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{Jeremiah 30:10} Therefore fear 3372 z8799 thou x859 not, x408 O my servant 5650 Jacob, 3290 saith 5002 z8803 the LORD; 3068 neither x408 be dismayed, 2865 z8735 O Israel: 3478 for, x3588 lo, x2009 I will save 3467 z8688 thee from afar, 7350 x4480 and thy seed 2233 from the land 776 x4480 of their captivity; 7628 and Jacob 3290 shall return, 7725 z8804 and shall be in rest, 8252 z8804 and be quiet, 7599 z8768 and none x369 shall make [him] afraid. 2729 z8688
"But fearª° not¹ thou,¹ O my servantª Jacob,ª and be not¹ dismayed,ª° O Israel:ª for,¹ behold,¹ I will saveª° thee from afar off,ª¹ and thy seedª from the landª¹ of their captivity;ª and Jacobª shall return,ª° and be in restª° and at ease,ª° and none¹ shall make [him] afraid.ª° ... Fearª° thou¹ not,¹ O Jacobª my servant,ª saithª° the LORD:ª for¹ I¹ [am] with¹ thee; for¹ I will makeª° a full endª of all¹ the nationsª whither¹¹ I have drivenª° thee: but I will not¹ makeª° a full endª of thee, but correctª° thee in measure;ª yet will I not¹ leave thee whollyª° unpunished.ª°" {Jer 46:27-28} + "Afterª these¹ thingsª the wordª of the LORDª cameª° unto¹ Abramª in a vision,ª saying,ª° Fearª° not,¹ Abram:ª I¹ [am] thy shield,ª [and] thy exceedingª greatª° reward.ª" {Gen 15:1} + "Be strongª° and of a good courage,ª° fearª° not,¹ nor¹ be afraidª° of¹¹ them:² for¹ the LORDª thy God,ª he¹ [it is] that doth goª° with¹ thee; he will not¹ failª° thee, nor¹ forsakeª° thee. ... And the LORD,ª he¹ [it is] that doth goª° beforeª thee; he¹ will be¹ with thee,¹ he will not¹ failª° thee, neither¹ forsakeª° thee: fearª° not,¹ neither¹ be dismayed.ª°" {Deu 31:6-8} + "Fearª° thou not;¹ for¹ I¹ [am] with¹ thee: be not¹ dismayed;ª° for¹ I¹ [am] thy God:ª I will strengthenª° thee; yea,¹ I will helpª° thee; yea,¹ I will upholdª° thee with the right handª of my righteousness.ª ... Behold,¹ I will makeª° thee a newª sharpª threshing² instrument¹ havingª teeth:ª thou shalt threshª° the mountains,ª and beat [them] small,ª° and shalt makeª° the hillsª as chaff.ª" {Isa 41:10-15} + "Fearª° not:¹ for¹ I¹ [am] with¹ thee: I will bringª° thy seedª from the east,ª¹ and gatherª° thee from the west;ª¹" {Isa 43:5} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª that madeª° thee, and formedª° thee from the womb,ª¹ [which] will helpª° thee; Fearª° not,¹ O Jacob,ª my servant;ª and thou, Jesurun,ª whom I have chosen.ª°" {Isa 44:2} + "Fearª° not;¹ for¹ thou shalt not¹ be ashamed:ª° neither¹ be thou confounded;ª° for¹ thou shalt not¹ be put to shame:ª° for¹ thou shalt forgetª° the shameª of thy youth,ª and shalt not¹ rememberª° the reproachª of thy widowhoodª any more.¹" {Isa 54:4} + "In that¹ dayª it shall be saidª° to Jerusalem,ª Fearª° thou not:¹ [and to] Zion,ª Let not¹ thine handsª be slack.ª° ... The LORDª thy Godª in the midstª of thee [is] mighty;ª he will save,ª° he will rejoiceª° over¹ thee with joy;ª he will restª° in his love,ª he will joyª° over¹ thee with singing.ª" {Zph 3:16-17} + "Fearª°° not,ª daughterª of Sion:ª behold,ª° thyª Kingª cometh,ª° sittingª° onª an ass'sª colt.ª" {Jhn 12:15}
"For,¹ lo,¹ the daysª come,ª° saithª° the LORD,ª that I will bring againª°¹ the captivityª of my peopleª Israelª and Judah,ª saithª° the LORD:ª and I will cause them to returnª° to¹ the landª that¹ I gaveª° to their fathers,ª and they shall possessª° it." {Jer 30:3} + "In those¹ daysª the houseª of Judahª shall walk²°¹ with¹ the houseª of Israel,ª and they shall comeª° togetherª out of the landª¹ of the northª to¹ the landª that¹ I have given for an inheritanceª° unto¹ your fathers.ª" {Jer 3:18} + "And I¹ will gatherª°¹ the remnantª of my flockª out of all¹¹ countriesª whither¹¹ I have drivenª° them, and will bring them againª°¹ to¹ their folds;ª and they shall be fruitfulª° and increase.ª°" {Jer 23:3} + "But,¹¹ The LORDª liveth,ª which¹ brought upª° and which¹ ledª°¹ the seedª of the houseª of Israelª out of the northª country,ª¹ and from all¹¹ countriesª whither¹¹ I had drivenª° them; and they shall dwellª° in¹ their own land.ª" {Jer 23:8} + "And I will be foundª° of you, saithª° the LORD:ª and I will turn awayª°¹ your captivity,ª° and I will gatherª° you from all¹¹ the nations,ª and from all¹¹ the placesª whither¹¹ I have drivenª° you, saithª° the LORD;ª and I will bring you againª°¹ into¹ the placeª whence¹¹¹ I caused you to be carried away captive.ª°" {Jer 29:14} + "But fearª° not¹ thou,¹ O my servantª Jacob,ª and be not¹ dismayed,ª° O Israel:ª for,¹ behold,¹ I will saveª° thee from afar off,ª¹ and thy seedª from the landª¹ of their captivity;ª and Jacobª shall return,ª° and be in restª° and at ease,ª° and none¹ shall make [him] afraid.