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{Ezekiel 44:24} And in x5921 controversy 7379 they x1992 shall stand 5975 z8799 in judgment; 8199 z8800 [and] they shall judge 8199 z8799 it according to my judgments: 4941 and they shall keep 8104 z8799 my laws 8451 and my statutes 2708 in all x3605 mine assemblies; 4150 and they shall hallow 6942 z8762 my sabbaths. 7676
in controversy:
This seems to intimate, that controversies, in the period predicted, will be generally decided by arbitration, according to the law of God; and not by litigations before human tribunals, according to the laws of man. "If¹ there arise a matter² too hardª°¹ for¹ thee in judgment,ª between¹ bloodª and blood,ª between¹ pleaª and plea,ª and between¹ strokeª and stroke,ª [being] mattersª of controversyª within thy gates:ª then shalt thou arise,ª° and get thee upª° into¹ the placeª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª shall choose;ª° ... And all¹ the peopleª shall hear,ª° and fear,ª° and do no¹ more¹ presumptuously.ª°" {Deu 17:8-13} + "Of which,ª¹ twentyª and fourª thousandª [were] to set forwardª°¹ the workª of the houseª of the LORD;ª and sixª thousandª [were] officersª° and judges:ª°" {1Ch 23:4} + "Moreover¹ in Jerusalemª did Jehoshaphatª setª° of¹ the Levites,ª and [of] the priests,ª and of the chiefª¹ of the fathersª of Israel,ª for the judgmentª of the LORD,ª and for controversies,ª when they returnedª° to Jerusalem.ª ... And what cause² soever¹¹¹ shall comeª° to¹ you of your brethrenª¹ that dwellª° in their cities,ª between¹ bloodª and blood,ª between¹ lawª and commandment,ª statutesª and judgments,ª ye shall even warnª° them that they trespassª° not¹ against the LORD,ª and [so] wrathª come¹ upon¹ you, and upon¹ your brethren:ª thisª do,ª° and ye shall not¹ trespass.ª°" {2Ch 19:8-10} + "And the Tirshathaª saidª° unto them, that¹ they should not¹ eatª° of the most² holy things,ª¹ till¹ there stood upª° a priestª with Urimª and with Thummim.ª" {Ezr 2:63}
they shall keep:
"Butª ifª I tarry long,ª° thatª thou mayest knowª° howª thou oughtestª° to behave thyselfª° inª the houseª of God,ª whichª isª° the churchª of the livingª° God,ª the pillarª andª groundª of the¹ truth.ª" {1Tm 3:15}
in all:
"And the LORDª spakeª° unto¹ Moses,ª saying,ª° ... And Mosesª declaredª° unto¹ the childrenª of Israelª¹ the feastsª of the LORD.ª" {Lev 23:1-44} + "And the LORDª spakeª° unto¹ Moses,ª saying,ª° ... And Mosesª toldª°¹ the childrenª of Israelª according to all¹ that¹ the LORDª commandedª°¹ Moses.ª" {Num 28:1-29:40} + "And all¹ the peopleª gathered themselves togetherª° as oneª manª into¹ the streetª that¹ [was] beforeª the waterª gate;ª and they spakeª° unto Ezraª the scribeª° to bringª°¹ the bookª of the lawª of Moses,ª which¹ the LORDª had commandedª° to¹ Israel.ª ... Also dayª by day,ª from¹ the firstª dayª unto¹ the lastª day,ª he readª° in the bookª of the lawª of God.ª And they keptª° the feastª sevenª days;ª and on the eighthª dayª [was] a solemn assembly,ª according unto the manner.ª" {Neh 8:1-18}
and they shall hallow:
"Her priestsª have violatedª° my law,ª and have profanedª° mine holy things:ª they have put no differenceª°¹ between¹ the holyª and profane,ª neither¹ have they shewedª° [difference] between¹ the uncleanª and the clean,ª and have hidª° their eyesª from my sabbaths,ª¹ and I am profanedª° amongª them." {Ezk 22:26} + "If¹ thou turn awayª° thy footª from the sabbath,ª¹ [from] doingª° thy pleasureª on my holyª day;ª and callª° the sabbathª a delight,ª the holyª of the LORD,ª honourable;ª° and shalt honourª° him, not doingª°¹ thine own ways,ª nor findingª°¹ thine own pleasure,ª nor speakingª° [thine own] words:ª ... Then¹ shalt thou delight²° thyself¹ in¹ the LORD;ª and I will cause thee to rideª° upon¹ the high placesª of the earth,ª and feedª° thee with the heritageª of Jacobª thy father:ª for¹ the mouthª of the LORDª hath spokenª° [it]." {Isa 58:13-14}

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