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{Ezekiel 24:22} And ye shall do 6213 z8804 as x834 I have done: 6213 z8804 ye shall not x3808 cover 5844 z8799 x5921 [your] lips, 8222 nor x3808 eat 398 z8799 the bread 3899 of men. y582 x376
"Sonª of man,ª behold,¹ I take awayª° from¹ thee¹ the desireª of thine eyesª with a stroke:ª yet neither¹ shalt thou mournª° nor¹ weep,ª° neither¹ shall thy tearsª run down.ª° ... Forbearª° to cry,ª° makeª° no¹ mourningª for the dead,ª° bindª° the tire of thine headª upon¹ thee, and put onª° thy shoesª upon thy feet,ª and coverª° not¹ [thy] lips,ª and eatª° not¹ the breadª of men.²¹" {Ezk 24:16-17} + "Those that remainª of him shall be buriedª° in death:ª and his widowsª shall not¹ weep.ª°" {Job 27:15} + "Their priestsª fellª° by the sword;ª and their widowsª made no¹ lamentation.ª°" {Psa 78:64} + "They shall dieª° of grievousª deaths;ª they shall not¹ be lamented;ª° neither¹ shall they be buried;ª° [but] they shall be as dungª upon¹ the faceª of the earth:ª and they shall be¹ consumedª° by the sword,ª and by famine;ª and their carcasesª shall be meatª for the fowlsª of heaven,ª and for the beastsª of the earth.ª ... Neither¹ shall [men] tearª° [themselves] for them in¹ mourning,ª to comfortª° them for¹ the dead;ª° neither¹ shall [men] give them the cupª of consolationª to drinkª° for¹ their fatherª or for¹ their mother.ª" {Jer 16:4-7} + "At the noiseª¹ of the stampingª of the hoofsª of his strongª [horses], at the rushingª¹ of his chariots,ª [and at] the rumblingª of his wheels,ª the fathersª shall not¹ look backª° to¹ [their] childrenª for feeblenessª¹ of hands;ª" {Jer 47:3} + "And it shall come to pass,¹ if¹ there remainª° tenª men²¹ in oneª house,ª that they shall die.ª° ... And a man's uncleª shall take him up,ª° and he that burnethª° him, to bring outª° the bonesª out of¹ the house,ª and shall sayª° unto him that¹ [is] by the sidesª of the house,ª [Is there] yet¹ [any] with¹ thee? and he shall say,ª° No.ª Then shall he say,ª° Hold thy tongue:ª° for¹ we may not¹ make mentionª° of the nameª of the LORD.ª" {Ams 6:9-10}

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