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{Ezekiel 26:4} And they shall destroy 7843 z8765 the walls 2346 of Tyrus, 6865 and break down 2040 z8804 her towers: 4026 I will also scrape 5500 z8765 her dust 6083 from x4480 her, and make 5414 z8804 her like the top 6706 of a rock. 5553
"And he shall setª° enginesª of warª against thy walls,ª and with his axesª he shall break downª° thy towers.ª" {Ezk 26:9} + "He stretched outª° his handª over¹ the sea,ª he shookª° the kingdoms:ª the LORDª hath given a commandmentª° against¹ the merchantª [city], to destroyª° the strong² holdsª thereof." {Isa 23:11} + "Go ye upª° upon her walls,ª and destroy;ª° but makeª° not¹ a full end:ª take awayª° her battlements;ª for¹ they¹ [are] not¹ the LORD'S.ª" {Jer 5:10} + "But I will sendª° a fireª on the wallª of Tyrus,ª which shall devourª° the palacesª thereof." {Ams 1:10} + "And Tyrusª did buildª° herself a strong hold,ª and heaped upª° silverª as the dust,ª and fine goldª as the mireª of the streets.ª" {Zch 9:3}
"And they shall make a spoilª° of thy riches,ª and make a preyª° of thy merchandise:ª and they shall break downª° thy walls,ª and destroyª° thy pleasantª houses:ª and they shall layª° thy stonesª and thy timberª and thy dustª in the midstª of the water.ª" {Ezk 26:12} + "And he shall cause the houseª to be scrapedª° withinª¹ round about,ª and they shall pour²° out¹¹ the dustª that¹ they scrape²° off¹ withoutª¹¹ the cityª into¹ an uncleanª place:ª ... And he shall break downª°¹ the house,ª¹ the stonesª of it, and the timberª thereof, and all¹ the morterª of the house;ª and he shall carry [them] forthª° out² of¹¹¹ the cityª into¹ an uncleanª place.ª" {Lev 14:41-45}
"For¹ her bloodª is¹ in the midstª of her; she setª° it upon¹ the topª of a rock;ª she pouredª° it not¹ upon¹ the ground,ª to coverª°¹ it with dust;ª ... That it might cause furyª to come upª° to takeª° vengeance;ª I have setª°¹ her bloodª upon¹ the topª of a rock,ª that it should not¹ be covered.ª°" {Ezk 24:7-8}

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