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{Jeremiah 51:38} They shall roar 7580 z8799 together 3162 like lions: 3715 they shall yell 5286 z8804 as lions' 738 whelps. 1484
"The young lionsª roaredª° upon¹ him, [and] yelled,ªª° and they madeª° his landª waste:ª his citiesª are burnedª° without¹¹ inhabitant.ª°" {Jer 2:15} + "The roaringª of the lion,ª and the voiceª of the fierce lion,ª and the teethª of the young lions,ª are broken.ª° ... The old lionª perishethª° for lackª¹ of prey,ª and the stout lion'sª whelpsª are scattered abroad.ª°" {Job 4:10-11} + "The young lionsª do lack,ª° and suffer hunger:ª° but they that seekª° the LORDª shall not¹ wantª° any¹ goodª [thing]." {Psa 34:10} + "Breakª° their teeth,ª O God,ª in their mouth:ª break outª° the great teethª of the young lions,ª O LORD.ª" {Psa 58:6} + "No¹ lionª shall be¹ there,¹ nor¹ [any] ravenousª beastª shall go upª° thereon, it shall not¹ be foundª° there;¹ but the redeemedª° shall walkª° [there]:" {Isa 35:9} + "Where¹ [is] the dwellingª of the lions,ª and the feedingplaceª of the young lions,ª where¹¹ the lion,ª [even] the old lion,ª walked,ª° [and] the lion'sª whelp,ª and none¹ made [them] afraid?ª° ... Behold,¹ I [am] against¹ thee, saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª and I will burnª° her chariotsª in the smoke,ª and the swordª shall devourª° thy young lions:ª and I will cut offª° thy preyª from the earth,ª¹ and the voiceª of thy messengersª shall no¹ more¹ be heard.ª°" {Nah 2:11-13} + "[There is] a voiceª of the howlingª of the shepherds;ª° for¹ their gloryª is spoiled:ª° a voiceª of the roaringª of young lions;ª for¹ the prideª of Jordanª is spoiled.ª°" {Zch 11:3}
or, shake themselves, "And she said,ª° The Philistinesª [be] upon¹ thee, Samson.ª And he awokeª° out of his sleep,ª¹ and said,ª° I will go outª° as at other times before,ª and shake²° myself.¹ And he¹ wistª° not¹ that¹ the LORDª was departedª° from¹¹ him." {Jdg 16:20}

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