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{Ezekiel 44:22} Neither x3808 shall they take 3947 z8799 for their wives 802 a widow, 490 nor her that is put away: 1644 z8803 but x3588 x518 they shall take 3947 z8799 maidens 1330 of the seed 2233 x4480 of the house 1004 of Israel, 3478 or a widow 490 that x834 had x1961 a priest 3548 x4480 before.
This was prohibited only to the high priest under the law; but is here extended to all the priests, perhaps to intimate the superior sanctity of the times to which it refers.
a widow:
"They shall not¹ takeª° a wifeª [that is] a whore,ª° or profane;ª neither¹ shall they takeª° a womanª put awayª° from her husband:ª¹ for¹ he¹ [is] holyª unto his God.ª" {Lev 21:7} + "And he¹ shall takeª° a wifeª in her virginity.ª ... A widow,ª or a divorced woman,ª° or profane,ª [or] an harlot,ª°¹ these¹ shall he not¹ take:ª° but¹¹ he shall takeª° a virginª of his own peopleª¹ to wife.ª" {Lev 21:13-14} + "A bishopª thenª mustª° beª° blameless,ª the husbandª of oneª wife,ª vigilant,ª sober,ª of good behaviour,ª given to hospitality,ª apt to teach;ª" {1Tm 3:2} + "One that rulethª° wellª his ownª house,ª havingª° his childrenª inª subjectionª withª allª gravity;ª ... (Forª if¹ a man²¹ knowª° notª how²° to ruleª° his ownª house,ª howª shall he take care ofª° the churchª of God?)ª" {1Tm 3:4-5} + "Even soª [must their] wivesª [be] grave,ª notª slanderers,ª sober,ª faithfulª inª all things.ª ... Let²° the deaconsª beª° the husbandsª of oneª wife,ª rulingª° their childrenª andª their ownª housesª well.ª" {1Tm 3:11-12} + "If anyª beª° blameless,ª the husbandª of oneª wife,ª havingª° faithfulª childrenª notª accusedªª of riotª orª unruly.ª" {Tts 1:6}
put away:
Heb. thrust forth, "When¹ a manª hath takenª° a wife,ª and marriedª° her, and it come to pass¹ that¹ she findª° no¹ favourª in his eyes,ª because¹ he hath foundª° someª uncleannessª in her: then let him writeª° her a billª of divorcement,ª and giveª° [it] in her hand,ª and sendª° her out of his house.ª¹ ... Her formerª husband,ª which¹ sent her away,ª° mayª° not¹ takeª° her againª° to be¹ his wife,ª after² that¹¹ she is defiled;ª° for¹ that¹ [is] abominationª beforeª the LORD:ª and thou shalt not¹ cause¹ the landª to sin,ª° which¹ the LORDª thy Godª givethª° thee [for] an inheritance.ª" {Deu 24:1-4}
that had a priest before:
Heb. from a priest

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