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{Ezekiel 27:17} Judah, 3063 and the land 776 of Israel, 3478 they x1992 [were] thy merchants: 7402 z8802 they traded 5414 z8804 in thy market 4627 wheat 2406 of Minnith, 4511 and Pannag, 6436 and honey, 1706 and oil, 8081 and balm. 6875
"A landª of wheat,ª and barley,ª and vines,ª and fig trees,ª and pomegranates;ª a landª of oilª olive,ª and honey;ª" {Deu 8:8} + "Butterª of kine,ª and milkª of sheep,ª with¹ fatª of lambs,ª and ramsª of the breedª of Bashan,ª and goats,ª with¹ the fatª of kidneysª of wheat;ª and thou didst drinkª° the pureª bloodª of the grape.ª" {Deu 32:14} + "My servantsª shall bring [them] downª° from¹ Lebanonª unto the sea:ª and I¹ will conveyª° them by seaª in floatsª unto¹ the placeª that¹ thou shalt appointª°¹ me, and will cause them to be dischargedª° there,¹ and thou¹ shalt receiveª° [them]: and thou¹ shalt accomplishª°¹ my desire,ª in givingª° foodª for my household.ª" {1Kg 5:9} + "And, behold,¹ I will giveª° to thy servants,ª the hewersª° that cutª° timber,ª twentyª thousandª measuresª of beatenª wheat,ª and twentyª thousandª measuresª of barley,ª and twentyª thousandª bathsª of wine,ª and twentyª thousandª bathsª of oil.ª" {2Ch 2:10} + "They gaveª° moneyª also unto the masons,ª° and to the carpenters;ª and meat,ª and drink,ª and oil,ª unto them of Zidon,ª and to them of Tyre,ª to bringª° cedarª treesª from¹ Lebanonª to¹ the seaª of Joppa,ª according to the grantª that they had of Cyrusª kingª of Persia.ª" {Ezr 3:7} + "Andª Herodª wasª° highly displeasedª° with them of Tyreª andª Sidon:ª butª they cameª° with one accord²¹ toª him,ª and,ª having made²° Blastus² the king's² chamberlain²² their friend,ª°¹¹¹¹¹ desiredª° peace;ª because² theirª countryª was nourishedª° byª the¹ king'sª [country]." {Act 12:20}
"And he smoteª° them from Aroer,ª¹ even till¹ thou comeª° to Minnith,ª [even] twentyª cities,ª and unto¹ the plainª of the vineyards,ª°² with a veryª greatª slaughter.ª Thus the childrenª of Ammonª were subduedª° beforeª¹ the childrenª of Israel.ª" {Jdg 11:33}
or, rosin, "And their fatherª Israelª saidª° unto¹ them, If¹ [it must be] so¹ now,ª doª° this;¹ takeª° of the best fruitsª¹ in the landª in your vessels,ª and carry downª° the manª a present,ª a littleª balm,ª and a littleª honey,ª spices,ª and myrrh,ª nuts,ª and almonds:ª" {Gen 43:11} + "[Is there] no¹ balmª in Gilead;ª [is there] no¹ physicianª° there?¹ why¹ thenª is not¹ the healthª of the daughterª of my peopleª recovered?ª°" {Jer 8:22}

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