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{Ezekiel 24:8} That it might cause fury 2534 to come up 5927 z8687 to take 5358 z8800 vengeance; 5359 I have set 5414 z8804 x853 her blood 1818 upon x5921 the top 6706 of a rock, 5553 that it should not x1115 be covered. 3680 z8736
it might:
"Thus shall mine angerª be accomplished,ª° and I will cause my furyª to restª° upon them, and I will be comforted:ª° and they shall knowª° that¹ I¹ the LORDª have spokenª° [it] in my zeal,ª when I have accomplishedª° my furyª in them." {Ezk 5:13} + "Then he saidª° unto¹ me, Hast thou seenª° [this], O sonª of man?ª Is it a light thingª° to the houseª of Judahª that they commitª°¹¹ the abominationsª which¹ they commitª° here?¹ for¹ they have filledª°¹ the landª with violence,ª and have returnedª° to provoke me to anger:ª° and, lo,¹ they putª°¹ the branchª to¹ their nose.ª ... Therefore will I¹ also¹ dealª° in fury:ª mine eyeª shall not¹ spare,ª° neither¹ will I have pity:ª° and though they cryª° in mine earsª with a loudª voice,ª [yet] will I not¹ hearª° them." {Ezk 8:17-18} + "And I soughtª° for a manª among¹ them, that should make upª° the hedge,ª and standª° in the gapª beforeª me for¹ the land,ª that I should not¹ destroyª° it: but I foundª° none.¹ ... Therefore have I poured outª° mine indignationª upon¹ them; I have consumedª° them with the fireª of my wrath:ª their own wayª have I recompensedª° upon their heads,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 22:30-31} + "They¹ have moved me to jealousyª° with [that which is] notª God;ª they have provoked me to angerª° with their vanities:ª and I¹ will move them to jealousyª° with [those which are] not¹ a people;ª I will provoke them to angerª° with a foolishª nation.ª ... For¹ a fireª is kindledª° in mine anger,ª and shall burnª° unto¹ the lowestª hell,ª and shall consumeª° the earthª with her increase,ª and set on fireª° the foundations²¹ of the mountains.ª" {Deu 32:21-22} + "Because¹¹ they have forsakenª° me, and have burned incenseª° unto otherª gods,ª that¹ they might provoke me to angerª° with all¹ the worksª of their hands;ª therefore my wrathª shall be kindledª° against this¹ place,ª and shall not¹ be quenched.ª°" {2Kg 22:17} + "Because¹¹ they have forsakenª° me, and have burned incenseª°°° unto otherª gods,ª that¹ they might provoke me to angerª° with all¹ the worksª of their hands;ª therefore my wrathª shall be poured outª° upon this¹ place,ª and shall not¹ be quenched.ª°" {2Ch 34:25} + "But they mockedª°¹ the messengersª of God,ª and despisedª° his words,ª and misusedª° his prophets,ª until¹ the wrathª of the LORDª aroseª° against his people,ª till¹ [there was] no¹ remedy.ª ... Therefore he broughtª° upon¹ them¹ the kingª of the Chaldees,ª who slewª° their young menª with the swordª in the houseª of their sanctuary,ª and had no compassionª°¹ upon¹ young manª or maiden,ª old man,ª or him that stooped for age:ª he gaveª° [them] all¹ into his hand.ª" {2Ch 36:16-17} + "The childrenª gatherª° wood,ª and the fathersª kindleª°¹ the fire,ª and the womenª kneadª° [their] dough,ª to makeª° cakesª to the queenª of heaven,ª and to pour outª° drink offeringsª unto otherª gods,ª that¹ they may provoke me to anger.ª°" {Jer 7:18} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Behold,¹ mine angerª and my furyª shall be poured outª° upon¹ this¹ place,ª upon¹ man,ª and upon¹ beast,ª and upon¹ the treesª of the field,ª and upon¹ the fruitª of the ground;ª and it shall burn,ª° and shall not¹ be quenched.ª°" {Jer 7:20} + "Then saidª° the LORDª unto¹ me, Though¹ Mosesª and Samuelª stoodª° beforeª me, [yet] my mindª [could] not¹ [be] toward¹ this¹ people:ª cast¹ [them] out²° of¹¹ my sight,ª and let them go forth.ª° ... And I will causeª° them to be removedª°² into all¹ kingdomsª of the earth,ª because² of¹ Manassehª the sonª of Hezekiahª kingª of Judah,ª for¹ [that] which¹ he didª° in Jerusalem.ª" {Jer 15:1-4}
