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{Lamentations 1:5} Her adversaries 6862 are x1961 the chief, 7218 her enemies 341 z8802 prosper; 7951 z8804 for x3588 the LORD 3068 hath afflicted 3013 z8689 her for x5921 the multitude 7230 of her transgressions: 6588 her children 5768 are gone 1980 z8804 into captivity 7628 before 6440 the enemy. 6862
"The LORDª hath doneª° [that] which¹ he had devised;ª° he hath fulfilledª° his wordª that¹ he had commandedª° in the daysª¹ of old:ª he hath thrown down,ª° and hath not¹ pitied:ª° and he hath caused [thine] enemyª° to rejoiceª° over¹ thee, he hath set upª° the hornª of thine adversaries.ª" {Lam 2:17} + "All¹ our enemiesª° have openedª° their mouthsª against¹ us." {Lam 3:46} + "And I will setª° my faceª against you, and ye shall be slainª° beforeª your enemies:ª° they that hateª° you shall reignª° over you; and ye shall fleeª° when none¹ pursuethª° you." {Lev 26:17} + "The strangerª that¹ [is] withinª thee shall get upª° above¹ thee very² high;ª and thou¹ shalt come downª° very² low.ª ... He¹ shall lendª° to thee, and thou¹ shalt not¹ lendª° to him: he¹ shall be¹ the head,ª and thou¹ shalt be¹ the tail.ª" {Deu 28:43-44} + "Thou makestª° us a strifeª unto our neighbours:ª and our enemiesª° laughª° among themselves." {Psa 80:6} + "Thou hast set upª° the right handª of his adversaries;ª thou hast made all¹ his enemiesª° to rejoice.ª°" {Psa 89:42} + "The peopleª of thy holinessª have possessedª° [it] but a little while:ª our adversariesª have trodden downª° thy sanctuary.ª" {Isa 63:18} + "I have forsakenª°¹ mine house,ª I have leftª°¹ mine heritage;ª I have givenª°¹ the dearly beloved²¹ of my soulª into the handª of her enemies.ª°" {Jer 12:7} + "Rejoiceª° not¹ against me, O mine enemy:ª° when¹ I fall,ª° I shall arise;ª° when¹ I sitª° in darkness,ª the LORDª [shall be] a lightª unto me. ... Then [she that is] mine enemyª° shall seeª° [it], and shameª shall coverª° her which saidª° unto¹ me, Where¹ is the LORDª thy God?ª mine eyesª shall beholdª° her: now¹ shall she be¹ trodden downª as the mireª of the streets.ª" {Mic 7:8-10}
"The LORDª is righteous;ª for¹ I have rebelledª° against his commandment:ª hear,ª° I pray you,¹ all¹ people,ª and beholdª° my sorrow:ª my virginsª and my young menª are goneª° into captivity.ª" {Lam 1:18} + "Wherefore¹ doth a livingª manª complain,ª° a manª for¹ the punishment of his sins?ª ... Thou hast coveredª° with anger,ª and persecutedª° us: thou hast slain,ª° thou hast not¹ pitied.ª°" {Lam 3:39-43} + "And if¹ ye shall despiseª° my statutes,ª or if¹ your soulª abhorª°¹ my judgments,ª so that ye will not¹ doª°¹ all¹ my commandments,ª [but] that ye breakª°¹ my covenant:ª ... These¹ [are] the statutesª and judgmentsª and laws,ª which¹ the LORDª madeª° between¹ him and the childrenª of Israelª in mountª Sinaiª by the handª of Moses.ª" {Lev 26:15-46} + "When¹ thou shalt begetª° children,ª and children'sª children,ª and ye shall have remained longª° in the land,ª and shall corruptª° [yourselves], and makeª° a graven image,ª [or] the likenessª of any¹ [thing], and shall doª° evilª in the sightª of the LORDª thy God,ª to provoke him to anger:ª° ... And the LORDª shall scatterª° you among the nations,ª and ye shall be leftª° fewª in numberª among the heathen,ª whither¹¹ the LORDª shall leadª° you." {Deu 4:25-27} + "But it shall come to pass,¹ if¹ thou wilt not¹ hearkenª° unto the voiceª of the LORDª thy God,ª to observeª° to doª°¹ all¹ his commandmentsª and his statutesª which¹ I¹ commandª° thee this day;ª that all¹ these¹ cursesª shall comeª° upon¹ thee, and overtakeª° thee: ... And the LORDª shall bringª° thee into Egyptª again²° with ships,ª by the wayª whereof¹ I spakeª° unto thee, Thou shalt seeª° it no¹ more¹ again:²°¹ and there¹ ye shall be soldª° unto your enemiesª° for bondmenª and bondwomen,ª and no man¹ shall buyª° [you]." {Deu 28:15-68} + "Lest¹ there should beª among you man,ª or¹ woman,ª or¹ family,ª or¹ tribe,ª whose¹ heartª turneth awayª° this dayª from¹¹ the LORDª our God,ª to go²°¹ [and] serveª°¹ the godsª of these¹ nations;ª lest¹ there should beª among you a rootª that bearethª° gallª and wormwood;ª ... And the LORDª rooted²° them out¹ of¹¹ their landª in anger,ª and in wrath,ª and in greatª indignation,ª and castª° them into¹ anotherª land,ª as [it is] this¹ day.