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{Lamentations 1:19} I called 7121 z8804 for my lovers, 157 z8764 [but] they x1992 deceived 7411 z8765 me: my priests 3548 and mine elders 2205 gave up the ghost 1478 z8804 in the city, 5892 while x3588 they sought 1245 z8765 their meat 400 to relieve 7725 z8686 x853 their souls. 5315
"She weepeth²° soreª° in the night,ª and her tearsª [are] on¹ her cheeks:ª among all¹¹ her loversª° she hath none¹ to comfortª° [her]: all¹ her friendsª have dealt treacherouslyª° with her, they are become¹ her enemies.ª°" {Lam 1:2} + "As for us, our eyesª as yet¹ failedª° for¹ our vainª help:ª in our watchingª we have watchedª° for¹ a nationª [that] could not¹ saveª° [us]." {Lam 4:17} + "He hath put²° my brethren² farª°¹ from¹¹ me, and mine acquaintanceª° are verily¹ estrangedª° from¹ me. ... All¹ my inwardª friendsª abhorredª° me: and they whom¹ I lovedª° are turnedª° against me." {Job 19:13-19} + "But where¹ [are] thy godsª that¹ thou hast madeª° thee? let them arise,ª° if¹ they can saveª° thee in the timeª of thy trouble:ª for¹ [according to] the numberª of thy citiesª are¹ thy gods,ª O Judah.ª" {Jer 2:28} + "All¹ thy loversª° have forgottenª° thee; they seekª° thee not;¹ for¹ I have woundedª° thee with the woundª of an enemy,ª° with the chastisementª of a cruel¹ one,² for¹ the multitudeª of thine iniquity;ª [because] thy sinsª were increased.ª°" {Jer 30:14} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª the Godª of Israel;ª Thus¹ shall ye sayª° to¹ the kingª of Judah,ª that sentª° you unto¹ me to enquireª° of me; Behold,¹ Pharaoh'sª army,ª which is come forthª° to helpª you, shall returnª° to Egyptª into their own land.ª ... Thus¹ saithª° the LORD;ª Deceiveª° not¹ yourselves,ª saying,ª° The Chaldeansª shall surely²° departª²° from¹¹ us: for¹ they shall not¹ depart.²°¹" {Jer 37:7-9}
my priests:
"All¹ her peopleª sigh,ª° they seekª° bread;ª they have givenª° their pleasant thingsª²° for meatª to relieveª° the soul:ª see,ª° O LORD,ª and consider;ª° for¹ I am become¹ vile.ª°" {Lam 1:11} + "Behold,ª° O LORD,ª and considerª° to whom¹ thou hast doneª° this.ª Shall the womenª eatª° their fruit,ª [and] childrenª of a span long?ª shall the priestª and the prophetª be slainª° in the sanctuaryª of the Lord?ª" {Lam 2:20} + "Her Nazaritesª were purerª° than snow,ª¹ they were whiterª° than milk,ª¹ they were more ruddyª° in bodyª than rubies,ª¹ their polishingª [was] of sapphire:ª ... [They that be] slainª with the swordª are¹ betterª than [they that be] slainª¹ with hunger:ª for theseª¹ pine away,ª° stricken²° through¹ for [want of] the fruitsª¹ of the field.ª" {Lam 4:7-9} + "Princesª are hanged upª° by their hand:ª the facesª of eldersª were not¹ honoured.ª°" {Lam 5:12} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª concerning¹ the prophetsª that prophesyª° in my name,ª and I¹ sentª° them not,¹ yet they¹ say,ª° Swordª and famineª shall not¹ be¹ in this¹ land;ª By swordª and famineª shall those¹ prophetsª be consumed.ª° ... If¹ I go forthª° into the field,ª then behold¹ the slainª with the sword!ª and if¹ I enterª° into the city,ª then behold¹ them that are sickª with famine!ª yea,¹ both¹ the prophetª and¹ the priestª go aboutª° into¹ a landª that they knowª° not.¹" {Jer 14:15-18} + "For¹ both¹ prophetª and¹ priestª are profane;ª° yea,¹ in my houseª have I foundª° their wickedness,ª saithª° the LORD.ª ... Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hostsª concerning¹ the prophets;ª Behold,¹ I will feedª° them with wormwood,ª and make them drinkª° the waterª of gall:ª for¹ from¹¹ the prophetsª of Jerusalemª is profanenessª gone forthª° into all¹ the land.ª" {Jer 23:11-15} + "Why¹ will ye die,ª° thou¹ and thy people,ª by the sword,ª by the famine,ª and by the pestilence,ª as¹ the LORDª hath spokenª° against¹ the nationª that¹ will not¹ serveª°¹ the kingª of Babylon?ª ... For¹ I have not¹ sentª° them, saithª° the LORD,ª yet they¹ prophesyª° a lieª in my name;ª that¹ I might drive you out,ª°¹ and that ye might perish,ª° ye,¹ and the prophetsª that prophesyª° unto you." {Jer 27:13-15}

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