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{Ezekiel 44:30} And the first 7225 of all x3605 the firstfruits 1061 of all x3605 [things], and every x3605 oblation 8641 of all, x3605 of every x4480 x3605 [sort] of your oblations, 8641 shall be x1961 the priest's: 3548 ye shall also give 5414 z8799 unto the priest 3548 the first 7225 of your dough, 6182 that he may cause the blessing 1293 to rest 5117 z8687 in x413 thine house. 1004
or, chief
all the firstfruits:
"Sanctifyª° unto me all¹ the firstborn,ª whatsoever¹ openethª the wombª among the childrenª of Israel,ª [both] of manª and of beast:ª it¹ [is] mine." {Exd 13:2} + "That thou shalt set apartª° unto the LORDª all¹ that openethª the matrix,ª and every¹ firstlingª that comethª of a beastª which¹ thou hast;¹ the malesª [shall be] the LORD'S.ª" {Exd 13:12} + "Thou shalt not¹ delayª° [to offer] the first of thy ripe fruits,ª and of thy liquors:ª the firstbornª of thy sonsª shalt thou giveª° unto me." {Exd 22:29} + "The firstª of the firstfruitsª of thy landª thou shalt bringª° into the houseª of the LORDª thy God.ª Thou shalt not¹ seetheª° a kidª in his mother'sª milk.ª" {Exd 23:19} + "Because¹ all¹ the firstbornª [are] mine; [for] on the dayª that I smoteª° all¹ the firstbornª in the landª of Egyptª I hallowedª° unto me all¹ the firstbornª in Israel,ª both manª¹ and¹ beast:ª mine shall they be:¹ I¹ [am] the LORD.ª" {Num 3:13} + "Then it shall be,¹ that, when ye eatª° of the breadª¹ of the land,ª ye shall offer upª° an heave offeringª unto the LORD.ª ... Of the firstª¹ of your doughª ye shall giveª° unto the LORDª an heave offeringª in your generations.ª" {Num 15:19-21} + "All¹ the bestª of the oil,ª and all¹ the bestª of the wine,ª and of the wheat,ª the firstfruitsª of them which¹ they shall offerª° unto the LORD,ª them have I givenª° thee. ... And the fleshª of them shall be¹ thine, as the waveª breastª and as the rightª shoulderª are¹ thine." {Num 18:12-18} + "And [this] your heave offeringª shall be reckonedª° unto you, as though [it were] the cornª of¹ the threshingfloor,ª and as the fulnessª of¹ the winepress.ª ... Therefore thou shalt sayª° unto¹ them, When ye have heavedª°¹ the bestª thereof from¹ it, then it shall be countedª° unto the Levitesª as the increaseª of the threshingfloor,ª and as the increaseª of the winepress.ª" {Num 18:27-30} + "The firstfruitª [also] of thy corn,ª of thy wine,ª and of thine oil,ª and the firstª of the fleeceª of thy sheep,ª shalt thou giveª° him." {Deu 18:4} + "Moreover he commandedª° the peopleª that dweltª° in Jerusalemª to giveª° the portionª of the priestsª and the Levites,ª that¹ they might be encouragedª° in the lawª of the LORD.ª ... And [concerning] the childrenª of Israelª and Judah,ª that dweltª° in the citiesª of Judah,ª they¹ also¹ brought inª° the titheª of oxenª and sheep,ª and the titheª of holy thingsª which were consecratedª° unto the LORDª their God,ª and laidª° [them] by heaps.ª" {2Ch 31:4-6} + "And Azariahª the chiefª priestª of the houseª of Zadokª answeredª°¹ him, and said,ª° Since [the people] beganª°¹ to bringª° the offeringsª into the houseª of the LORD,ª we have had enoughª° to eat,ª° and have leftª°¹ plenty:ª for¹ the LORDª hath blessedª°¹ his people;ª and that which is leftª° [is]¹ this¹ great store.ª" {2Ch 31:10} + "And to bringª°¹ the firstfruitsª of our ground,ª and the firstfruitsª of all¹ fruitª of all¹ trees,ª yearª by year,ª unto the houseª of the LORD:ª ... And [that] we should bringª° the firstfruitsª of our dough,ª and our offerings,ª and the fruitª of all¹ manner of trees,ª of wineª and of oil,ª unto the priests,ª to¹ the chambersª of the houseª of our God;ª and the tithesª of our groundª unto the Levites,ª that the same¹ Levitesª might have the tithesª° in all¹ the citiesª of our tillage.ª" {Neh 10:35-37} + "Of his own willª° begat¹ he²° usª with the wordª of truth,ª that² weª should beª° a kindª of firstfruitsª of his²¹ creatures.ª" {Jms 1:18}
that he may:
"And now,¹ behold,¹ I have broughtª°¹ the firstfruitsªª of the land,ª which¹ thou, O LORD,ª hast givenª° me. And thou shalt set²°¹ it beforeª the LORDª thy God,ª and worshipª° beforeª the LORDª thy God:ª ... Look downª° from thy holyª habitation,ª¹ from¹ heaven,ª and blessª°¹ thy peopleª¹ Israel,ª and the landª which¹ thou hast givenª° us, as¹ thou swarestª° unto our fathers,ª a landª that flowethª° with milkª and honey.ª" {Deu 26:10-15} + "Honourª°¹ the LORDª with thy substance,ª¹ and with the firstfruitsª¹ of all¹ thine increase:ª ... So shall thy barnsª be filledª° with plenty,ª and thy pressesª shall burst outª° with new wine.ª" {Prv 3:9-10} + "Bringª° ye¹ all¹ the tithesª into¹ the storehouse,ª¹ that there may be¹ meatª in mine house,ª and proveª° me now¹ herewith,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª if¹ I will not¹ openª° you¹ the windowsª of heaven,ª and pour you outª° a blessing,ª that¹ [there shall] not¹ [be room] enoughª [to receive it]. ... And I will rebukeª° the devourerª° for your sakes, and he shall not¹ destroyª°¹ the fruitsª of your ground;ª neither¹ shall your vineª cast her fruit²° before the time¹ in the field,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts.ª" {Mal 3:10-11}

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