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{Jeremiah 30:6} Ask 7592 z8798 ye now, x4994 and see 7200 z8798 whether x518 a man 2145 doth travail with child? 3205 z8802 wherefore x4069 do I see 7200 z8804 every x3605 man 1397 with his hands 3027 on x5921 his loins, 2504 as a woman in travail, 3205 z8802 and all x3605 faces 6440 are turned 2015 z8738 into paleness? 3420
a man:
Heb. a male
"For¹ I have heardª° a voiceª as of a woman in travail,ª° [and] the anguishª as of her that bringeth forth her first child,ª° the voiceª of the daughterª of Zion,ª [that] bewaileth²° herself,¹ [that] spreadethª° her hands,ª [saying], Woeª [is] me now!¹ for¹ my soulª is weariedª° because of murderers.ª°" {Jer 4:31} + "We have heardª°¹ the fameª thereof: our handsª wax feeble:ª° anguishª hath taken holdª° of us, [and] pain,ª as of a woman in travail.ª°" {Jer 6:24} + "What¹ wilt thou sayª° when¹ he shall punishª°¹ thee? for thou¹ hast taughtª° them [to be] captains,ª [and] as chiefª over¹ thee: shall not¹ sorrowsª takeª° thee, as¹ a womanª in travail?ª°" {Jer 13:21} + "O inhabitantª° of Lebanon,ª that makest thy nestª° in the cedars,ª how¹ graciousª° shalt thou be when pangsª comeª° upon thee, the painª as of a woman in travail!ª°" {Jer 22:23} + "Damascusª is waxed feeble,ª° [and] turneth²° herself¹ to flee,ª° and fearª hath seizedª° on [her]: anguishª and sorrowsª have takenª° her, as a woman in travail.ª°" {Jer 49:24} + "The kingª of Babylonª hath heardª°¹ the reportª of them, and his handsª waxed feeble:ª° anguishª took holdª° of him, [and] pangsª as of a woman in travail.ª°" {Jer 50:43} + "Fearª took hold²° upon¹ them there,¹ [and] pain,ª as of a woman in travail.ª°" {Psa 48:6} + "Howlª° ye; for¹ the dayª of the LORDª [is] at hand;ª it shall comeª° as a destructionª from the Almighty.ª¹ ... Behold,¹ the dayª of the LORDª cometh,ª° cruelª both with wrathª and fierceª anger,ª to layª° the landª desolate:ª and he shall destroyª° the sinnersª thereof out of¹ it." {Isa 13:6-9} + "Therefore¹¹ are my loinsª filledª° with pain:ª pangsª have taken holdª° upon me, as the pangsª of a woman that travaileth:ª° I was bowed downª° at the hearingª°¹ [of it]; I was dismayedª° at the seeingª°¹ [of it]." {Isa 21:3} + "Thenª the king'sª countenanceª was changed,ª° and his thoughtsª troubledª° him, so that the jointsª of his loinsª were loosed,ª° and his kneesª smoteª° oneª against another.ª" {Dan 5:6} + "The sorrowsª of a travailing womanª° shall comeª° upon him: he¹ [is] an unwiseª¹ son;ª for¹ he should not¹ stayª° longª in [the place of] the breaking forthª of children.ª" {Hsa 13:13} + "Now¹ why¹ dost thou cry²° out¹ aloud?ª [is there] no¹ kingª in thee? is thy counsellorª° perished?ª° for¹ pangsª have takenª° thee as a woman in travail.ª° ... Be in pain,ª° and labour to bring forth,ª° O daughterª of Zion,ª like a woman in travail:ª° for¹ now¹ shalt thou go forthª° out of the city,ª¹ and thou shalt dwellª° in the field,ª and thou shalt goª° [even] to¹ Babylon;ª there¹ shalt thou be delivered;ª° there¹ the LORDª shall redeemª° thee from the handª¹ of thine enemies.ª°" {Mic 4:9-10} + "A womanª whenª she is in travailª° hathª° sorrow,ª becauseª herª hourª is come:ª° butª as soon asª she is deliveredª° of the¹ child,ª she rememberethª° no¹ more²¹ the¹ anguish,ª forª joyª thatª a manª is bornª° intoª the¹ world.ª ... Andª yeª² nowª thereforeª¹ haveª° sorrow:ª butª I will seeª° youª again,ª andª yourª heartª shall rejoice,ª° andª yourª joyª no manª takethª° fromª you.ª" {Jhn 16:21-22} + "Forª whenª they shall say,ª° Peaceª andª safety;ª thenª suddenª destructionª cometh uponª° them,ª asª travailª upon² a woman with child;ªª°¹ andª they shall²° notª escape.ª°" {1Th 5:3}
"Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª who¹ redeemedª°¹ Abraham,ª concerning¹ the houseª of Jacob,ª Jacobª shall not¹ now¹ be ashamed,ª° neither¹ shall his faceª now¹ wax pale.ª°" {Isa 29:22} + "Before their faceª¹ the peopleª shall be much pained:ª° all¹ facesª shall gatherª° blackness.ª" {Jol 2:6} + "She is empty,ª and void,ª and waste:ª° and the heartª melteth,ª° and the kneesª smite together,ª and much painª [is] in all¹ loins,ª and the facesª of them all¹ gatherª° blackness.ª" {Nah 2:10}

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