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{Jeremiah 6:8} Be thou instructed, 3256 z8734 O Jerusalem, 3389 lest x6435 my soul 5315 depart 3363 z8799 from x4480 thee; lest x6435 I make 7760 z8799 thee desolate, 8077 a land 776 not x3808 inhabited. 3427 z8738
Be thou:
"O Jerusalem,ª washª° thine heartª from wickedness,ª¹ that¹ thou mayest be saved.ª° How long¹¹ shall thy vainª thoughtsª lodgeª° withinª thee?" {Jer 4:14} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª the Godª of Israel,ª Amendª° your waysª and your doings,ª and I will cause you to dwellª° in this¹ place.ª ... Then will I cause you to dwellª° in this¹ place,ª in the landª that¹ I gaveª° to your fathers,ª for² everª¹ and ever.ª¹" {Jer 7:3-7} + "But they obeyedª° not,¹ neither¹ inclinedª°¹ their ear,ª but made¹ their neckª stiff,ª° that they might not¹ hear,ª° nor¹ receiveª° instruction.ª" {Jer 17:23} + "Surely¹ after² that¹ I was turned,ª° I repented;ª° and after² that¹ I was instructed,ª° I smoteª° upon¹ [my] thigh:ª I was ashamed,ª° yea, even¹ confounded,ª° because¹ I did bearª° the reproachª of my youth.ª" {Jer 31:19} + "And they have turnedª° unto¹ me the back,ª and not¹ the face:ª though I taughtª° them, rising up earlyª° and teachingª° [them], yet they have not¹ hearkenedª° to receiveª° instruction.ª" {Jer 32:33} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORDª of hosts,ª the Godª of Israel;ª Goª° and tellª° the menª of Judahª and the inhabitantsª° of Jerusalem,ª Will ye not¹ receiveª° instructionª to hearkenª° to¹ my words?ª saithª° the LORD.ª ... I have sentª° also unto¹ you¹ all¹ my servantsª the prophets,ª rising up earlyª° and sendingª° [them], saying,ª° Returnª° ye now¹ every manª from his evilª way,ª¹ and amendª° your doings,ª and go²°¹ not¹ afterª otherª godsª to serveª° them, and ye shall dwell¹ in²°¹ the landª which¹ I have givenª° to you and to your fathers:ª but ye have not¹ inclinedª°¹ your ear,ª nor¹ hearkenedª° unto¹ me." {Jer 35:13-15} + "O thatª they were wise,ª° [that] they understoodª° this,¹ [that] they would considerª° their latter end!ª" {Deu 32:29} + "Be wiseª° now¹ therefore, O ye kings:ª be instructed,ª° ye judgesª° of the earth.ª" {Psa 2:10} + "Seeing thou¹ hatestª° instruction,ª and castestª° my wordsª behindª thee." {Psa 50:17} + "Blessedª [is] the manª whom¹ thou chastenest,ª° O LORD,ª and teachestª° him out of thy law;ª¹" {Psa 94:12} + "Take fast holdª° of instruction;ª let [her] not¹ go:ª° keepª° her; for¹ she¹ [is] thy life.ª" {Prv 4:13} + "I said,ª° Surely¹ thou wilt fearª° me, thou wilt receiveª° instruction;ª so their dwellingª should not¹ be cut off,ª° howsoeverªª I punishedª°¹ them: butª they rose early,ª° [and] corruptedª° all¹ their doings.ª" {Zph 3:7}
"So she discoveredª° her whoredoms,ª and discoveredª°¹ her nakedness:ª then my mindª was alienatedª° from¹¹ her, like as¹ my mindª was alienatedª° from¹¹ her sister.ª" {Ezk 23:18} + "Though¹¹ they bring upª°¹ their children,ª yet will I bereaveª° them, [that there shall] not [be] a manª¹ [left]: yea,¹ woeª also¹ to them when I departª° from¹ them!" {Hsa 9:12} + "¹ Threeª shepherdsª° also I cut offª° in oneª month;ª and my soulª lothedª° them, and their soulª also¹ abhorredª° me. ... Then saidª° I, I will not¹ feedª° you: that that dieth,ª° let it die;ª° and that that is to be cut off,ª° let it be cut off;ª° and let the restª° eatª° every oneª¹ the fleshª of another.ª" {Zch 11:8-9}
Heb. be loosed, or disjointed
lest I:
"The young lionsª roaredª° upon¹ him, [and] yelled,ªª° and they madeª° his landª waste:ª his citiesª are burnedª° without¹¹ inhabitant.ª°" {Jer 2:15} + "Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Behold,¹ mine angerª and my furyª shall be poured outª° upon¹ this¹ place,ª upon¹ man,ª and upon¹ beast,ª and upon¹ the treesª of the field,ª and upon¹ the fruitª of the ground;ª and it shall burn,ª° and shall not¹ be quenched.ª°" {Jer 7:20} + "Then will I cause to ceaseª° from the citiesª¹ of Judah,ª and from the streetsª¹ of Jerusalem,ª the voiceª of mirth,ª and the voiceª of gladness,ª the voiceª of the bridegroom,ª and the voiceª of the bride:ª for¹ the landª shall be¹ desolate.ª" {Jer 7:34} + "And I will makeª°¹ Jerusalemª heaps,ª [and] a denª of dragons;ª and I will makeª° the citiesª of Judahª desolate,ª without¹¹ an inhabitant.ª°" {Jer 9:11} + "Then¹ shall the landª enjoyª°¹ her sabbaths,ª as long² as¹¹ it lieth desolate,ª° and ye¹ [be] in your enemies'ª° land;ª [even] then¹ shall the landª rest,ª° and enjoyª°¹ her sabbaths.ª" {Lev 26:34}

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