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{Ezekiel 26:17} And they shall take up 5375 z8804 a lamentation 7015 for x5921 thee, and say 559 z8804 to thee, How x349 art thou destroyed, 6 z8804 [that wast] inhabited 3427 z8737 of seafaring men, 3220 x4480 the renowned 1984 z8794 city, 5892 which x834 wast x1961 strong 2389 in the sea, 3220 she x1931 and her inhabitants, 3427 z8802 which x834 cause 5414 z8804 their terror 2851 [to be] on all x3605 that haunt 3427 z8802 it!
"Moreover take thou upª°¹ a lamentationª for¹ the princesª of Israel,ª" {Ezk 19:1} + "And fireª is gone outª° of a rodª¹ of her branches,ª [which] hath devouredª° her fruit,ª so that she hath¹ no¹ strongª rodª [to be] a sceptreª to rule.ª° This¹ [is] a lamentation,ª and shall be¹ for a lamentation.ª" {Ezk 19:14} + "Now, thou¹ sonª of man,ª take upª° a lamentationª for¹ Tyrus;ª" {Ezk 27:2} + "And in their wailingª they shall take upª° a lamentationª for¹ thee, and lamentª° over¹ thee, [saying], What¹ [city is] like Tyrus,ª like the destroyedª in the midstª of the sea?ª" {Ezk 27:32} + "Sonª of man,ª take upª° a lamentationª upon¹ the kingª of Tyrus,ª and sayª° unto him, Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Thou¹ sealest upª° the sum,ª fullª of wisdom,ª and perfectª in beauty.ª ... All¹ they that knowª° thee among the peopleª shall be astonishedª° at¹ thee: thou shalt be¹ a terror,ª and neverª [shalt] thou [be] any more.ªª" {Ezk 28:12-19} + "Sonª of man,ª take upª° a lamentationª for¹ Pharaohª kingª of Egypt,ª and sayª° unto¹ him, Thou art likeª° a young lionª of the nations,ª and thou¹ [art] as a whaleª°² in the seas:ª and thou camest forthª° with thy rivers,ª and troubledstª° the watersª with thy feet,ª and fouledst²°¹ their rivers.ª" {Ezk 32:2} + "This¹ [is] the lamentationª wherewith they shall lamentª° her: the daughtersª of the nationsª shall lamentª° her: they shall lamentª° for her, [even] for¹ Egypt,ª and for¹ all¹ her multitude,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 32:16} + "O daughterª of my people,ª girdª° [thee] with sackcloth,ª and wallow²° thyself¹ in ashes:ª makeª° thee mourning,ª [as for] an only son,ª most bitterª lamentation:ª for¹ the spoilerª° shall suddenlyª comeª° upon¹ us." {Jer 6:26} + "Cut offª° thine hair,ª [O Jerusalem], and cast [it] away,ª° and take upª° a lamentationª on¹ high places;ª for¹ the LORDª hath rejectedª° and forsakenª°¹ the generationª of his wrath.ª" {Jer 7:29} + "Yet¹ hearª° the wordª of the LORD,ª O ye women,ª and let your earª receiveª° the wordª of his mouth,ª and teachª° your daughtersª wailing,ª and every oneª her neighbourª lamentation.ª" {Jer 9:20} + "In that¹ dayª shall [one] take upª° a parableª against¹ you, and lamentª° with a dolefulª lamentation,ª [and] say,ª° We be¹ utterly²° spoiled:ª° he hath changedª° the portionª of my people:ª how¹ hath he removedª° [it] from me! turning away²°¹ he hath dividedª° our fields.ª" {Mic 2:4}
How art:
