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{Daniel 1:9} Now God 430 had brought 5414 z8799 x853 Daniel 1840 into favour 2617 and tender love 7356 with 6440 the prince 8269 of the eunuchs. 5631
"And he said,ª° Thy nameª shall be calledª° no¹ more¹ Jacob,ª but¹¹ Israel:ª for¹ as a prince hast thou powerª° with¹ Godª and with¹ men,²¹ and hast prevailed.ª°" {Gen 32:28} + "But the LORDª was¹ with¹ Joseph,ª and shewedª°¹ him mercy,ª and gaveª° him favourª in the sightª of the keeperª of the prison.ªª" {Gen 39:21} + "And forgiveª° thy peopleª that¹ have sinnedª° against thee, and all¹ their transgressionsª wherein¹ they have transgressedª° against thee, and giveª° them compassionª beforeª them who carried them captive,ª° that they may have compassion²° on¹ them:" {1Kg 8:50} + "Blessedª° [be] the LORDª Godª of our fathers,ª which¹ hath putª° [such a thing] as this¹ in the king'sª heart,ª to beautifyª°¹ the houseª of the LORDª which¹ [is] in Jerusalem:ª ... And hath extendedª° mercyª unto¹ me beforeª the king,ª and his counsellors,ª° and before all¹ the king'sª mightyª princes.ª And I¹ was strengthenedª° as the handª of the LORDª my Godª [was] upon¹ me, and I gathered togetherª° out of Israelª¹ chief menª to go upª° with¹ me." {Ezr 7:27-28} + "O Lord,ª I beseechª thee, let now¹ thine earª be¹ attentiveª to¹ the prayerª of thy servant,ª and to¹ the prayerª of thy servants,ª who desireª to fearª°¹ thy name:ª and prosper,ª° I pray¹ thee, thy servantª this day,ª and grantª° him mercyª in the sightª of this¹ man.ª For I¹ was¹ the king'sª cupbearer.²°¹" {Neh 1:11} + "Then the kingª saidª° unto me, For¹ what¹¹ dost thou¹ make request?ª° So I prayedª° to¹ the Godª of heaven.ª" {Neh 2:4} + "But knowª° that¹ the LORDª hath set apartª° him that is godlyª for himself: the LORDª will hearª° when I callª° unto¹ him." {Psa 4:3} + "He madeª° them also to be pitiedª ofª all¹ those that carried them captives.ª°" {Psa 106:46} + "When a man'sª waysª pleaseª° the LORD,ª he maketh even¹ his enemiesª° to be at peaceª° with¹ him." {Prv 16:7} + "Andª deliveredª° himª out ofª allª hisª afflictions,ª andª gaveª° himª favourª andª wisdomª in the sightª of Pharaohª kingª of Egypt;ª andª he madeª° himª governorª° overª Egyptª andª allª his²¹ house.ª" {Act 7:10}

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