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{Jeremiah 52:4} And it came to pass x1961 in the ninth 8671 year 8141 of his reign, 4427 z8800 in the tenth 6224 month, 2320 in the tenth 6218 [day] of the month, 2320 [that] Nebuchadrezzar 5019 king 4428 of Babylon 894 came, 935 z8804 he x1931 and all x3605 his army, 2428 against x5921 Jerusalem, 3389 and pitched 2583 z8799 against x5921 it, and built 1129 z8799 forts 1785 against x5921 it round about. 5439
am 3414, bc 590
the ninth year:
"In the ninthª yearª of Zedekiahª kingª of Judah,ª in the tenthª month,ª cameª° Nebuchadrezzarª kingª of Babylonª and all¹ his armyª against¹ Jerusalem,ª and they besiegedª° it." {Jer 39:1} + "And it came to pass¹ in the ninthª yearª of his reign,ª° in the tenthª month,ª in the tenthª [day] of the month,ª [that] Nebuchadnezzarª kingª of Babylonª came,ª° he,¹ and all¹ his host,ª against¹ Jerusalem,ª and pitchedª° against¹ it; and they builtª° fortsª against¹ it round about.ª ... And it came to pass¹ in the sevenª and thirtiethª yearª of the captivityª of Jehoiachinª kingª of Judah,ª in the twelfthªª month,ª on the sevenª and twentiethª [day] of the month,ª [that] Evilmerodachª kingª of Babylonª in the yearª that he began to reignª° did lift upª°¹ the headª of Jehoiachinª kingª of Judahª out of prison;ªª¹" {2Kg 25:1-27} + "Again in the ninthª year,ª in the tenthª month,ª in the tenthª [day] of the month,ª the wordª of the LORDª came¹ unto¹ me, saying,ª° ... Sonª of man,ª writeª° thee¹ the nameª of the day,ª¹ [even] of this¹ sameª day:ª the kingª of Babylonª setª° himself against¹ Jerusalemª this¹ sameª day.ª" {Ezk 24:1-2}
in the tenth month:
"Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts;ª The fastª of the fourthª [month], and the fastª of the fifth,ª and the fastª of the seventh,ª and the fastª of the tenth,ª shall be¹ to the houseª of Judahª joyª and gladness,ª and cheerfulª feasts;ª therefore loveª° the truthª and peace.ª" {Zch 8:19}
"Then the cityª was broken up,ª° and all¹ the men²¹ of warª fled,ª° and went forthª° out of the cityª¹ by nightª by the wayª of the gateª between¹ the two walls,ª which¹ [was] by¹ the king'sª garden;ª (now the Chaldeansª [were] by¹ the cityª round about:)ª and they went²°¹ by the wayª of the plain.ª" {Jer 52:7} + "The shepherdsª° with their flocksª shall comeª° unto¹ her; they shall pitchª° [their] tentsª against¹ her round about;ª they shall feedª° every oneª in¹ his place.ª ... For¹ thus¹ hath the LORDª of hostsª said,ª° Hew ye downª° trees,ª and castª° a mountª against¹ Jerusalem:ª this¹ [is] the cityª to be visited;ª° she [is] wholly¹ oppressionª in the midstª of her." {Jer 6:3-6} + "Behold¹ the mounts,ª they are comeª° unto the cityª to takeª° it; and the cityª is givenª° into the handª of the Chaldeans,ª that fightª° against¹ it, becauseª¹ of the sword,ª and of the famine,ª and of the pestilence:ª and what¹ thou hast spokenª° is come to pass;¹ and, behold,¹ thou seestª° [it]." {Jer 32:24} + "And I will bringª° a swordª upon¹ you, that shall avengeª° the quarrelª of [my] covenant:ª and when ye are gathered togetherª° withinª your cities,ª I will sendª° the pestilenceª amongª you; and ye shall be deliveredª° into the handª of the enemy.ª°" {Lev 26:25} + "And he shall besiegeª° thee in all¹ thy gates,ª until¹ thy highª and fencedª° wallsª come down,ª° wherein²¹ thou¹ trustedst,ª° throughout all¹ thy land:ª and he shall besiegeª° thee in all¹ thy gatesª throughout all¹ thy land,ª which¹ the LORDª thy Godª hath givenª° thee. ... And toward her young oneª that cometh outª° from between¹¹ her feet,ª and toward her childrenª which¹ she shall bear:ª° for¹ she shall eatª° them for wantª of all¹ [things] secretlyª in the siegeª and straitness,ª wherewith¹ thine enemyª° shall distressª° thee in thy gates.ª" {Deu 28:52-57} + "And I will campª° against¹ thee round about,ª and will lay siegeª° against¹ thee with a mount,ª and I will raiseª° fortsª against¹ thee." {Isa 29:3} + "Who¹ gaveª° Jacobª for a spoil,ª°² and Israelª to the robbers?ª° did not¹ the LORD,ª he against whomª we have sinned?ª° for they wouldª° not¹ walkª° in his ways,ª neither¹ were they obedientª° unto his law.ª ... Therefore he hath pouredª° upon¹ him the furyª of his anger,ª and the strengthª of battle:ª and it hath set him on fireª° round about,ª¹ yet he knewª° not;¹ and it burnedª° him, yet he laidª° [it] not¹ to¹ heart.ª" {Isa 42:24-25} + "Thou¹ also, sonª of man,ª takeª° thee a tile,ª and layª° it beforeª thee, and pourtrayª° upon¹ it the city,ª [even]¹ Jerusalem:ª ... Therefore thou shalt setª° thy faceª toward¹ the siegeª of Jerusalem,ª and thine armª [shall be] uncovered,ª° and thou shalt prophesyª° against¹ it." {Ezk 4:1-7} + "At his right handª was¹ the divinationª for Jerusalem,ª to appointª° captains,ª to openª° the mouthª in the slaughter,ª to lift upª° the voiceª with shouting,ª to appointª° [battering] ramsª against¹ the gates,ª to castª° a mount,ª [and] to buildª° a fort.ª" {Ezk 21:22} + "Forª the daysª shall comeª° uponª thee,ª thatª thineª enemiesª shall cast²° a trench² aboutª°¹ thee,²¹ andª compass²° thee² round,ª°¹ andª keep²° thee² inª°¹ on every side,ª" {Lke 19:43} + "Andª whenª ye shall seeª° Jerusalemª compassedª° withª armies,ª thenª knowª° thatª the¹ desolationª thereofª is nigh.ª°" {Lke 21:20}

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