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{Jeremiah 52:27} And the king 4428 of Babylon 894 smote 5221 z8686 them, and put them to death 4191 z8686 in Riblah 7247 in the land y127 x776 of Hamath. 2574 Thus Judah 3063 was carried away captive 1540 z8799 out of x4480 x5921 his own land. y776 x127
the king:
"For¹ from the leastª¹ of them even unto¹ the greatestª of them every one¹ [is] given²° to¹ covetousness;ª and from the prophetª¹ even unto¹ the priestª every one¹ dealethª° falsely.ª ... Were they ashamed²°¹ when¹ they had committedª° abomination?ª nay,ª they were not¹ at all²° ashamed,ª° neither²¹ couldª° they blush:ª° therefore¹ they shall fallª° among them that fall:ª° at the timeª [that] I visitª° them they shall be cast down,ª° saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 6:13-15} + "And Nebuzaradanª captainª of the guardª tookª° these, and brought²°¹ them to¹ the kingª of Babylonª to Riblah:ª ... And the kingª of Babylonª smoteª° them, and slewª° them at Riblahª in the landª of Hamath.ª So Judahª was carried awayª° out of¹¹ their land.ª" {2Kg 25:20-21} + "And there stoodª° beforeª them seventyª menª of the ancientsª¹ of the houseª of Israel,ª and in the midstª of them stoodª° Jaazaniahª the sonª of Shaphan,ª with every manª his censerª in his hand;ª and a thickª cloudª of incenseª went up.ª° ... Therefore will I¹ also¹ dealª° in fury:ª mine eyeª shall not¹ spare,ª° neither¹ will I have pity:ª° and though they cryª° in mine earsª with a loudª voice,ª [yet] will I not¹ hearª° them." {Ezk 8:11-18} + "Moreover the spiritª lifted me up,ª°¹ and broughtª° me unto¹ the eastª gateª of the LORD'Sª house,ª which lookethª° eastward:ª and behold¹ at the doorª of the gateª fiveª and twentyª men;ª amongª whom I sawª°¹ Jaazaniahª the sonª of Azur,ª and Pelatiahª the sonª of Benaiah,ª princesª of the people.ª ... This¹ [city] shall not¹ be¹ your caldron,ª neither shall ye¹ be¹ the fleshª in the midstª thereof; [but] I will judgeª° you in¹ the borderª of Israel:ª" {Ezk 11:1-11}
"Then they tookª°¹ the king,ª and carried him upª° unto¹ the kingª of Babylonª to Riblahª in the landª of Hamath;ª where he gaveª° judgmentª upon¹ him." {Jer 52:9} + "From mountª Horª¹ ye shall point outª° [your border] unto the entranceª° of Hamath;ª and the goings forthª of the borderª shall be¹ to Zedad:ª ... And the coastª shall go downª° from Shephamª¹ to Riblah,ª on the east sideª¹ of Ain;ª and the borderª shall descend,ª° and shall reachª° unto¹ the sideª of the seaª of Chinnerethª eastward:ª" {Num 34:8-11} + "When Toiª kingª of Hamathª heardª° that¹ Davidª had smittenª°¹ all¹ the hostª of Hadadezer,ª" {2Sm 8:9}
"And I will deliverª° them to be removedª°² into all¹ the kingdomsª of the earthª for [their] hurt,ª [to be] a reproachª and a proverb,ª a tauntª and a curse,ª in all¹ placesª whither¹¹ I shall driveª° them. ... And I will sendª°¹ the sword,ª¹ the famine,ª and the pestilence,ª among them, till¹ they be consumedª° from off¹¹ the landª that¹ I gaveª° unto them and to their fathers.ª" {Jer 24:9-10} + "Behold,¹ I will sendª° and takeª°¹ all¹ the familiesª of the north,ª saithª° the LORD,ª and Nebuchadrezzarª the kingª of Babylon,ª my servant,ª and will bringª° them against¹ this¹ land,ª and against¹ the inhabitantsª° thereof, and against¹ all¹ these¹ nationsª round about,ª and will utterly destroyª° them, and makeª° them an astonishment,ª and an hissing,ª and perpetualª desolations.ª ... And this¹ whole¹ landª shall be¹ a desolation,ª [and] an astonishment;ª and these¹ nationsª shall serveª°¹ the kingª of Babylonª seventyª years.