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{Ezekiel 46:12} Now when x3588 the prince 5387 shall prepare 6213 z8799 a voluntary 5071 burnt offering 5930 or x176 peace offerings 8002 voluntarily 5071 unto the LORD, 3068 [one] shall then open 6605 z8804 him x853 the gate 8179 that looketh 6437 z8802 toward the east, 6921 and he shall prepare 6213 z8804 x853 his burnt offering 5930 and his peace offerings, 8002 as x834 he did 6213 z8799 on the sabbath 7676 day: 3117 then he shall go forth; 3318 z8804 and after 310 his going forth 3318 z8800 [one] shall shut 5462 z8804 x853 the gate. 8179
a voluntary:
"If¹ his offeringª [be] a burnt sacrificeª of¹ the herd,ª let him offerª° a maleª without blemish:ª he shall offerª° it of his own voluntary willª at¹ the doorª of the tabernacleª of the congregationª beforeª the LORD.ª" {Lev 1:3} + "Beside¹¹ the sabbathsª of the LORD,ª and beside¹¹ your gifts,ª and beside¹¹ all¹ your vows,ª and beside¹¹ all¹ your freewill offerings,ª which¹ ye giveª° unto the LORD.ª" {Lev 23:38} + "These¹ [things] ye shall doª° unto the LORDª in your set feasts,ª beside¹ your vows,ª¹ and your freewill offerings,ª for your burnt offerings,ª and for your meat offerings,ª and for your drink offerings,ª and for your peace offerings.ª" {Num 29:39} + "And the kingª went²°¹ to Gibeonª to sacrificeª° there;¹ for¹ thatª [was] the greatª high place:ª a thousandª burnt offeringsª did Solomonª offerª° upon¹ that¹ altar.ª" {1Kg 3:4} + "And they sacrificedª° sacrificesª unto the LORD,ª and offeredª° burnt offeringsª unto the LORD,ª on the morrowª after that¹ day,ª [even] a thousandª bullocks,ª a thousandª rams,ª [and] a thousandª lambs,ª with their drink offerings,ª and sacrificesª in abundanceª for all¹ Israel:ª" {1Ch 29:21} + "Also kingª Solomon,ª and all¹ the congregationª of Israelª that were assembledª° unto¹ him beforeª the ark,ª sacrificedª° sheepª and oxen,ª which¹ could not¹ be toldª° nor¹ numberedª° for multitude.ª¹" {2Ch 5:6} + "And kingª Solomonª offeredª°¹ a sacrificeª of twentyª and twoª thousandª oxen,ª and an hundredª and twentyª thousandª sheep:ª so the kingª and all¹ the peopleª dedicatedª°¹ the houseª of God.ª ... Moreover Solomonª hallowedª°¹ the middleª of the courtª that¹ [was] beforeª the houseª of the LORD:ª for¹ there¹ he offeredª° burnt offerings,ª and the fatª of the peace offerings,ª because¹ the brasenª altarª which¹ Solomonª had madeª° was not ableª°¹ to receiveª°¹ the burnt offerings,ª and the meat offerings,ª and the fat.ª" {2Ch 7:5-7} + "Then Hezekiahª answeredª° and said,ª° Now¹ ye have consecratedªª° yourselves unto the LORD,ª come nearª° and bringª° sacrificesª and thank offeringsª into the houseª of the LORD.ª And the congregationª brought inª° sacrificesª and thank offerings;ª and as many as¹ were of a freeª heartª burnt offerings.ª" {2Ch 29:31} + "And whosoever¹ remainethª° in any¹¹ placeª where¹ he¹ sojourneth,ª° let the men²¹ of his placeª helpª° him with silver,ª and with gold,ª and with goods,ª and with beasts,ª beside¹ the freewill offeringª for the houseª of Godª that¹ [is] in Jerusalem.ª" {Ezr 1:4} + "And afterwardª [offered] the continualª burnt offering,ª both of the new moons,ª and of all¹ the set feastsª of the LORDª that were consecrated,ª° and of every one¹ that willingly offeredª° a freewill offeringª unto the LORD.ª" {Ezr 3:5} + "And offeredª° at the dedicationª of thisª houseª of Godª an hundredª bullocks,ª two hundredª rams,ª fourª hundredª lambs;ª and for a sin offeringª²° forª allª Israel,ª twelveªª he² goats,ª¹ according to the numberª of the tribesª of Israel.ª" {Ezr 6:17} + "I beseechª° youª therefore,ª brethren,ª byª the¹ merciesª of God,ª that ye presentª° yourª bodiesª a livingª° sacrifice,ª holy,ª acceptableª unto God,ª [which is] yourª reasonableª service.ª" {Rom 12:1} + "Andª walkª° inª love,ª asª Christª alsoª hath lovedª° us,ª andª hath givenª° himselfª forª usª an offeringª andª a sacrificeª to Godª forª a sweetsmellingª savour.ª" {Eph 5:2}
open him:
"Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª The gateª of the innerª courtª that lookethª° toward the eastª shall be¹ shutª° the sixª workingª days;ª but on the sabbathªª it shall be opened,ª° and in the dayª of the new moonª it shall be opened.ª° ... And the princeª shall enterª° by the wayª of the porchª of [that] gateª without,ª¹ and shall standª° by¹ the postª of the gate,ª and the priestsª shall prepareª°¹ his burnt offeringª and his peace offerings,ª and he shall worshipª° at¹ the thresholdª of the gate:ª then he shall go forth;ª° but the gateª shall not¹ be shutª° until¹ the evening.ª" {Ezk 46:1-2} + "And when the princeª shall enter,ª° he shall go²° in¹ by the wayª of the porchª of [that] gate,ª and he shall go forthª° by the wayª thereof." {Ezk 46:8} + "[It is]¹ for the prince;ª the prince,ª he¹ shall sitª° in it to eatª° breadª beforeª the LORD;ª he shall enterª° by the wayª¹ of the porchª of [that] gate,ª and shall go outª° by the wayª¹ of the same." {Ezk 44:3}
as he did:
"And it shall be¹ the prince's partª¹ [to give] burnt offerings,ª and meat offerings,ª and drink offerings,ª in the feasts,ª and in the new moons,ª and in the sabbaths,ª in all¹ solemnitiesª of the houseª of Israel:ª he¹ shall prepareª°¹ the sin offering,ª and the meat offering,ª and the burnt offering,ª and the peace offerings,ª to make reconciliationª° for¹ the houseª of Israel.ª" {Ezk 45:17}

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