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{Isaiah 63:15} Look down 5027 z8685 from heaven, 8064 x4480 and behold 7200 z8798 from the habitation 2073 x4480 of thy holiness 6944 and of thy glory: 8597 where x346 [is] thy zeal 7068 and thy strength, 1369 the sounding 1995 of thy bowels 4578 and of thy mercies 7356 toward x413 me? are they restrained? 662 z8694
"Look downª° from thy holyª habitation,ª¹ from¹ heaven,ª and blessª°¹ thy peopleª¹ Israel,ª and the landª which¹ thou hast givenª° us, as¹ thou swarestª° unto our fathers,ª a landª that flowethª° with milkª and honey.ª" {Deu 26:15} + "From the placeª¹ of his habitationª° he lookethª° upon¹ all¹ the inhabitantsª° of the earth.ª" {Psa 33:14} + "Return,ª° we beseech¹ thee, O Godª of hosts:ª look downª° from heaven,ª¹ and behold,ª° and visitª° this¹ vine;ª" {Psa 80:14} + "For¹ he hath looked downª° from the heightª¹ of his sanctuary;ª from heavenª¹ did the LORDª beholdª°¹ the earth;ª ... To hearª° the groaningª of the prisoner;ª to looseª° those that are appointedª to death;ª" {Psa 102:19-20} + "Till¹ the LORDª look down,ª° and beholdª° from heaven.ª¹" {Lam 3:50}
the habitation:
"For¹ thus¹ saithª° the highª° and lofty Oneª° that inhabitethª° eternity,ª whose nameª [is] Holy;ª I dwellª° in the highª and holyª [place], with¹ him also [that is] of a contriteª and humbleª spirit,ª to reviveª° the spiritª of the humble,ª and to reviveª° the heartª of the contrite ones.ª°" {Isa 57:15} + "Thus¹ saithª° the LORD,ª The heavenª [is] my throne,ª and the earthª [is] my footstool:ªª where¹ [is] the houseª that¹ ye buildª° unto me? and where¹ [is] the¹ placeª of my rest?ª" {Isa 66:1} + "But¹ will Godª indeedª dwellª° on¹ the earth?ª behold,¹ the heavenª and heavenª of heavensª cannot¹ containª° thee; how much lessª¹ this¹ houseª that¹ I have builded?ª°" {1Kg 8:27} + "Then the priestsª the Levitesª aroseª° and blessedª°¹ the people:ª and their voiceª was heard,ª° and their prayerª cameª° [up] to his holyª dwelling place,ª [even] unto heaven.ª" {2Ch 30:27} + "Who¹ [is] like unto the LORDª our God,ª who dwellethª° on high,ª° ... Who humblethª° [himself] to beholdª° [the things that are] in heaven,ª and in the earth!ª" {Psa 113:5-6} + "[[A Songª of degrees.]]ª Unto¹ thee lift I upª°¹ mine eyes,ª O thou that dwellestª° in the heavens.ª" {Psa 123:1}
"Awake,ª° awake,ª° put onª° strength,ª O armª of the LORD;ª awake,ª° as in the ancientª days,ª in the generationsª of old.ª [Art] thou¹ not¹ it¹ that hath cutª° Rahab,²¹ [and] woundedª° the dragon?ª ... [Art] thou¹ not¹ it¹ which hath driedª° the sea,ª the watersª of the greatª deep;ª that hath madeª° the depthsª of the seaª a wayª for the ransomedª° to pass over?ª°" {Isa 51:9-10} + "Lord,ª where¹ [are] thy formerª lovingkindnesses,ª [which] thou swarestª° unto Davidª in thy truth?ª" {Psa 89:49}
or, multitude
thy bowels:
"In all¹ their afflictionª he was afflicted,ª and the angelª of his presenceª savedª° them: in his loveª and in his pityª he¹ redeemedª° them; and he bareª° them, and carriedª° them all¹ the daysª of old.ª" {Isa 63:9} + "Can a womanª forgetª° her sucking child,ª that she should not have compassionª°¹ on the sonª of her womb?ª yea,¹ they¹ may forget,ª° yet will I¹ not¹ forgetª° thee." {Isa 49:15} + "Remember,ª° O LORD,ª thy tender merciesª and thy lovingkindnesses;ª for¹ they¹ [have been] ever of old.ª¹" {Psa 25:6} *marg. "[Is] Ephraimª my dearª son?ª [is he] a pleasantª child?ª for¹ sinceª¹ I spakeª° against him, I do earnestly²° rememberª° him still:¹ therefore¹¹ my bowelsª are troubledª° for him; I will surely²° have mercyª° upon him, saithª° the LORD.ª" {Jer 31:20} + "How¹ shall I give thee up,ª° Ephraim?ª [how] shall I deliverª° thee, Israel?ª how¹ shall I makeª° thee as Admah?ª [how] shall I setª° thee as Zeboim?ª mine heartª is turnedª° within¹ me, my repentingsª are kindledª° together.ª" {Hsa 11:8} + "Throughª the tender² mercyª¹ of ourª God;ª wherebyªª the dayspringª fromª on highª hath visitedª° us,ª" {Lke 1:78} *marg. "If [there be] therefore² anyª¹ consolationª inª Christ,ª if anyª comfortª of love,ª if anyª fellowshipª of the Spirit,ª if anyª bowelsª andª mercies,ª" {Php 2:1} + "Butª whosoªª hathª° this world'sª good,ª andª seethª° his²¹ brotherª haveª° need,ª andª shutteth upª° his²¹ bowelsª [of compassion] fromª him,ª howª dwellethª° the¹ loveª of Godª inª him?ª" {1Jn 3:17}
"Will the Lordª cast offª° for ever?ª and will²° he be favourableª° no¹ more?¹¹ ... Hath Godª forgottenª° to be gracious?ª° hath he in angerª shut upª° his tender mercies?ª Selah.ª" {Psa 77:7-9}

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