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{Ezekiel 37:22} And I will make 6213 z8804 them one 259 nation 1471 in the land 776 upon the mountains 2022 of Israel; 3478 and one 259 king 4428 shall be x1961 king 4428 to them all: x3605 and they shall be y5750 x1961 no x3808 more x5750 two 8147 nations, 1471 neither x3808 shall they be divided 2673 z8735 into two 8147 kingdoms 4467 any more at all: 5750
I will make:
"And he shall set upª° an ensignª for the nations,ª and shall assembleª° the outcasts²°¹ of Israel,ª and gather togetherª° the dispersedª° of Judahª from the fourª¹ cornersª of the earth.ª ... The envyª also of Ephraimª shall depart,ª° and the adversariesª° of Judahª shall be cut off:ª° Ephraimª shall not¹ envyª°¹ Judah,ª and Judahª shall not¹ vexª°¹ Ephraim.ª" {Isa 11:12-13} + "In those¹ daysª the houseª of Judahª shall walk²°¹ with¹ the houseª of Israel,ª and they shall comeª° togetherª out of the landª¹ of the northª to¹ the landª that¹ I have given for an inheritanceª° unto¹ your fathers.ª" {Jer 3:18} + "And I will giveª° them oneª heart,ª and oneª way,ª that they may fearª° me for ever,ª¹ for the goodª of them, and of their childrenª afterª them:" {Jer 32:39} + "In those¹ days,ª and in that¹ time,ª saithª° the LORD,ª the childrenª of Israelª shall come,ª° they¹ and the childrenª of Judahª together,ª goingª° and weeping:ª° they shall go,²°¹ and seekª° the LORDª their God.ª" {Jer 50:4} + "Then shall the childrenª of Judahª and the childrenª of Israelª be gathered²° together,ª¹ and appointª° themselves oneª head,ª and they shall come upª° out of¹ the land:ª for¹ greatª [shall be] the dayª of Jezreel.ª" {Hsa 1:11} + "Now²¹ therefore²¹ ye areª° no moreª strangersª andª foreigners,ª butª fellowcitizensª with the¹ saints,ª andª of the householdª of God;ª ... Inª whomª yeª alsoª are builded togetherª° forª an habitationª of Godª throughª the Spirit.ª" {Eph 2:19-22}
and one:
It is evident that the grand union of Israel and Judah here predicted, and their government under one king, and that king to be David, must still be future; for, politically speaking, they never had a king from that day to this, far less a king or prince of that name. (See note on "And I will set upª° oneª shepherdª° over¹ them, and he shall feedª° them, [even]¹ my servantª David;ª he shall feedª° them, and he¹ shall be¹ their shepherd.ª°" {Ezk 34:23}.) "And Davidª my servantª [shall be] kingª over¹ them; and they all¹ shall have¹ oneª shepherd:ª° they shall also walk²°¹ in my judgments,ª and observeª° my statutes,ª and doª° them." {Ezk 37:24} + "And I will set upª° oneª shepherdª° over¹ them, and he shall feedª° them, [even]¹ my servantª David;ª he shall feedª° them, and he¹ shall be¹ their shepherd.ª° ... And I¹ the LORDª will be¹ their God,ª and my servantª Davidª a princeª amongª them; I¹ the LORDª have spokenª° [it]." {Ezk 34:23-24} + "The sceptreª shall not¹ departª° from Judah,ª¹ nor a lawgiverª° from between¹¹ his feet,ª untilª¹ Shilohª come;ª° and unto him [shall] the gatheringª of the peopleª [be]." {Gen 49:10} + "Yet have I¹ setª° my kingª upon¹ my holyª hillª of Zion.ª" {Psa 2:6} + "Kissª° the Son,ª lest¹ he be angry,ª° and ye perishª° [from] the way,ª when¹ his wrathª is kindledª° but a little.ª Blessedª [are] all¹ they that put their trustª° in him." {Psa 2:12} + "[[[A Psalm] for Solomon.]]ª Giveª° the kingª thy judgments,ª O God,ª and thy righteousnessª unto the king'sª son.ª" {Psa 72:1} + "He shall have dominionª° also from seaª¹ to¹ sea,ª and from the riverª¹ unto¹ the endsª of the earth.ª" {Psa 72:8} + "For¹ unto us a childª is born,ª° unto us a sonª is given:ª° and the governmentª shall be upon¹ his shoulder:ª and his nameª shall be¹ calledª° Wonderful,ª Counsellor,ª° The mightyª God,ª The everlastingª Father,ª The Princeª of Peace.ª ... Of the increaseª of [his] governmentª and peaceª [there shall be] no¹ end,ª upon¹ the throneª of David,ª and upon¹ his kingdom,ª to orderª° it, and to establishª° it with judgmentª and with justiceª from henceforth¹¹ even for² ever.ª¹ The zealª of the LORDª of hostsª will performª° this.¹" {Isa 9:6-7} + "Behold,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª that I will raiseª° unto Davidª a righteousª Branch,ª and a Kingª shall reignª° and prosper,ª° and shall executeª° judgmentª and justiceª in the earth.ª ... In his daysª Judahª shall be saved,ª° and Israelª shall dwellª° safely:ª and this¹ [is] his nameª whereby¹ he shall be called,ª° THE LORD¹ OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.²¹" {Jer 23:5-6} + "Behold,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª that I will performª°¹ that goodª thingª which¹ I have promisedª° unto¹ the houseª of Israelª and to¹ the houseª of Judah.ª ... For¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Davidª shall neverª wantª° a manª to sitª° upon¹ the throneª of the houseª of Israel;ª" {Jer 33:14-17} + "Thenª will I cast awayª° the seedª of Jacob,ª and Davidª my servant,ª [so] that I will not takeª°¹ [any] of his seedª¹ [to be] rulersª° over¹ the seedª of Abraham,ª Isaac,ª and Jacob:ª for¹ I will cause¹ their captivityª to return,ª°°° and have mercyª° on them." {Jer 33:26} + "For¹ the childrenª of Israelª shall abideª° manyª daysª without¹ a king,ª and without¹ a prince,ª and without¹ a sacrifice,ª and without¹ an image,ª and without¹ an ephod,ª and [without] teraphim:ª ... Afterwardª shall the childrenª of Israelª return,ª° and seekª°¹ the LORDª their God,ª and Davidª their king;ª and shall fearª°¹ the LORDª and his goodnessª in the latterª days.ª" {Hsa 3:4-5} + "Heª shall beª° great,ª andª shall be calledª° the Sonª of the Highest:ª andª the Lordª Godª shall giveª° unto himª the¹ throneª of hisª fatherª David:ª ... Andª he shall reignª° overª the¹ houseª of Jacobª for² ever;ª¹ andª of hisª kingdomª there shall beª° noª end.ª" {Lke 1:32-33} + "Andª otherª sheepª I have,ª° whichª areª° notª ofª thisª fold:ª them alsoª Iª mustª° bring,ª° andª they shall hearª° myª voice;ª andª there shall beª° oneª fold,ª [and] oneª shepherd.ª" {Jhn 10:16} + "Andª the¹ seventhª angelª sounded;ª° andª there wereª° greatª voicesª inª heaven,ª saying,ª° The¹ kingdomsª of this worldª are becomeª° [the kingdoms] of ourª Lord,ª andª of his²¹ Christ;ª andª he shall reignª° for² ever² and ever.ª¹" {Rev 11:15}

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