ª" {Jer 25:9-11} + "But Nebuzaradanª the captainª of the guardª leftª° of the poorª of¹ the people,ª which¹ had nothing,ª¹ in the landª of Judah,ª and gaveª° them vineyardsª and fieldsª at the same¹ time.ª" {Jer 39:10} + "And I will scatterª° you among the heathen,ª and will draw outª° a swordª afterª you: and your landª shall be¹ desolate,ª and your citiesª waste.ª ... As long asª¹ it lieth desolateª° it shall rest;ª°¹ because¹ it did not¹ restª° in your sabbaths,ª when ye dweltª° upon¹ it." {Lev 26:33-35} + "I callª°¹ heavenª and earthª to witnessª° against you this day,ª that¹ ye shall soonª utterly²° perishª° from off¹¹ the landª whereunto¹¹ ye¹ go overª°¹ Jordanª to possessª° it; ye shall not¹ prolongª° [your] daysª upon¹ it, but¹ shall utterly²° be destroyed.ª°" {Deu 4:26} + "The LORDª shall bring²°¹ thee, and thy kingª which¹ thou shalt setª° over¹ thee, unto¹ a nationª which¹ neither¹ thou¹ nor thy fathersª have known;ª° and there¹ shalt thou serveª° otherª gods,ª woodª and stone.ª" {Deu 28:36} + "And the LORDª shall scatterª° thee among all¹ people,ª from the one endª¹ of the earthª even unto¹ the other;ª¹ and there¹ thou shalt serveª° otherª gods,ª which¹ neither¹ thou¹ nor thy fathersª have known,ª° [even] woodª and stone.ª" {Deu 28:64} + "And the LORDª rejectedª° all¹ the seedª of Israel,ª and afflictedª° them, and deliveredª° them into the handª of spoilers,ª° until¹¹ he had cast²° them out¹ of his sight.ª¹" {2Kg 17:20} + "Until¹¹ the LORDª removedª°¹ Israelª out of¹¹ his sight,ª as¹ he had saidª° byª all¹ his servantsª the prophets.ª So was Israelª carried awayª° out of¹¹ their own landª to Assyriaª unto¹ this¹ day.ª" {2Kg 17:23} + "And the LORDª said,ª° I will removeª°¹ Judahª also¹ out of¹¹ my sight,ª as¹ I have removedª°¹ Israel,ª and will cast offª°¹ this¹ cityª¹ Jerusalemª which¹ I have chosen,ª° and the houseª of which¹ I said,ª° My nameª shall be¹ there.¹" {2Kg 23:27} + "And the kingª of Babylonª smoteª° them, and slewª° them at Riblahª in the landª of Hamath.ª So Judahª was carried awayª° out of¹¹ their land.ª" {2Kg 25:21} + "Then saidª° I, Lord,ª how long?¹¹ And he answered,ª° Until¹¹ the citiesª be wastedª° without¹¹ inhabitant,ª° and the housesª without¹¹ man,ª and the landª be utterlyª desolate,ª° ... And the LORDª have removed²° men² far away,ª°¹¹ and [there be] a greatª forsakingª in the midstª of the land.ª" {Isa 6:11-12} + "The landª shall be utterly²° emptied,ª° and utterly²° spoiled:ª° for¹ the LORDª hath spokenª°¹ this¹ word.ª" {Isa 24:3} + "Yet¹ the defencedª° cityª [shall be] desolate,ª [and] the habitationª forsaken,ª° and leftª° like a wilderness:ª there¹ shall the calfª feed,ª° and there¹ shall he lie down,ª° and consumeª° the branchesª thereof." {Isa 27:10} + "Upon¹ the landª of my peopleª shall come upª° thornsª [and] briers;ª yea,¹ upon¹ all¹ the housesª of joyª [in] the joyousª city:ª ... Because¹ the palacesª shall be forsaken;ª° the multitudeª of the cityª shall be left;ª° the fortsª and towersª shall be¹ for¹ densª for² ever,ª¹ a joyª of wild asses,ª a pastureª of flocks;ª" {Isa 32:13-14} + "For I will layª°¹ the landª most² desolate,ª¹ and the pompª of her strengthª shall cease;ª° and the mountainsª of Israelª shall be desolate,ª° that none¹¹ shall pass through.ª°" {Ezk 33:28} + "Be in pain,ª° and labour to bring forth,ª° O daughterª of Zion,ª like a woman in travail:ª° for¹ now¹ shalt thou go forthª° out of the city,ª¹ and thou shalt dwellª° in the field,ª and thou shalt goª° [even] to¹ Babylon;ª there¹ shalt thou be delivered;ª° there¹ the LORDª shall redeemª° thee from the handª¹ of thine enemies.ª°" {Mic 4:10}

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