"The beautyª of Israelª is slainª upon¹ thy high places:ª how¹ are the mightyª fallen!ª°" {2Sm 1:19} + "How¹ are the mightyª fallenª° in the midstª of the battle!ª O Jonathan,ª [thou wast] slainª in¹ thine high places.ª ... How¹ are the mightyª fallen,ª° and the weaponsª of warª perished!ª°" {2Sm 1:25-27} + "How¹ art thou fallenª° from heaven,ª¹ O Lucifer,ª sonª of the morning!ª°²° [how] art thou cut downª° to the ground,ª which didst weakenª°¹ the nations!ª" {Isa 14:12} + "How¹ doth the cityª sitª° solitary,ª [that was] fullª of people!ª [how] is she become¹ as a widow!ª she [that was] greatª among the nations,ª [and] princessª among the provinces,ª [how] is she become¹ tributary!ª" {Lam 1:1} + "How¹ do the beastsª groan!ª° the herdsª of cattleª are perplexed,ª° because¹ they have no¹ pasture;ª yea,¹ the flocksª of sheepª are made desolate.ª°" {Jol 1:18} + "If¹ thievesª cameª° to thee, if¹ robbersª° by night,ª (how¹ art thou cut off!)ª° would they not¹ have stolenª° till they had enough?ª if¹ the grapegatherersª° cameª° to thee, would they not¹ leaveª° [some] grapes?ª" {Oba 1:5} + "This¹ [is] the rejoicingª cityª that dweltª° carelessly,ª that saidª° in her heart,ª I¹ [am], and [there is] none¹ beside²¹ me: how¹ is she become¹ a desolation,ª a place for beastsª to lie down¹ in!² every one¹ that passeth¹ by²°¹ her shall hiss,ª° [and] wagª° his hand.ª" {Zph 2:15} + "Andª the¹ kingsª of the¹ earth,ª who² have committed fornicationª° andª lived deliciouslyª° withª her,ª shall bewailª° her,ª andª lamentª° forª her,ª whenª they shall seeª° the¹ smokeª of her²¹ burning,ª ... Standingª° afar² offª¹ forª the¹ fearª of her²¹ torment,ª saying,ª° Alas,ª alas,ª that greatª cityª Babylon,ª that mightyª city!ª forª inª oneª hourª is²° thyª judgmentª come.ª°" {Rev 18:9-10} + "Andª saying,ª° Alas,ª alas,ª that greatª city,ª that was clothed¹ in²° fine linen,ª andª purple,ª andª scarlet,ª andª deckedª° withª gold,ª andª preciousª stones,ª andª pearls!ª ... Andª they castª° dustª onª their²¹ heads,ª andª cried,ª° weepingª° andª wailing,ª° saying,ª° Alas,ª alas,ª that greatª city,ª whereinªª were made richª° allª that hadª° shipsª inª the¹ seaª by reason ofª her²¹ costliness!ª forª in oneª hourª is she made desolate.ª°" {Rev 18:16-19}
seafaring men:
Heb. the seas
"And sayª° unto Tyrus,ª O thou that art situateª° at¹ the entryª of the sea,ª [which art] a merchantª° of the peopleª for¹ manyª isles,ª Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª O Tyrus,ª thou¹ hast said,ª° I¹ [am] of perfectª beauty.ª ... The merchantsª° among the peopleª shall hissª° at¹ thee; thou shalt be¹ a terror,ª and never¹ [shalt be] any more.ªª" {Ezk 27:3-36} + "Sonª of man,ª sayª° unto the princeª of Tyrus,ª Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Because¹ thine heartª [is] lifted up,ª° and thou hast said,ª° I¹ [am] a God,ª I sitª° [in] the seatª of God,ª in the midstª of the seas;ª yet thou¹ [art] a man,ª and not¹ God,ª though thou setª° thine heartª as the heartª of God:ª ... Thou shalt dieª° the deathsª of the uncircumcisedª by the handª of strangers:ª° for¹ I¹ have spokenª° [it], saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 28:2-10} + "And [then] the coastª turnethª° to Ramah,ª and to¹ the strongª cityª Tyre;ª and the coastª turnethª° to Hosah;ª and the outgoingsª thereof are¹ at the seaª from the coastª¹ to Achzib:ª" {Jsh 19:29} + "Be thou ashamed,ª° O Zidon:ª for¹ the seaª hath spoken,ª° [even] the strengthª of the sea,ª saying,ª° I travailª° not,¹ nor¹ bring forth children,ª° neither¹ do I nourish upª° young men,ª [nor] bring upª° virgins.ª" {Isa 23:4} + "Who¹ hath taken this counselª°¹ against¹ Tyre,ª the crowningª° [city], whose¹ merchantsª° [are] princes,ª whose traffickers²¹ [are] the honourableª° of the earth?ª" {Isa 23:8}

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