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{Ezekiel 11:9} And I will bring x3318 you out y3318 z8689 of the midst 8432 x4480 thereof, and deliver 5414 z8804 you into the hands 3027 of strangers, 2114 z8801 and will execute 6213 z8804 judgments 8201 among you.
and deliver:
"And I will pour outª° mine indignationª upon¹ thee, I will blowª° against¹ thee in the fireª of my wrath,ª and deliverª° thee into the handª of brutishª° men,²¹ [and] skilfulª to destroy.ª" {Ezk 21:31} + "The LORDª shall bring²°¹ thee, and thy kingª which¹ thou shalt setª° over¹ thee, unto¹ a nationª which¹ neither¹ thou¹ nor thy fathersª have known;ª° and there¹ shalt thou serveª° otherª gods,ª woodª and stone.ª" {Deu 28:36} + "The LORDª shall bringª° a nationª against¹ thee from far,ª¹ from the endª¹ of the earth,ª [as swift] as¹ the eagleª flieth;ª° a nationª whose¹ tongueª thou shalt not¹ understand;ª° ... A nationª of fierceª countenance,ª which¹ shall not¹ regardª° the personª of the old,ª nor¹ shew favourª° to the young:ª" {Deu 28:49-50} + "And also¹ for the innocentª bloodª that¹ he shed:ª° for he filledª°¹ Jerusalemª with innocentª blood;ª which the LORDª wouldª° not¹ pardon.ª°" {2Kg 24:4} + "Behold,¹ we¹ [are] servantsª this day,ª and [for] the landª that¹ thou gavestª° unto our fathersª to eatª°¹ the fruitª thereof and the goodª thereof, behold,¹ we¹ [are] servantsª in¹ it: ... And it yieldeth muchª° increaseª unto the kingsª whom¹ thou hast setª° over¹ us because of our sins:ª also they have dominionª° over¹ our bodies,ª and over our cattle,ª at their pleasure,ª and we¹ [are] in greatª distress.ª" {Neh 9:36-37} + "And he gaveª° them into the handª of the heathen;ª and they that hatedª° them ruledª° over them." {Psa 106:41} + "Lo,¹ I will bringª° a nationª upon¹ you from far,ª¹ O houseª of Israel,ª saithª° the LORD:ª it¹ [is] a mightyª nation,ª it¹ [is] an ancientª¹ nation,ª a nationª whose languageª thou knowestª° not,¹ neither¹ understandestª° what¹ they say.ª° ... And they shall eat upª° thine harvest,ª and thy bread,ª [which] thy sonsª and thy daughtersª should eat:ª° they shall eat upª° thy flocksª and thine herds:ª they shall eat upª° thy vinesª and thy fig trees:ª they shall impoverishª° thy fencedª cities,ª wherein¹ thou²¹ trustedst,ª° with the sword.ª" {Jer 5:15-17} + "Then the kingª of Babylonª slewª°¹ the sonsª of Zedekiahª in Riblahª before his eyes:ª also the kingª of Babylonª slewª° all¹ the noblesª of Judah.ª" {Jer 39:6}
and will:
"Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Behold,¹ I, even¹ I,¹ [am] against¹ thee, and will executeª° judgmentsª in the midstª of thee in the sightª of the nations.ª" {Ezk 5:8} + "Therefore¹ the fathersª shall eatª° the sonsª in the midstª of thee, and the sonsª shall eatª° their fathers;ª and I will executeª° judgmentsª in thee, and¹ the whole¹ remnantª of thee will I scatterª° into all¹ the winds.ª" {Ezk 5:10} + "So it shall be¹ a reproachª and a taunt,ª an instructionª and an astonishmentª unto the nationsª that¹ [are] round aboutª thee, when I shall executeª° judgmentsª in thee in angerª and in furyª and in furiousª rebukes.ª I¹ the LORDª have spokenª° [it]." {Ezk 5:15} + "And I will judgeª° thee, as women that break wedlockª° and shedª° bloodª are judged;ª and I will giveª° thee bloodª in furyª and jealousy.ª" {Ezk 16:38} + "And they shall burnª° thine housesª with fire,ª and executeª° judgmentsª upon thee in the sightª of manyª women:ª and I will cause thee to ceaseª° from playing the harlot,ª°¹ and thou also¹ shalt giveª° no¹ hireª any more.¹" {Ezk 16:41} + "Thus will I executeª° judgmentsª in Egypt:ª and they shall knowª° that¹ I¹ [am] the LORD.ª" {Ezk 30:19} + "Then stood upª° Phinehas,ª and executed judgment:ª° and [so] the plagueª was stayed.ª°" {Psa 106:30} + "Because¹ sentence² against¹ an evilª workª is not¹ executedª° speedily,ª therefore¹¹ the heartª of the sonsª of menª is fully setª° in them to doª° evil.ª" {Ecc 8:11} + "Andª hath givenª° himª authorityª to executeª° judgmentª also,ª becauseª he isª° the Sonª of man.ª" {Jhn 5:27} + "Forª he isª° the ministerª of Godª to theeª forª good.ª Butª ifª thou doª° that which is evil,ª be afraid;ª°° forª he bearethª° notª the¹ swordª in vain:ª forª he isª° the ministerª of God,ª a revengerª to¹ [execute] wrathª upon² him that doethª° evil.ª" {Rom 13:4} + "To executeª° judgmentª uponª all,ª andª to convinceª° allª that are ungodlyª among themª ofª allª their²¹ ungodlyª deedsª whichª they have ungodly committed,ª° andª ofª allª their hardª [speeches] whichª ungodlyª sinnersª have spokenª° againstª him.ª" {Jde 1:15}

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