ª" {Deu 29:18-28} + "And the LORDª saidª° unto¹ Moses,ª Behold,¹ thou shalt sleepª° with¹ thy fathers;ª and this¹ peopleª will rise up,ª° and go a whoringª° afterª the godsª of the strangersª of the land,ª whither¹¹ they¹ goª° [to be] amongª them, and will forsakeª° me, and breakª°¹ my covenantª which¹ I have madeª° with¹ them. ... And I¹ will surely²° hideª° my faceª in that¹ dayª for¹ all¹ the evilsª which¹ they shall have wrought,ª° in thatª they are turnedª° unto¹ otherª gods.ª" {Deu 31:16-18} + "For¹ I knowª° that afterª my deathª ye will utterly²° corruptª° [yourselves], and turn asideª° from¹ the wayª which¹ I have commandedª° you; and evilª will befallª° you in the latterª days;ª because¹ ye will doª°¹ evilª in the sightª of the LORD,ª to provoke him to angerª° through the workª of your hands.ª" {Deu 31:29} + "But Jeshurunª waxed fat,ª° and kicked:ª° thou art waxen fat,ª° thou art grown thick,ª° thou art coveredª° [with fatness]; then he forsookª° Godª [which] madeª° him, and lightly esteemedª° the Rockª of his salvation.ª ... Were it not² that¹ I fearedª° the wrathª of the enemy,ª° lest¹ their adversariesª should behave themselves strangely,ª° [and] lest¹ they should say,ª° Our handª [is] high,ª° and the LORDª hath not¹ doneª° all¹ this.¹" {Deu 32:15-27} + "Moreover¹ all¹ the chiefª of the priests,ª and the people,ª transgressed²° very² muchª°¹¹ after all¹ the abominationsª of the heathen;ª and pollutedª°¹ the houseª of the LORDª which¹ he had hallowedª° in Jerusalem.ª ... But they mockedª°¹ the messengersª of God,ª and despisedª° his words,ª and misusedª° his prophets,ª until¹ the wrathª of the LORDª aroseª° against his people,ª till¹ [there was] no¹ remedy.ª" {2Ch 36:14-16} + "Howbeit thou¹ [art] justª in¹ all¹ that is broughtª° upon¹ us; for¹ thou hast doneª° right,ª but we¹ have done wickedly:ª° ... Neither have our kings,ª our princes,ª our priests,ª nor¹ our fathers,ª keptª° thy law,ª nor¹ hearkenedª° unto¹ thy commandmentsª and thy testimonies,ª wherewith¹ thou didst testifyª° against them." {Neh 9:33-34} + "For¹ we are consumedª° by thine anger,ª and by thy wrathª are we troubled.ª° ... Thou hast setª° our iniquitiesª before¹ thee, our secretª° [sins] in the lightª of thy countenance.ª" {Psa 90:7-8} + "O LORD,ª [are] not¹ thine eyesª upon the truth?ª thou hast strickenª° them, but they have not¹ grieved;ª° thou hast consumedª° them, [but] they have refusedª° to receiveª° correction:ª they have made their facesª harderª° than a rock;ª¹ they have refusedª° to return.ª° ... Shall I not¹ visitª° for¹ these¹ [things]? saithª° the LORD:ª and¹ shall not¹ my soulª be avengedª° on such¹ a nationª as this?¹" {Jer 5:3-9} + "Shall I not¹ visitª° for¹ these¹ [things]? saithª° the LORD:ª shall not¹ my soulª be avengedª° on such¹ a nationª as this?¹" {Jer 5:29} + "I have seenª° also in the prophetsª of Jerusalemª an horrible thing:ª they commit adultery,ª° and walkª° in lies:ª they strengthenª° also the handsª of evildoers,ª° that noneª¹ doth returnª° from his wickedness:ª¹ they are¹ all¹ of them unto me as Sodom,ª and the inhabitantsª° thereof as Gomorrah.ª" {Jer 23:14} + "All¹ thy loversª° have forgottenª° thee; they seekª° thee not;¹ for¹ I have woundedª° thee with the woundª of an enemy,ª° with the chastisementª of a cruel¹ one,² for¹ the multitudeª of thine iniquity;ª [because] thy sinsª were increased.ª° ... Why¹ criestª° thou for¹ thine affliction?