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{Ezekiel 37:21} And say 1696 z8761 unto x413 them, Thus x3541 saith 559 z8804 the Lord 136 GOD; 3069 Behold, x2009 I x589 will take 3947 z8802 x853 the children 1121 of Israel 3478 from among 996 x4480 the heathen, 1471 whither x834 x8033 they be gone, 1980 z8804 and will gather 6908 z8765 them on every side, 5439 x4480 and bring 935 z8689 them into x413 their own land: 127
"And I will bring them outª° from¹ the people,ª and gatherª° them from¹ the countries,ª and will bringª° them to¹ their own land,ª and feedª° them upon¹ the mountainsª of Israelª by the rivers,ª and in all¹ the inhabited placesª of the country.ª" {Ezk 34:13} + "For I will takeª° you from amongª the heathen,ª and gatherª° you out of all¹¹ countries,ª and will bringª° you into¹ your own land.ª" {Ezk 36:24} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Now¹ will I bring againª°¹ the captivityª° of Jacob,ª and have mercyª° upon the whole¹ houseª of Israel,ª and will be jealousª° for my holyª name;ª" {Ezk 39:25} + "That then the LORDª thy Godª will turnª°¹ thy captivity,ª and have compassionª° upon thee, and will returnª° and gatherª° thee from all¹¹ the nations,ª whither¹¹ the LORDª thy Godª hath scatteredª° thee. ... If¹ [any] of thine be¹ driven outª° unto the outmostª [parts] of heaven,ª from thence¹¹ will the LORDª thy Godª gatherª° thee, and from thence¹¹ will he fetchª° thee:" {Deu 30:3-4} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] the Lordª shall set²° his handª againª° the second timeª to recoverª°¹ the remnantª of his people,ª which¹ shall be left,ª° from Assyria,ª¹ and from Egypt,ª¹ and from Pathros,ª¹ and from Cush,ª¹ and from Elam,ª¹ and from Shinar,ª¹ and from Hamath,ª¹ and from the islandsª¹ of the sea.ª ... And there shall be¹ an highwayª for the remnantª of his people,ª whichª shall be left,ª° from Assyria;ª¹ like as¹ it was¹ to Israelª in the dayª that he came upª° out of the landª¹ of Egypt.ª" {Isa 11:11-16} + "And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] the LORDª shall beat offª° from the channelª¹ of the riverª unto¹ the streamª of Egypt,ª and ye¹ shall be gatheredª° oneª by one,ª O ye childrenª of Israel.ª ... And it shall come to pass¹ in that¹ day,ª [that] the greatª trumpetª shall be blown,ª° and they shall comeª° which were ready to perishª° in the landª of Assyria,ª and the outcastsª° in the landª of Egypt,ª and shall worshipª° the LORDª in the holyª mountª at Jerusalem.ª" {Isa 27:12-13} + "I will sayª° to the north,ª Give up;ª° and to the south,ª Keep not back:ª°¹ bringª° my sonsª from far,ª¹ and my daughtersª from the endsª¹ of the earth;ª" {Isa 43:6} + "Behold,¹ these¹ shall comeª° from far:ª¹ and, lo,¹ these¹ from the northª¹ and from the west;ª¹ and these¹ from the landª¹ of Sinim.ª" {Isa 49:12} + "But,¹¹ The LORDª liveth,ª that¹ brought upª°¹ the childrenª of Israelª from the landª¹ of the north,ª and from all¹¹ the landsª whither¹¹ he had drivenª° them: and I will bring them againª° into¹ their landª that¹ I gaveª° unto their fathers.ª" {Jer 16:15} + "And I¹ will gatherª°¹ the remnantª of my flockª out of all¹¹ countriesª whither¹¹ I have drivenª° them, and will bring them againª°¹ to¹ their folds;ª and they shall be fruitfulª° and increase.ª°" {Jer 23:3} + "But,¹¹ The LORDª liveth,ª which¹ brought upª° and which¹ ledª°¹ the seedª of the houseª of Israelª out of the northª country,ª¹ and from all¹¹ countriesª whither¹¹ I had drivenª° them; and they shall dwellª° in¹ their own land.ª" {Jer 23:8} + "And I will be foundª° of you, saithª° the LORD:ª and I will turn awayª°¹ your captivity,ª° and I will gatherª° you from all¹¹ the nations,ª and from all¹¹ the placesª whither¹¹ I have drivenª° you, saithª° the LORD;ª and I will bring you againª°¹ into¹ the placeª whence¹¹¹ I caused you to be carried away captive.