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{Daniel 2:20} Daniel 1841 answered 6032 z8750 and said, 560 z8750 Blessed 1289 z8743 be 1934 z8748 the name 8036 of x1768 God 426 for y4481 ever y5957 and ever: 5705 5957 x4481 for x1768 wisdom 2452 and might 1370 are y1932 his:
"And blessedª° be the most highª God,ª which¹ hath deliveredª° thine enemiesª into thy hand.ª And he gaveª° him tithesª of all.¹¹" {Gen 14:20} + "Blessedª° [be] the LORD,ª that¹ hath givenª° restª unto his peopleª Israel,ª according to all¹ that¹ he promised:ª° there hath not¹ failedª° oneª wordª of all¹¹ his goodª promise,ª which¹ he promisedª° by the handª of Mosesª his servant.ª" {1Kg 8:56} + "Wherefore Davidª blessedª°¹ the LORDª beforeª all¹ the congregation:ª and Davidª said,ª° Blessedª° [be] thou,¹ LORDª Godª of Israelª our father,ª for² everª¹ and ever.ª¹" {1Ch 29:10} + "And Davidª saidª° to all¹ the congregation,ª Now¹ blessª°¹ the LORDª your God.ª And all¹ the congregationª blessedª° the LORDª Godª of their fathers,ª and bowed down their heads,ª° and worshippedª° the LORD,ª and the king.ª" {1Ch 29:20} + "And when he had consultedª° with¹ the people,ª he appointedª° singersª° unto the LORD,ª and that should praiseª° the beautyª of holiness,ª as they went outª° beforeª the army,ª° and to say,ª° Praiseª° the LORD;ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever.ª" {2Ch 20:21} + "Blessedª° [be] the LORDª Godª of Israelª from everlasting,ª¹ and to¹ everlasting.ª Amen,ª and Amen.ª" {Psa 41:13} + "Whoso offerethª° praiseª glorifiethª° me: and to him that orderethª° [his] conversationª [aright] will I shewª° the salvationª of God.ª" {Psa 50:23} + "Blessedª° [be] the LORDª God,ª the Godª of Israel,ª who only¹ doethª° wondrous things.ª° ... And blessedª° [be] his gloriousª nameª for ever:ª and let¹ the whole¹ earthª be filledª° [with] his glory;ª Amen,ª and Amen.ª" {Psa 72:18-19} + "[[[A Psalm] of David.]]ª Blessª°¹ the LORD,ª O my soul:ª and all¹ that is withinª me, [bless]¹ his holyª name.ª ... Blessª°¹ the LORD,ª O my soul,ª and forgetª° not¹ all¹ his benefits:ª" {Psa 103:1-2} + "Blessedª° be¹ the nameª of the LORDª from this time forthª¹ and for² evermore.ª¹" {Psa 113:2} + "But we¹ will blessª° the LORDª from this time forth¹¹ and for² evermore.ª¹ Praiseª° the LORD.ª" {Psa 115:18} + "[[David'sª [Psalm] of praise.]]ª I will extolª° thee, my God,ª O king;ª and I will blessª° thy nameª for everª and ever.ª ... Every¹ dayª will I blessª° thee; and I will praiseª° thy nameª for everª and ever.ª" {Psa 145:1-2}
for wisdom:
"And he¹ changethª° the timesª and the seasons:ª he removethª° kings,ª and setteth upª° kings:ª he givethª° wisdomª unto the wise,ª and knowledgeª to them that knowª° understanding:ª ... Iª thankª° thee, and praiseª° thee, O thou Godª of my fathers,ª who¹ hast givenª° me wisdomª and might,ª and hast made knownª° unto me nowª what¹ we desiredª° of¹ thee:² for¹ thou hast [now] made knownª° unto us the king'sª matter.ª" {Dan 2:21-23} + "Thine, O LORD,ª [is] the greatness,ª and the power,ª and the glory,ª and the victory,ª and the majesty:ª for¹ all¹ [that is] in the heavenª and in the earthª [is thine]; thine [is] the kingdom,ª O LORD,ª and thou art exaltedª° as headª above all.¹ ... Both richesª and honourª [come] of¹¹ thee,² and thou¹ reignestª° over all;¹ and in thine handª [is] powerª and might;ª and in thine handª [it is] to make great,ª° and to give strengthª° unto all.¹" {1Ch 29:11-12} + "With¹ him [is] wisdomª and strength,ª he hath counselª and understanding.ª" {Job 12:13} + "With¹ him [is] strengthª and wisdom:ª the deceivedª° and the deceiverª° [are] his. ... He discoverethª° deep thingsª out of¹ darkness,ª and bringeth outª° to lightª the shadow of death.ª" {Job 12:16-22} + "Godª hath spokenª° once;ª twiceª have I heardª° this;ª that¹ powerª [belongeth] unto God.ª" {Psa 62:11} + "Greatª [is] our Lord,ª and of greatª power:ª his understandingª [is] infinite.ª¹" {Psa 147:5} + "Counselª [is] mine, and sound wisdom:ª I¹ [am] understanding;ª I have strength.ª" {Prv 8:14} + "Greatª in counsel,ª and mightyª in work:ª for¹ thine eyesª [are] openª° upon¹ all¹ the waysª of the sonsª of men:ª to giveª° every oneª according to his ways,ª and according to the fruitª of his doings:ª" {Jer 32:19} + "Andª leadª° usª notª intoª temptation,ª butª deliverª° usª fromª evil:ª Forª thineª isª° the¹ kingdom,ª andª the¹ power,ª andª the¹ glory,ª for² ever.ª¹ Amen.ª" {Mtt 6:13} + "Nowª unto him that is ableª° to keepª° youª°² from falling,ª andª to presentª° [you] faultlessª before the presenceª of his²¹ gloryª withª exceeding joy,ª" {Jde 1:24} + "Sayingª° with a loudª voice,ª Worthyª isª° the¹ Lambª that was slainª° to receiveª° power,ª andª riches,ª andª wisdom,ª andª strength,ª andª honour,ª andª glory,ª andª blessing.ª" {Rev 5:12}

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