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{Jeremiah 5:28} They are waxen fat, 8080 z8804 they shine: 6245 z8804 yea, x1571 they overpass 5674 z8804 the deeds 1697 of the wicked: 7451 they judge 1777 z8804 not x3808 the cause, 1779 the cause x1779 of the fatherless, 3490 yet they prosper; 6743 z8686 and the right 4941 of the needy 34 do they not x3808 judge. 8199 z8804
"But Jeshurunª waxed fat,ª° and kicked:ª° thou art waxen fat,ª° thou art grown thick,ª° thou art coveredª° [with fatness]; then he forsookª° Godª [which] madeª° him, and lightly esteemedª° the Rockª of his salvation.ª" {Deu 32:15} + "Because¹ he coverethª° his faceª with his fatness,ª and makethª° collops of fatª on¹ [his] flanks.ª ... And he dwelleth²° in¹ desolateª° cities,ª [and] in houses² which¹ no¹ man inhabiteth,ª° which¹ are readyª° to become heaps.ª" {Job 15:27-28} + "One¹ diethª° in his fullª strength,ª being wholly¹ at easeª and quiet.ª ... His breastsª are fullª° of milk,ª and his bonesª are moistenedª° with marrow.ª" {Job 21:23-24} + "Therefore¹ prideª compasseth them about as a chain;ª° violenceª coverethª° them [as] a garment.ª ... Their eyesª stand outª° with fatness:ª¹ they have moreª° than heartª could wish.ª" {Psa 73:6-7} + "Behold,¹ these¹ [are] the ungodly,ª who prosperª in the world;ª they increaseª° [in] riches.ª" {Psa 73:12} + "Their heartª is as fatª° as grease;ª [but] I¹ delightª° in thy law.ª" {Psa 119:70} + "Hearª° this¹ word,ª ye kineª of Bashan,ª that¹ [are] in the mountainª of Samaria,ª which oppressª° the poor,ª which crushª° the needy,ª which sayª° to their masters,ª Bring,ª° and let us drink.ª°" {Ams 4:1} + "Behold,ª° the¹ hireª of the¹ labourersª who² have reaped downª° yourª fields,ª which² is ofª youª kept back by fraud,ª° crieth:ª° andª the¹ cries²¹ of them which have reapedª° are enteredª° intoª the¹ earsª of the Lordª of sabaoth.ª ... Ye have lived in pleasureª° onª the¹ earth,ª andª been wanton;ª° ye have nourishedª° yourª hearts,ª as² inª a dayª of slaughter.ª" {Jms 5:4-5}
"Why¹ trimmestª° thou thy wayª to seekª° love?ª therefore¹ hast thou also¹ taughtª°¹ the wicked onesª¹ thy ways.ª" {Jer 2:33} + "And she hath changedª°¹ my judgmentsª into wickednessª more than¹ the nations,ª and my statutesª more than¹ the countriesª that¹ [are] round aboutª her: for¹ they have refusedª° my judgmentsª and my statutes,ª they have not¹ walkedª° in them. ... Therefore¹ thus¹ saithª° the Lordª GOD;ª Because¹ ye multipliedª° more than¹ the nationsª that¹ [are] round aboutª you, [and] have not¹ walkedª° in my statutes,ª neither¹ have keptª° my judgments,ª neither¹ have doneª° according to the judgmentsª of the nationsª that¹ [are] round aboutª you;" {Ezk 5:6-7} + "Yet hast thou not¹ walkedª° after their ways,ª nor doneª° after their abominations:ª but, as [if that were] a veryª littleª²° [thing], thou wast corruptedª° more than¹ they² in all¹ thy ways.ª ... Thou¹ also,¹ which¹ hast judgedª° thy sisters,ª bearª° thine own shameª for thy sinsª that¹ thou hast committed more abominableª° than¹ they:² they are more righteousª° than¹ thou: yea, be thou confoundedª°¹ also,¹ and bearª° thy shame,ª in that thou hast justifiedª° thy sisters.ª" {Ezk 16:47-52} + "It is reportedª° commonlyª [that there is] fornicationª amongª you,ª andª suchª fornicationª asª is²° not so much² as¹ namedª° amongª the¹ Gentiles,ª thatª oneª should haveª° his father'sª wife.ª" {1Co 5:1}
"Shalt thou reign,ª° because¹ thou¹ closestª° [thyself] in cedar?ª did not¹ thy fatherª eatª° and drink,ª° and doª° judgmentª and justice,ª [and] then¹ [it was] wellª with him? ... He shall be buriedª° with the burialª of an ass,ª drawnª° and cast forthª° beyondª¹ the gatesª of Jerusalem.ª" {Jer 22:15-19} + "Because¹ I deliveredª° the poorª that cried,ª° and the fatherless,ª and [him that had] none¹ to helpª° him. ... I put²° on¹ righteousness,ª and it clothedª° me: my judgmentª [was] as a robeª and a diadem.ª" {Job 29:12-14} + "He shall judgeª° the poorª of the people,ª he shall saveª° the childrenª of the needy,ª and shall break in piecesª° the oppressor.ª°" {Psa 72:4} + "How long¹¹ will ye judgeª° unjustly,ª and acceptª° the personsª of the wicked?ª Selah.ª ... Deliverª° the poorª and needy:ª ridª° [them] out of the handª¹ of the wicked.ª" {Psa 82:2-4} + "Thy princesª [are] rebellious,ª° and companionsª of thieves:ª every one¹ lovethª° gifts,ª and followeth²° after¹ rewards:ª they judgeª° not¹ the fatherless,ª neither¹ doth the causeª of the widowª comeª° unto¹ them." {Isa 1:23} + "And oppressª° not¹ the widow,ª nor the fatherless,ª the stranger,ª nor the poor;ª and let none¹ of you imagineª° evilª¹ against² his brotherª in your heart.ª" {Zch 7:10}
"Righteousª [art] thou,¹ O LORD,ª when¹ I pleadª° with¹ thee: yet¹ let me talkª° with¹ thee of [thy] judgments:ª Wherefore¹ doth the wayª of the wickedª prosper?ª° [wherefore] are all¹ they happyª° that deal very² treacherously?ª°¹" {Jer 12:1} + "The tabernaclesª of robbersª° prosper,ª° and they that provokeª° Godª are secure;ª into whose¹ handª Godª bringethª° [abundantly]." {Job 12:6} + "Behold,¹ these¹ [are] the ungodly,ª who prosperª in the world;ª they increaseª° [in] riches.ª" {Psa 73:12}

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