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{Ezekiel 47:1} Afterward he brought me again 7725 z8686 unto x413 the door 6607 of the house; 1004 and, behold, x2009 waters 4325 issued out 3318 z8802 from under x4480 x8478 the threshold 4670 of the house 1004 eastward: 6921 for x3588 the forefront 6440 of the house 1004 [stood toward] the east, 6921 and the waters 4325 came down 3381 z8802 from under x4480 x8478 from the right y3233 side 3802 x4480 x3233 of the house, 1004 at the south 5045 x4480 [side] of the altar. 4196
the door:
"And the breadthª of the doorª [was] tenª cubits;ª and the sidesª of the doorª [were] fiveª cubitsª on the one side,¹¹ and fiveª cubitsª on the other side:¹¹ and he measuredª° the lengthª thereof, fortyª cubits:ª and the breadth,ª twentyª cubits.ª" {Ezk 41:2} + "And the templeª and the sanctuaryª had twoª doors.ª ... And [there were] narrowª° windowsª and palm treesª on the one side¹¹ and on the other side,¹¹ on¹ the sidesª of the porch,ª and [upon] the side chambersª of the house,ª and thick planks.ª" {Ezk 41:23-26}
waters issued:
Solomon's temple and the second temple were doubtless well supplied with water, probably conveyed there by means of pipes; but these waters flowed from the temple, not as a common sewer, but as a fertilizing river. A fountain producing abundance of water was not in the temple, and could not be there on the top of such a hill; and consequently these waters, as well as those spoken of by Joel and Zechariah, must be understood figuratively and typically. These waters doubtless were an emblem of the "gospel preached with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven;" and their gradual rise beautifully represents it progress, from small beginnings to an immensely large increase; and the latter part of the representation may relate to the times when it shall fill the earth, and produce the most extensive and important effects on the state of making in every nation. "[There is] a river,ª the streamsª whereof shall make gladª° the cityª of God,ª the holyª [place] of the tabernaclesª of the most High.ª" {Psa 46:4} + "And there shall be¹ upon¹ every¹ highª mountain,ª and upon¹ every¹ highª° hill,ª riversª [and] streamsª of watersª in the dayª of the greatª slaughter,ª when the towersª fall.ª°" {Isa 30:25} + "Ho,ª every one¹ that thirsteth,ª come²°¹ ye to the waters,ª and he that¹ hath no¹ money;ª come²°¹ ye, buy,ª° and eat;ª° yea, come,²°¹ buyª° wineª and milkª without¹ moneyª and without¹ price.ª" {Isa 55:1} + "For¹ my peopleª have committedª° twoª evils;ª they have forsakenª° me the fountainª of livingª waters,ª [and] hewed them outª° cisterns,ª brokenª° cisterns,ª that¹ can holdª° no¹ water.ª" {Jer 2:13} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] the mountainsª shall drop downª° new wine,ª and the hillsª shall flow²°¹ with milk,ª and all¹ the riversª of Judahª shall flow²°¹ with waters,ª and a fountainª shall come forthª° of the houseª¹ of the LORD,ª and shall waterª°¹ the valleyª of Shittim.ª" {Jol 3:18} + "In that¹ dayª there shall be¹ a fountainª openedª° to the houseª of Davidª and to the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalemª for sinª and for uncleanness.ª" {Zch 13:1} + "And it shall be¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] livingª watersª shall go outª° from Jerusalem;ª¹ halfª of them toward¹ the formerª sea,ª and halfª of them toward¹ the hinderª sea:ª in summerª and in winterª shall it be.¹" {Zch 14:8} + "² Inª the¹ lastª day,ª that greatª [day] of the¹ feast,ª Jesusª stoodª° andª cried,ª° saying,ª° Ifª any manª thirst,ª° let him comeª° untoª me,ª andª drink.ª° ... (Butª thisª spake¹ he²° ofª the¹ Spirit,ª whichª they that believeª° onª himª shouldª° receive:ª° forª the Holyª Ghostª wasª° not yetª [given]; becauseª that Jesusª was²° not yetª glorified.)ª°" {Jhn 7:37-39} + "Andª he shewedª° meª a pureª riverª of waterª of life,ª clearª asª crystal,ª proceedingª° out ofª the¹ throneª of Godª andª of the¹ Lamb.ª" {Rev 22:1} + "Andª the¹ Spiritª andª the¹ brideª say,ª° Come.ª° Andª let him that hearethª° say,ª° Come.ª° Andª let him that is athirstª° come.ª° Andª whosoever¹ will,ª° let him takeª° the¹ waterª of lifeª freely.ª" {Rev 22:17}
from under the threshold:
"And by¹ the riverª upon¹ the bankª thereof, on this side¹¹ and on that side,¹¹ shall growª° all¹ treesª for meat,ª whose leafª shall not¹ fade,ª° neither¹ shall the fruitª thereof be consumed:ª° it shall bring forth new fruitª° according to his months,ª because¹ their watersª they¹ issued outª° of¹ the sanctuary:ª and the fruitª thereof shall be¹ for meat,ª and the leafª thereof for medicine.ª" {Ezk 47:12} + "And manyª peopleª shall goª° and say,ª° Come²°¹ ye, and let us go upª° to¹ the mountainª of the LORD,ª to¹ the houseª of the Godª of Jacob;ª and he will teachª° us of his ways,ª¹ and we will walk²°¹ in his paths:ª for¹ out of Zionª¹ shall go forthª° the law,ª and the wordª of the LORDª from Jerusalem.ª¹" {Isa 2:3}

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