ª thy sorrowª [is] incurableª° for¹ the multitudeª of thine iniquity:ª [because] thy sinsª were increased,ª° I have doneª° these¹ things unto thee." {Jer 30:14-15} + "¹ The incenseª that¹ ye burnedª° in the citiesª of Judah,ª and in the streetsª of Jerusalem,ª ye,¹ and your fathers,ª your kings,ª and your princes,ª and the peopleª of the land,ª did not¹ the LORDª rememberª° them, and cameª° it [not] into¹ his mind?ª ... So that the LORDª couldª° no¹ longer¹ bear,ª° becauseª¹ of the evilª of your doings,ª [and] becauseª¹ of the abominationsª which¹ ye have committed;ª° therefore is¹ your landª a desolation,ª and an astonishment,ª and a curse,ª without¹¹ an inhabitant,ª° as at this¹ day.ª" {Jer 44:21-22} + "Then he saidª° unto¹ me, Hast thou seenª° [this], O sonª of man?ª Is it a light thingª° to the houseª of Judahª that they commitª°¹¹ the abominationsª which¹ they commitª° here?¹ for¹ they have filledª°¹ the landª with violence,ª and have returnedª° to provoke me to anger:ª° and, lo,¹ they putª°¹ the branchª to¹ their nose.ª ... Therefore will I¹ also¹ dealª° in fury:ª mine eyeª shall not¹ spare,ª° neither¹ will I have pity:ª° and though they cryª° in mine earsª with a loudª voice,ª [yet] will I not¹ hearª° them." {Ezk 8:17-18} + "Then saidª° he unto¹ me, The iniquityª of the houseª of Israelª and Judahª [is] exceedingª great,ª and the landª is fullª° of blood,ª and the cityª fullª° of perverseness:ª for¹ they say,ª° The LORDª hath forsakenª°¹ the earth,ª and the LORDª seethª° not.¹" {Ezk 9:9} + "Sonª of man,ª sayª° unto her, Thou¹ [art] the landª that¹ is not¹ cleansed,ª° nor¹ rained² upon¹ in the dayª of indignation.ª ... Therefore have I poured outª° mine indignationª upon¹ them; I have consumedª° them with the fireª of my wrath:ª their own wayª have I recompensedª° upon their heads,ª saithª° the Lordª GOD.ª" {Ezk 22:24-31} + "O Lord,ª righteousnessª [belongeth] unto thee, but unto us confusionª of faces,ª as at this¹ day;ª to the menª of Judah,ª and to the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem,ª and unto all¹ Israel,ª [that are] near,ª and [that are] far off,ª through all¹ the countriesª whither¹¹ thou hast drivenª° them, because of their trespassª that¹ they have trespassedª° against thee. ... O Lord,ª according to all¹ thy righteousness,ª I beseech thee,¹ let thine angerª and thy furyª be turned awayª° from thy cityª¹ Jerusalem,ª thy holyª mountain:ª because¹ for our sins,ª and for the iniquitiesª of our fathers,ª Jerusalemª and thy peopleª [are become] a reproachª to all¹ [that are] aboutª us." {Dan 9:7-16} + "Hearª° this,¹ I pray you,¹ ye headsª of the houseª of Jacob,ª and princesª of the houseª of Israel,ª that abhorª° judgment,ª and pervertª° all¹ equity.ª ... Therefore¹ shall Zionª for your sakeª be plowedª° [as] a field,ª and Jerusalemª shall become¹ heaps,ª and the mountainª of the houseª as the high placesª of the forest.ª" {Mic 3:9-12} + "Woeª to her that is filthy²°¹ and polluted,ª° to the oppressingª° city!ª ... Therefore¹ waitª° ye upon me, saithª° the LORD,ª until the dayª that I rise upª° to the prey:ª for¹ my determinationª [is] to gatherª° the nations,ª that I may assembleª° the kingdoms,ª to pourª° upon¹ them mine indignation,ª [even] all¹ my fierceª anger:ª for¹ all¹ the earthª shall be devouredª° with the fireª of my jealousy.ª" {Zph 3:1-8}
her children:
"Then¹ Nebuzaradanª the captainª of the guardª carried away captiveª° into Babylonª the remnantª of the peopleª that remainedª° in the city,ª and those that fell away,ª° that¹ fellª° to¹ him, with¹ the restª of the peopleª that remained.ª°" {Jer 39:9} + "And the kingª of Babylonª smoteª° them, and put them to deathª° in Riblahª in the land²¹ of Hamath.ª Thus Judahª was carried away captiveª° out of¹¹ his own land.²¹ ... In the threeª and twentiethª yearª of Nebuchadrezzarª Nebuzaradanª the captainª of the guardª carried away captiveª° of the Jewsª sevenª hundredª fortyª and fiveª persons:ª all¹ the personsª [were] fourª thousandª and sixª hundred.ª" {Jer 52:27-30}

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