I have set:
"Behold,¹ therefore¹ I will gatherª°¹ all¹ thy lovers,ª° with¹ whom¹ thou hast taken pleasure,ª° and all¹ [them] that¹ thou hast loved,ª° with¹ all¹ [them] that¹ thou hast hated;ª° I will even gatherª° them round aboutª¹ against¹ thee, and will discoverª° thy nakednessª unto¹ them, that they may seeª°¹ all¹ thy nakedness.ª ... And I will judgeª° thee, as women that break wedlockª° and shedª° bloodª are judged;ª and I will giveª° thee bloodª in furyª and jealousy.ª" {Ezk 16:37-38} + "And the righteousª men,²¹ they¹ shall judgeª° them after the mannerª of adulteresses,ª° and after the manner² of women¹ that shedª° blood;ª because¹ they¹ [are] adulteresses,ª° and bloodª [is] in their hands.ª" {Ezk 23:45} + "So that the generationª to comeª of your childrenª that¹ shall rise upª° afterª¹ you, and the strangerª that¹ shall comeª° from a farª land,ª¹ shall say,ª° when they seeª°¹ the plaguesª of that¹ land,ª and the sicknessesª which¹ the LORDª hath laidª° upon it; ... And the LORDª rooted²° them out¹ of¹¹ their landª in anger,ª and in wrath,ª and in greatª indignation,ª and castª° them into¹ anotherª land,ª as [it is] this¹ day.ª" {Deu 29:22-28} + "And manyª nationsª shall passª° by¹ this¹ city,ª and they shall sayª° every manª to¹ his neighbour,ª Wherefore¹¹ hath the LORDª doneª° thus¹ unto this¹ greatª city?ª ... Then they shall answer,ª° Because¹¹ they have forsakenª°¹ the covenantª of the LORDª their God,ª and worshippedª° otherª gods,ª and servedª° them." {Jer 22:8-9} + "For²¹ with²¹ what²¹ judgmentª ye judge,ª° ye shall be judged:ª° andª withª whatª measureª ye mete,ª° it shall be measured²° to you² again.²°¹¹" {Mtt 7:2} + "Thereforeª judgeª° nothingªª beforeª the time,ª untilªª the¹ Lordª come,ª° whoª bothª will bring to lightª° the¹ hidden thingsª of darkness,ª andª will make manifestª° the¹ counselsª of the¹ hearts:ª andª thenª shall every manª haveª° praiseª ofª God.ª" {1Co 4:5} + "Andª there cameª° oneª ofª the¹ sevenª angelsª which² hadª° the¹ sevenª vials,ª andª talkedª° withª me,ª sayingª° unto me,ª Come hither;ª° I will shewª° unto theeª the¹ judgmentª of the¹ greatª whoreª that sittethª° uponª manyª waters:ª ... Andª I sawª° the¹ womanª drunkenª° withª the¹ bloodª of the¹ saints,ª andª withª the¹ bloodª of the¹ martyrsª of Jesus:ª andª when I sawª° her,ª I wonderedª° with greatª admiration.ª" {Rev 17:1-6} + "Forª her²¹ sinsª have reachedª°°²° untoª heaven,ª andª Godª hath rememberedª° her²¹ iniquities.ª ... Standingª° afar² offª¹ forª the¹ fearª of her²¹ torment,ª saying,ª° Alas,ª alas,ª that greatª cityª Babylon,ª that mightyª city!ª forª inª oneª hourª is²° thyª judgmentª come.ª°" {Rev 18:5-10} + "Andª saying,ª° Alas,ª alas,ª that greatª city,ª that was clothed¹ in²° fine linen,ª andª purple,ª andª scarlet,ª andª deckedª° withª gold,ª andª preciousª stones,ª andª pearls!ª" {Rev 18:16}

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