ª°" {Jer 46:27} + "Callingª° a ravenous birdª from the east,ª¹ the manª that executeth my counselª from a farª country:ª¹ yea,¹ I have spokenª° [it], I will also¹ bring²° it to pass;¹ I have purposedª° [it], I will also¹ doª° it." {Isa 46:11} + "I bring nearª° my righteousness;ª it shall not¹ be far off,ª° and my salvationª shall not¹ tarry:ª° and I will placeª° salvationª in Zionª for Israelª my glory.ª" {Isa 46:13} + "But¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª Even¹ the captivesª of the mightyª shall be taken away,ª° and the preyª of the terribleª shall be delivered:ª° for I¹ will contend²° with¹ him that contendeth² with¹ thee, and I¹ will saveª° thy children.ª" {Isa 49:25} + "Lift upª° thine eyesª round about,ª and see:ª° all¹ they gather themselves together,ª° they comeª° to thee: thy sonsª shall comeª° from far,ª¹ and thy daughtersª shall be nursedª° at¹ [thy] side.ª ... A little oneª shall become¹ a thousand,ª and a small oneª a strongª nation:ª I¹ the LORDª will hastenª° it in his time.ª" {Isa 60:4-22} + "Thou¹ also,¹ which¹ hast judgedª° thy sisters,ª bearª° thine own shameª for thy sinsª that¹ thou hast committed more abominableª° than¹ they:² they are more righteousª° than¹ thou: yea, be thou confoundedª°¹ also,¹ and bearª° thy shame,ª in that thou hast justifiedª° thy sisters.ª" {Ezk 16:52}
and shall:
"In his daysª Judahª shall be saved,ª° and Israelª shall dwellª° safely:ª and this¹ [is] his nameª whereby¹ he shall be called,ª° THE LORD¹ OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.²¹" {Jer 23:6} + "In those¹ daysª shall Judahª be saved,ª° and Jerusalemª shall dwellª° safely:ª and this¹ [is the name] wherewith¹ she shall be called,ª° The LORD¹ our righteousness.²¹" {Jer 33:16} + "No¹ lionª shall be¹ there,¹ nor¹ [any] ravenousª beastª shall go upª° thereon, it shall not¹ be foundª° there;¹ but the redeemedª° shall walkª° [there]:" {Isa 35:9} + "And I will makeª° with them a covenantª of peace,ª and will cause the evilª beastsª to ceaseª° out of¹ the land:ª and they shall dwellª° safelyª in the wilderness,ª and sleepª° in the woods.ª°² ... And they shall no¹ more¹ be¹ a preyª to the heathen,ª neither¹ shall the beastª of the landª devourª° them; but they shall dwellª° safely,ª and none¹ shall make [them] afraid.ª°" {Ezk 34:25-28} + "And thou shalt say,ª° I will go upª° to¹ the landª of unwalled villages;ª I will goª° to them that are at rest,ª° that dwellª° safely,ª all¹ of them dwellingª° without¹ walls,ª and having neither¹ barsª nor gates,ª" {Ezk 38:11} + "And in that¹ dayª will I makeª° a covenantª for them with¹ the beastsª of the field,ª and with¹ the fowlsª of heaven,ª and [with] the creeping thingsª of the ground:ª and I will breakª° the bowª and the swordª and the battleª out of¹ the earth,ª and will make them to lie downª° safely.ª" {Hsa 2:18} + "And he shall judgeª° among¹ manyª people,ª and rebukeª° strongª nationsª afar off;ª¹ and they shall beatª° their swordsª into plowshares,ª and their spearsª into pruninghooks:ª nationª shall not¹ lift upª° a swordª against¹ nation,ª neither¹ shall they learnª° warª any more.¹ ... But they shall sitª° every manª under¹ his vineª and under¹ his fig tree;ª and none¹ shall make [them] afraid:ª° for¹ the mouthª of the LORDª of hostsª hath spokenª° [it]." {Mic 4:3-4} + "The LORDª hath taken awayª° thy judgments,ª he hath cast outª° thine enemy:ª° the kingª of Israel,ª [even] the LORD,ª [is] in the midstª of thee: thou shalt not¹ seeª° evilª any more.¹" {Zph 3:15} + "And saidª° unto¹ him, Run,ª° speakª° to¹ thisª young man,ª saying,ª° Jerusalemª shall be inhabitedª° [as] towns without wallsª for the multitudeª¹ of menª and cattleª therein:ª ... For I,¹ saithª° the LORD,ª will be¹ unto her a wallª of fireª round about,ª and will be¹ the gloryª in the midstª of her." {Zch 2:4-5} + "In that¹ day,ª saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª shall ye callª° every manª his neighbourª under¹¹ the vineª and under¹¹ the fig tree.ª" {Zch 3:10} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts;ª There shall yet¹ old menª and old womenª dwellª° in the streetsª of Jerusalem,ª and every manª with his staffª in his handª for veryª¹ age.ª ... And I will bringª° them, and they shall dwellª° in the midstª of Jerusalem:ª and they shall be¹ my people,ª and I¹ will be¹ their God,ª in truthª and in righteousness.ª" {Zch 8:4-8}

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