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{Lamentations 2:1} How x349 hath the Lord 136 covered 5743 z0 x853 the daughter 1323 of Zion 6726 with a cloud y5743 z8686 in his anger, 639 [and] cast down 7993 z8689 from heaven 8064 x4480 unto the earth 776 the beauty 8597 of Israel, 3478 and remembered 2142 z8804 not x3808 his footstool 1916 7272 in the day 3117 of his anger! 639
"How¹ doth the cityª sitª° solitary,ª [that was] fullª of people!ª [how] is she become¹ as a widow!ª she [that was] greatª among the nations,ª [and] princessª among the provinces,ª [how] is she become¹ tributary!ª" {Lam 1:1} + "How¹ is the goldª become dim!ª° [how] is the mostª fine goldª changed!ª° the stonesª of the sanctuaryª are poured outª° in the topª of every¹ street.ª" {Lam 4:1}
"Thou hast coveredª° with anger,ª and persecutedª° us: thou hast slain,ª° thou hast not¹ pitied.ª° ... Thou hast coveredª° thyself with a cloud,ª that [our] prayerª should not pass through.ª°¹" {Lam 3:43-44} + "At Tehaphnehesª also the dayª shall be darkened,ª°²° when I shall breakª° there¹¹ the yokesª of Egypt:ª and the pompª of her strengthª shall ceaseª° in her:² as for her,¹ a cloudª shall coverª° her, and her daughtersª shall go²°¹ into captivity.ª" {Ezk 30:18} + "And when I shall put thee out,ª° I will coverª° the heaven,ª and make²° the stars² thereof dark;ª°¹¹ I will coverª° the sunª with a cloud,ª and the moonª shall not¹ giveª° her light.ª ... All¹ the bright²¹ lights²¹ of heavenª will I make darkª° over¹ thee, and setª° darknessª upon¹ thy land,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 32:7-8} + "A dayª of darknessª and of gloominess,ª a dayª of cloudsª and of thick darkness,ª as the morningª spreadª° upon¹ the mountains:ª a greatª peopleª and a strong;ª there hath not¹ beenª° everª¹ the like,¹ neither¹ shall be any moreª° afterª it, [even] to¹ the yearsª of many² generations.ª" {Jol 2:2}
and cast:
"How¹ art thou fallenª° from heaven,ª¹ O Lucifer,ª sonª of the morning!ª°²° [how] art thou cut downª° to the ground,ª which didst weakenª°¹ the nations!ª ... Yet¹ thou shalt be brought downª° to¹ hell,ª to¹ the sidesª of the pit.ª" {Isa 14:12-15} + "Thou¹ [art] the anointedª cherubª that covereth;ª° and I have setª° thee [so]: thou wast¹ upon the holyª mountainª of God;ª thou hast walked up and downª° in the midstª of the stonesª of fire.ª ... By the multitudeª of thy merchandiseª they have filledª° the midstª of thee with violence,ª and thou hast sinned:ª° therefore I will cast thee as profaneª° out of the mountainª¹ of God:ª and I will destroyª° thee, O coveringª° cherub,ª from the midstª¹ of the stonesª of fire.ª" {Ezk 28:14-16} + "Andª thou,ª Capernaum,ª which² art exaltedª° untoª heaven,ª shalt be brought downª° toª hell:ª forª ifª the¹ mighty works,ª which² have been doneª° inª thee,ª had been doneª° inª Sodom,ª it would have remainedª²° untilª this day.ª" {Mtt 11:23} + "Andª thou,ª Capernaum,ª which² art exaltedª° toª heaven,ª shalt be thrust downª° toª hell.ª" {Lke 10:15} + "Andª he saidª° unto them,ª I beheldª° Satanª asª lightningª fallª° fromª heaven.ª" {Lke 10:18} + "Andª there wasª° warª inª heaven:ª Michaelª andª his²¹ angelsª foughtª° againstª the¹ dragon;ª andª the¹ dragonª foughtª° andª his²¹ angels,ª ... Andª the¹ greatª dragonª was cast out,ª° that oldª serpent,ª calledª° the Devil,ª andª Satan,ª which² deceivethª° the¹ wholeª world:ª he was cast outª° intoª the¹ earth,ª andª his²¹ angelsª were cast outª° withª him.ª" {Rev 12:7-9}
the beauty:
"And she namedª° the childª Ichabod,ª saying,ª° The gloryª is departedª° from Israel:ª¹ becauseª the arkª of Godª was taken,ª° and because¹ of her father in lawª and her husband.ª" {1Sm 4:21} + "The beautyª of Israelª is slainª upon¹ thy high places:ª how¹ are the mightyª fallen!ª°" {2Sm 1:19} + "Our holyª and our beautifulª house,ª where¹ our fathersª praisedª° thee, is¹ burned upª with fire:ª and all¹ our pleasant thingsª are¹ laid waste.ª" {Isa 64:11} + "As for the beautyª of his ornament,ª he setª° it in majesty:ª but they madeª° the imagesª of their abominationsª [and] of their detestable thingsª therein: therefore¹¹ have I setª° it farª from them. ... My faceª will I turnª° also from¹ them, and they shall polluteª°¹ my secretª° [place]: for the robbersª shall enterª° into it, and defileª° it." {Ezk 7:20-22} + "Speakª° unto the houseª of Israel,ª Thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Behold,¹ I will profaneª°¹ my sanctuary,ª the excellencyª of your strength,ª the desireª of your eyes,ª and that which your soulª pitieth;ª and your sonsª and your daughtersª whom¹ ye have leftª° shall fallª° by the sword.ª" {Ezk 24:21}
his footstool:
"Then Davidª the kingª stood upª° upon¹ his feet,ª and said,ª° Hearª° me, my brethren,ª and my people:ª [As for me], I¹ [had] in¹ mine heartª to buildª° an houseª of restª for the arkª of the covenantª of the LORD,ª and for the footstoolªª of our God,ª and had made readyª° for the building:ª°" {1Ch 28:2} + "Exaltª° ye the LORDª our God,ª and worshipª° at his footstool;ªª [for] he¹ [is] holy.ª" {Psa 99:5} + "We will goª° into his tabernacles:ª we will worshipª° at his footstool.ªª" {Psa 132:7}

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