritª of the holyª gods:ª and beforeª him I toldª° the dream,ª [saying]," {Dan 4:8} + "Thenª Daniel,ª whose¹ nameª [was] Belteshazzar,ª was astoniedª° for oneª hour,ª and his thoughtsª troubledª° him. The kingª spake,ª° and said,ª° Belteshazzar,ª let notª the dream,ª or the interpretationª thereof, troubleª° thee. Belteshazzarª answeredª° and said,ª° My lord,ª the dreamª [be] to them that hateª° thee, and the interpretationª thereof to thine enemies.ª" {Dan 4:19} + "Forasmuch asªª¹ an excellentª spirit,ª and knowledge,ª and understanding,ª interpreting²°¹ of dreams,ª and shewingª of hard sentences,ª and dissolvingª° of doubts,ª were foundª° in the same Daniel,ª whom¹ the kingª namedªª° Belteshazzar:ª nowª let Danielª be called,ª° and he will shewª° the interpretation.ª" {Dan 5:12}
"And the kingª saidª° unto them, I have dreamedª° a dream,ª and my spiritª was troubledª° to knowª°¹ the dream.ª ... They answeredª° againª and said,ª° Let the kingª tellª° his servantsª the dream,ª and we will shewª° the interpretationª of it." {Dan 2:3-7} + "Thisª dreamª Iª kingª Nebuchadnezzarª have seen.ª° Now thou,ª O Belteshazzar,ª declareª° the interpretationª thereof, forasmuch asª¹¹ allª the wiseª [men] of my kingdomª are not² ableª°¹ to make knownª° unto me the interpretation:ª but thouª [art] able;ª° for¹ the spiritª of the holyª godsª [is] in thee." {Dan 4:18} + "And Iª have heardª° of¹ thee,² that¹ thou canstª° makeª° interpretations,ª and dissolveª° doubts:ª nowª ifª thou canstª° readª° the writing,ª and make knownª° to me the interpretationª thereof, thou shalt be clothedª° with scarlet,ª and [have] a chainª of¹ goldª aboutª thy neck,ª and shalt be the third² rulerª°¹ in the kingdom.ª" {Dan 5:16} + "And Pharaohª saidª° unto¹ Joseph,ª I have dreamedª° a dream,ª and [there is] none¹ that can interpretª° it: and I¹ have heardª° sayª° of¹ thee, [that] thou canst understandª° a dreamª to interpretª° it." {Gen 41:15} + "And Saulª saidª° to¹ David,ª Thou art not¹ ableª° to go²°¹ against¹ this¹ Philistineª to fightª° with¹ him: for¹ thou¹ [art but] a youth,ª and he¹ a manª of warª from his youth.ª¹" {1Sm 17:33}

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