ª°" {Jer 29:14} + "For,¹ lo,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª that I will bring againª°¹ the captivityª of my peopleª Israelª and Judah,ª saithª° the LORD:ª and I will cause them to returnª° to¹ the landª that¹ I gaveª° to their fathers,ª and they shall possessª° it." {Jer 30:3} + "Therefore fearª° thou¹ not,¹ O my servantª Jacob,ª saithª° the LORD;ª neither¹ be dismayed,ª° O Israel:ª for,¹ lo,¹ I will saveª° thee from afar,ª¹ and thy seedª from the landª¹ of their captivity;ª and Jacobª shall return,ª° and shall be in rest,ª° and be quiet,ª° and none¹ shall make [him] afraid.ª°" {Jer 30:10} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Behold,¹ I will bring againª° the captivityª of Jacob'sª tents,ª and have mercyª° on his dwellingplaces;ª and the cityª shall be buildedª° upon¹ her own heap,ª and the palaceª shall remainª° after¹ the mannerª thereof." {Jer 30:18} + "Behold,¹ I will bringª° them from the northª country,ª¹ and gatherª° them from the coastsª¹ of the earth,ª [and] with them the blindª and the lame,ª the woman with child²¹ and her that travaileth with childª° together:ª a greatª companyª shall returnª° thither.¹ ... Hearª° the wordª of the LORD,ª O ye nations,ª and declareª° [it] in the islesª afar off,ª¹ and say,ª° He that scatteredª° Israelª will gatherª° him, and keepª° him, as a shepherdª° [doth] his flock.ª" {Jer 31:8-10} + "Behold,¹ I will gather¹ them out²° of all¹¹ countries,ª whither¹¹ I have drivenª° them in mine anger,ª and in my fury,ª and in greatª wrath;ª and I will bring them againª° unto¹ this¹ place,ª and I will cause them to dwellª° safely:ª" {Jer 32:37} + "And I will cause¹ the captivityª of Judahª and the captivityª of Israelª to return,ª° and will buildª° them, as at the first.ª" {Jer 33:7} + "The voiceª of joy,ª and the voiceª of gladness,ª the voiceª of the bridegroom,ª and the voiceª of the bride,ª the voiceª of them that shall say,ª° Praiseª°¹ the LORDª of hosts:ª for¹ the LORDª [is] good;ª for¹ his mercyª [endureth] for ever:ª [and] of them that shall bringª° the sacrifice of praiseª into the houseª of the LORD.ª For¹ I will cause to returnª°¹ the captivityª of the land,ª as at the first,ª saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 33:11} + "And I will bringª°¹ Israelª again²° to¹ his habitation,ª and he shall feedª° on Carmelª and Bashan,ª and his soulª shall be satisfiedª° upon mountª Ephraimª and Gilead.ª" {Jer 50:19} + "And I will bring againª°¹ the captivityª of my peopleª of Israel,ª and they shall buildª° the wasteª° cities,ª and inhabitª° [them]; and they shall plantª° vineyards,ª and drinkª°¹ the wineª thereof; they shall also makeª° gardens,ª and eatª°¹ the fruitª of them. ... And I will plantª° them upon¹ their land,ª and they shall no¹ more¹ be pulled upª° out of¹¹ their landª which¹ I have givenª° them, saithª° the LORDª thy God.ª" {Ams 9:14-15} + "But upon mountª Zionª shall be¹ deliverance,ª and there shall be¹ holiness;ª and the houseª of Jacobª shall possessª°¹ their possessions.ª ... And savioursª° shall come upª° on mountª Zionª to judgeª° the¹ mountª of Esau;ª and the kingdomª shall be¹ the LORD'S.ª" {Oba 1:17-21} + "[In] the dayª that thy wallsª are to be built,ª° [in] that¹ dayª shall the decreeª be far removed.ª° ... [In] that¹ dayª [also] he shall comeª° even to¹ thee from¹ Assyria,ª and [from] the fortifiedª cities,ª and from¹ the fortressª even to¹ the river,ª and from seaª to sea,ª¹ and [from] mountainª to mountain.ª" {Mic 7:11-12}

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