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{Ezekiel 34:25} And I will make 3772 z8804 with them a covenant 1285 of peace, 7965 and will cause the evil 7451 beasts 2416 to cease 7673 z8689 out of x4480 the land: 776 and they shall dwell 3427 z8804 safely 983 in the wilderness, 4057 and sleep 3462 z8804 in the woods. 3293 z8675 y3264
I will make:
"Moreover I will makeª° a covenantª of peaceª with them; it shall be¹ an everlastingª covenantª with¹ them: and I will placeª° them, and multiplyª° them, and will setª° my sanctuaryª in the midstª of them for evermore.ª" {Ezk 37:26} + "Inclineª° your ear,ª and come²°¹ unto¹ me: hear,ª° and your soulª shall live;ª° and I will makeª° an everlastingª covenantª with you, [even] the sureª° merciesª of David.ª" {Isa 55:3} + "Behold,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª that I will makeª° a newª covenantª with¹ the houseª of Israel,ª and with¹ the houseª of Judah:ª ... But¹ this¹ [shall be] the covenantª that¹ I will makeª° with¹ the houseª of Israel;ª Afterª those¹ days,ª saithª° the LORD,ª I will putª°¹ my lawª in their inward parts,ª and writeª° it in¹ their hearts;ª and will be¹ their God,ª and they¹ shall be¹ my people.ª" {Jer 31:31-33} + "Even he¹ shall buildª°¹ the templeª of the LORD;ª and he¹ shall bearª° the glory,ª and shall sitª° and ruleª° upon¹ his throne;ª and he shall be¹ a priestª upon¹ his throne:ª and the counselª of peaceª shall be¹ between¹ them both.ª" {Zch 6:13} + "Nowª the¹ Godª of peace,ª that brought againª° fromª the deadª ourª Lordª Jesus,ª that greatª shepherdª of the¹ sheep,ª throughª the bloodª of the everlastingª covenant,ª" {Hbr 13:20}
and will:
"And I will giveª° peaceª in the land,ª and ye shall lie down,ª° and none¹ shall make [you] afraid:ª° and I will ridª° evilª beastsª out of¹ the land,ª neither¹ shall the swordª goª° through your land.ª" {Lev 26:6} + "At destructionª and famineª thou shalt laugh:ª° neither¹ shalt thou be afraidª° of the beastsª¹ of the earth.ª" {Job 5:22} + "The wolfª also shall dwellª° with¹ the lamb,ª and the leopardª shall lie downª° with¹ the kid;ª and the calfª and the young lionª and the fatlingª together;ª and a littleª childª shall leadª° them. ... They shall not¹ hurtª° nor¹ destroyª° in all¹ my holyª mountain:ª for¹ the earthª shall be fullª° of the knowledgeª of¹ the LORD,ª as the watersª coverª° the sea.ª" {Isa 11:6-9} + "No¹ lionª shall be¹ there,¹ nor¹ [any] ravenousª beastª shall go upª° thereon, it shall not¹ be foundª° there;¹ but the redeemedª° shall walkª° [there]:" {Isa 35:9} + "And in that¹ dayª will I makeª° a covenantª for them with¹ the beastsª of the field,ª and with¹ the fowlsª of heaven,ª and [with] the creeping thingsª of the ground:ª and I will breakª° the bowª and the swordª and the battleª out of¹ the earth,ª and will make them to lie downª° safely.ª ... And I will sowª° her unto me in the earth;ª and I will have mercy²° upon¹¹ her that had not¹ obtained mercy;ª°°² and I will sayª° to [them which were] not¹ my people,ª Thou¹ [art] my people;ª and they¹ shall say,ª° [Thou art] my God.ª" {Hsa 2:18-23}
and they:
"And they shall no¹ more¹ be¹ a preyª to the heathen,ª neither¹ shall the beastª of the landª devourª° them; but they shall dwellª° safely,ª and none¹ shall make [them] afraid.ª°" {Ezk 34:28} + "I will bothª lay me downª° in peace,ª and sleep:ª° for¹ thou,¹ LORD,ª onlyª makest me dwellª° in safety.ª" {Psa 4:8} + "In his daysª Judahª shall be saved,ª° and Israelª shall dwellª° safely:ª and this¹ [is] his nameª whereby¹ he shall be called,ª° THE LORD¹ OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.²¹" {Jer 23:6} + "In those¹ daysª shall Judahª be saved,ª° and Jerusalemª shall dwellª° safely:ª and this¹ [is the name] wherewith¹ she shall be called,ª° The LORD¹ our righteousness.²¹" {Jer 33:16}

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