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{Ezekiel 48:4} And by x5921 the border 1366 of Naphtali, 5321 from the east 6921 side 6285 x4480 unto x5704 the west 3220 side, 6285 a 259 [portion for] Manasseh. 4519
by the border:
In this division of the Holy Land, a portion is laid out for each of the twelve tribes directly across the country, from east to west; and deducting the square of 25,000 reeds, or nearly fifty miles on each side, between Judah and Benjamin, for the priests, Levites, city, and temple, with the inheritance of the prince to the east and west (See note on "Moreover, when ye shall divide²° by lot¹¹ the landª for inheritance,ª ye shall offerª° an oblationª unto the LORD,ª an holy portionª of¹ the land:ª the lengthª [shall be] the lengthª of fiveª and twentyª thousandª [reeds], and the breadthª [shall be] tenª thousand.ª This¹ [shall be] holyª in all¹ the bordersª thereof round about.ª" {Ezk 45:1}), from 280 miles, the length of the country from north to south, there will remain for each tribe a portion of less than twenty miles in width, and 150 in length. This division of the land entirely differs from that which was made in the days of Joshua, in which the tribes were not only differently placed, but confused and inter-mixed; while here distinct lots are assigned to each of the twelve tribes, in a regular mathematical form. Literally such a division never took place. It seems to denote the equality of privileges which subsists among all the tribes of Believers, of whatever nation, and whatever their previous character may have been.
"And Godª rememberedª°¹ Rachel,ª and Godª hearkenedª° to¹ her, and openedª°¹ her womb.ª ... And she calledª°¹ his nameª Joseph;ª and said,ª° The LORDª shall addª° to me anotherª son.ª" {Gen 30:22-24} + "And Josephª calledª°¹ the nameª of the firstbornª Manasseh:ª For¹ God,ª [said he], hath made me forgetª°¹ all¹ my toil,ª and all¹ my father'sª house.ª" {Gen 41:51} + "And now¹ thy twoª sons,ª Ephraimª and Manasseh,ª which were bornª° unto thee in the landª of Egyptª beforeª I cameª° unto¹ thee into Egypt,ª [are] mine; as Reubenª and Simeon,ª they shall be¹ mine." {Gen 48:5} + "And Israelª stretched outª°¹ his right hand,ª and laidª° [it] upon¹ Ephraim'sª head,ª who¹ [was] the younger,ª and his left handª upon¹ Manasseh'sª head,ª guiding²° his hands² wittingly;ª°¹¹ for¹ Manassehª [was] the firstborn.ª ... And he blessedª° them that¹ day,ª saying,ª° In thee shall Israelª bless,ª° saying,ª° Godª makeª° thee as Ephraimª and as Manasseh:ª and he setª°¹ Ephraimª beforeª Manasseh.ª" {Gen 48:14-20} + "And Mosesª gaveª° [inheritance] unto the halfª tribeª of Manasseh:ª and [this] was¹ [the possession] of the halfª tribeª of the childrenª of Manassehª by their families.ª ... And halfª Gilead,ª and Ashtaroth,ª and Edrei,ª citiesª of the kingdomª of Ogª in Bashan,ª [were pertaining] unto the childrenª of Machirª the sonª of Manasseh,ª [even] to the one halfª of the childrenª of Machirª by their families.ª" {Jsh 13:29-31} + "There was¹ also a lotª for the tribeª of Manasseh;ª for¹ he¹ [was] the firstbornª of Joseph;ª [to wit], for Machirª the firstbornª of Manasseh,ª the fatherª of Gilead:ª because¹ he¹ was¹ a manª of war,ª therefore he had¹ Gileadª and Bashan.ª ... And Manassehª had¹ in Issacharª and in Asherª Bethsheanª and her towns,ª and Ibleamª and her towns,ª and the inhabitantsª° of Dorª and her towns,ª and the inhabitantsª° of Endorª and her towns,ª and the inhabitantsª° of Taanachª and her towns,ª and the inhabitantsª° of Megiddoª and her towns,ª [even] threeª countries.ª" {Jsh 17:1-11}

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